Hanging On By My Fingernails

Today is the 31 August,and for many it marks the end of summer. Many of my fellow bloggers are already reviewing the Autumn fashions and preparing for the the next season

Most Spanish return to work tomorrow. There are a lot of sad looking faces around I can assure you.

It's still very hot here (my air-conditioning is blasting in the background as I type this post) so it's still really difficult for me to think about Autumn. So I am hanging on to the last vestiges of summer by my fingernails

For my final summer post I would like to ask:

* What did summer 2011 mean for you?
* What will you remember most (good or bad) about this summer?

For me, I used this summer to make "another" life-changing decision. I'm really excited but also terrified (more about this decision in my first post in September).
What about you?


  1. I know, on the rest of the continent it's still high summer.

    Hmm, it's been a slow consolidation after a very rough 2010, that's about it, nothing great really, my trips in May have already faded from memory.

  2. Oh dear Vanessa, I'm so looking forward to hearing about this next big change in your life. :-) This summer has been life-altering for me too - in so many ways. Selling nearly everything I own, moving to Europe and starting over. Such huge changes but such soul-enriching ones. I'm very, very happy. :-)

  3. It's starting to feel a lot like autumn in our corner of the world. This summer for me was a coming to acceptance that life (and myself, for that matter) is different post accident and that the hands of time can not be turned back. So, as we go into autumn ... I'm determined to set a path for this new me/life...

    I can't wait to read about what changes are happening for you... stay cool, xo HHL

  4. This summer has been very stressful and tiring work-wise and in other capacities, so I am hoping things will calm down hopefully by mid-September. Looking forward to hearing your news, I enjoyed the photos you posted today!

  5. Dear friends, it sounds like for many this summer has been a summer of changes, in one way or another.
    @Tabitha-I hope the rest of 2011 continues your journey of consolidation with the final destination being "bliss".
    @RamblingTart-you have been SO brave this year, not only with moving but other stressful things that have happened to you. I take my hat of to you and hope your new adventure in Europe brings you everything you wish for yourself
    @Celia/HHL:That acceptance and realisation is a HUGE step forward sweetheart.Your new path will be even better; different, but better. I am sure.
    @Magnificent.... Thank you for stopping by. Hope you won't be a stranger and will come back and join our lively discussions ;-)

  6. Honestly, my summer was sort of beige. Nothing terribly exciting happened and nothing awful did either. I did have a few highlights though -a short vacation on the coast, meeting and hanging out with a reader last month, attending several memorable social events.
    But summer also meant a new lifestyle for me due to a health condition, worrying about my FIL since my husband's mother passed, and concern about my stepson who is going through a rebellious stage. But these things seem silly when I look at the grand scale of things. Overall, I have a bounty of good in my life and for that I am thankful. There is so much awfulness in the world right now: famine, war, natural disasters.

    I hope fall brings a bit of peace to all of our lives and the world in general. Hugs to you....A

  7. @Adrienne-lovely comment Adrienne. Actually your summer sounds far from "beige". I don't think any of our problems are silly; if they cause us worry or anxiety, they are just as important to us as the bigger problems in the world. Sometimes it's our small problems that cause us alot of anxiety because we are "living" them daily. Here's wishing you a fruitful Autumn/Winter xx

  8. Vanessa, I would be hurting to wait for the big news from you! :-)

    It's funny how when most people take vacation in summer, it's usually my recoup time after the trips. Most of the summer was occupied by work. And good thing is that I still managed to savor life in between the busy parts.

    No matter what, it's still kind of sad that summer of over...

  9. I can't wait to hear about your next big change Vanessa :)

    Being in the "other" hemisphere, I am mourning the end of our winter as you do the end of your summer. This past season for me has been one of much turmoil and things that have been there in the background for a while have suddenly started raging and demanding full attention. I am hoping that the coming months will bring better news and some relief all round.

  10. These photos are beautiful. I honestly think next year, I will have even more precious memories of summer because this is the first year that my son and my family will be tied to a public school schedule. I think we will truly appreciate the freedom next summer. We've had so much freedom being in preschool that we probably took it for granted, and I complained that school was out, and I had no time for myself. Does that make sense?

  11. Hi Vanessa, good to meet you! The things I'll remember about summer 2011 are a lovely trip to Cornwall with friends in June and a weekend in Paris with Monsieur That's Not My Age. Good times.

  12. Hello lovely!

    Summer isn't quite over this side of town either, so i'll still be gorging on endless tubs of ice-cream!

    Can't wait to hear your news!

  13. Central Texas experienced the hottest and driest summer on record (we had over 70 days of 100+ F temps and no rain). At least the tomatoes and melons are good!


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