Add Some Petal Power To Your Look

Oct 3, 2019

Hair bands are having their day and gone are the days when it was only for 7 year olds!
Now head bands can cover a multitude of sins (especially if you are having a bad hair day). 
They are also said to make you look younger. Who couldn't do with more of that?

So below are some extra-special head-bands that would be great for the upcoming party season/holiday events, Winter weddings or if you just like that grown-up boho-chic look (as I do).

   Chrysanthemum-inspired gold hair band. Perfect for when you need a 
Winter pick-me-up. Get prepared for lots of oohs and aaaaahs.

Inspired by the Hydrangea flower in both gold and silver.
Don't even think about keeping it for best baby girl!!!

A stunning olive sprig to transport you back to those heady Summer days

Inspired by the Mimosa flower and the fern plant.
How can you ever have a bad hair day with these?

So there you have it. If you want to add some petal power to your
look, I have you covered.


Things I've Loved This Summer

Aug 9, 2019

Oh my!!!! 
It seems like an age since I last wrote a blog post.
No excuses. Life just got in the way.
But I am back.

OK so during one of the hottest Summers in history (yes
it reached 40+ºC here in the UK!!)  here are 
some things that have made life more bearable during the heat.

So this is my new fave podcast. I listen to a lot of podcast when working
etc. This one is by Sheri Salata (Oprah fans will know her as Oprah's Executive
Producer for more than two decades) and her BFF for 30+ years Nancy.

It is like listening in on these two best friends as they "chew the fat" over everything
that women of a certain age love to talk about.
They also have some really good guests. Some episodes are hilarious
and there are other episodes that make me realise I need to get certain
things in order. In fact I think I have bought every book they have recommended
(like I need more books in my life right now!!)
I absolutely LOVE this podcast and have recommended it to 
so many of my girlfriends already. 
I listen on my phone and use the Castbox app to listen to all my fave podcasts.

So this Summer I decided to teach myself to sew. It's going very......slowly, but it 
has me looking at fabric all the time. However, it doesn't matter how much fabric I 
see, I always come back to the gorgeous selection at Liberty London. Liberty is
one of my fave shops in London. I head there every time I am in the city. I have such an
affinity with this store. You see my Mum and Godmother were both buyers for Liberty
way back when I was a child. So a trip to Liberty's was always on the cards at least once 
a week. Just look at these gorgeous jewel colours which make me really
excited for Winter.  See the gorgeous selections here

OMG!!! This book reads like a thriller except it is a true story. How does a 
19 year old college dropout  have some of the biggest investors in the world, 
tripping over themselves to invest in her company? How does she become 
voted the youngest BILLIONAIRE by Forbes whilst running the biggest fraud 
since Enron. Her company could not produce anything she claimed;it was all
a con!!! The case is now going to court (thank God! for investigative
journalism). But how she duped all these big investors is mind-boggling.
A real must-read.

Sometimes you just need to be taken back to the
crystal blue seas of the Mediterranean and this
ring does it for me every time. It's my Summer plus-one ;-)
You can see details here

This Netflix series has been my guilty pleasure this Summer.
I had to stop myself from binge watching it so that it would last longer!
It's called What If  and Netflix describe it as "a neo-noir social thriller that explores the
ripple effects of what happens when acceptable people start doing unacceptable things".
Throughout I kept asking myself "what would I do?" It's not as cut and dried as you 
might think ;-) 

I am a sucker when it comes to a new, fresh perfume and have been trying out
niche perfume label NCP Olfactives. I have been using 101 Clementine and Violet Flower
which is just perfect for Summer. You can see all the varieties to choose from here

Finally I eventually got round to updating my website and am absolutely
loving it. One thing I have done is add more of my personal story and why
I really do have sparkles in my DNA. Go here if you want to read more

That's it Lovelies.

I'm Back

Jun 17, 2019

OMG!!! It's been a LONG time.
I'm not even sure what happened.

I think after Christmas I just felt a little burnt
out with nothing to say.

Normally I am "spewing" from all directions and suddenly
I was as dry as the desert.

So I decided to take a break.

But here's the thing.
I missed the connection I have with my blogging
friends; some who have been with me through the sad and
the happy. You've given me advice, mopped my tears and
generally made me very happy.

So I decided to step on the gas again. Maybe not put the car into
fifth gear, but  just poodle along in second gear for a while and
see how it goes. 

I hope we can pick up where we left off?