Don't channel Pocahontas

May 27, 2016

For me nothing says Summer like Turquoise (and a little gold);
Mediterranean seas, Greek islands, balmy nights in get the gist.

Turquoise jewellery looks great with just jeans and a t'shirt 
or dressed up for the evening. 
Either way it can look fab without  
leaving you looking like Cher in the 70's.

There is no best way to wear turquoise but if you don't want 
to channel your inner Pocahontas , then I suggest
sticking to one statement piece rather than lots of hokey
cheap pieces.


Gold spike turquoise cuff here

On the other hand as the colour is very strong it can be 
worn also as delicate pieces

Bangles here

Earrings here
Ring here
Here's 10 things you may not have realised about Turquoise:

i) Turquoise is a powerful stone for protection. It increases inner calmness 
and eases depression, anxiety and exhaustion
ii) It is the stone that strengthens female energies
iii) It is a stone for friendship and true love
iv) It is especially calming if you have to do public speaking
v) It's a powerful stone that stimulates intuition 

Turquoise ring here
Earrings here

vi) It's a stone that helps in the absorption of nutrients and 
strengthening of the immune system
vii) It sis helpful in alleviating female disorders as well
as soothing headaches.
viii) Given as a present Turquoise brings prosperity
and happiness to it's receiver.
ix) It is well known for it's healing powers and it's
ability to draw disease out of the body.
x)  A great stone to keep with you when meditating.

Emerald and Turquoise earrings by de Grisogono

That's it for this week.
I would love to hear if you are a turquoise girl 
and if not what colour always makes you think
of Summer?

Happy weekend Lovelies

Colours of Capri

May 2, 2016

One of my most favourite places in Europe
(possibly the world) is the island of Capri.

I absolutely love this place. 
It's my go-to when I need a shot of 
Riviera glamour.

To sit and people watch in Capri
is like being in an old Carey Grant or
Sophia Loren movie.

One of the things I love most are the 2 principle
colours in Capri-yellow and blue.

Dolce & Gabbana did a range called Maiolica
Limoni which epitomises the very essence of the 
colour palette of this beautiful island.

That is why I am beyond excited to introduce
my Limited Edition Capri Cocktail rings; 
because they epitomise
everything I think of when I think of Capri.

Let me explain why.

The blue Lapis and Marbled Opal rings epitomise the stunning blue and white tiles you see everywhere in Capri (especially in my favourite place La Minerva hotel) or the intense blue, beach umbrellas that symbolise the private La Fontelina Beach Club.

La Fontelina Private Beach Club

The sultry blue of the Lapis or the chic, white marbled Opal are embedded in 14 kt gold which then sits proudly aloft a sensual hunk of smooth, glistening, black jade. These rings look divine against sun-kissed skin; dressed up or down as the mood dictates.

The yellow ring represents the zesty, fruity lemon-ness (is that a word?) of this gorgeous island. 

Imagine wearing this ring to dinner sitting under the stars and lemon groves of La Paulino restaurant. Or drinking iced Limoncello liqueurs after a seafood lunch. If this is you, then this ring fits the bill perfectly. Worn against a backdrop of black or white, this ring will up the glamour stakes every time. 

Eating under the stars and lemon trees at La Paulino's

Now here's the rub.
These are a Limited Edition only. 
This means that it will be offered first to those on the 'Priority List'.
We are only making a very limited number of each (to keep their exclusiveness) and once they are gone.......they are GONE GIRLFRIEND (talking of which some of my
girlfriends have already bagged their slots!)

As you know all our pieces are hand-crafted by the finest European craftsman and these stunning pieces will take 5-6 weeks to be made. 
So you will definitely have them in time for the Summer and all the Summer events you have planned.

I don't want to see you do the ugly cry if you miss these. 
Last time I did this about 50% of the list where not able to
bag the ring they wanted  and I was getting angry emails
for some months after. But as I tried to explain to some
very angry ladies, that's what 'Limited Edition' means ;-)

(I must admit those from my blog who were on my last
Limited Edition promotion got their fabulous piece)

But if you miss it, it really will be as bad as Nutella going out of production
or your children wanting to be Justin Beiber or Miley Cyrus when they grow up!!!
Yes it will be THAT bad ;-)

So hoppity skip yourself down onto  the Priority Hot List and just know
all your girlfriends will be queuing up to knab this right of your little 
fingers :-)

I would love to hear if you've been to Capri. 
If not, where is your go-to place to get a shot
of glamour (excluding Paris ;-)

Ciao Bella