LFW + NYFW Inspirations: Monochrome Magic

Feb 27, 2015

If you have been following LFW and NYFW you will have 
noticed the re-emergence of monochrome.
Yaaaay! My two favorite colors.

LFW2015, NYFW2015, black, white, monochrome, black jewelry, white jewelry, statement rings

Dress: Leyla Rose
Rings: Amaris

LFW2015, NYFW2015, Emilia Wickstead, black, white, monochrome, black jewelry, white jewelry, statement pendants

Dress: Emilia Wick
Top: Christopher Kane
Pendant: Mimi

LFW2015, NYFW2015, Oscar de la Renta, black, white, monochrome, black jewelry, white jewelry, statement pendants

Dress: Oscar de la Renta
Black Pendant: Celestine
White Pendant: Capri

LFW2015, NYFW2015, Temperley, black, white, monochrome, black jewelry, white jewelry, stacking bangles, stacking rings

Dress: Temperley
Bangles: Angelina Stacking Bangles
Stacking Rings: Lucia

LFW2015, NYFW2015, black, white, monochrome, black jewelry, white jewelry, statement rings

Are you a lover of monochrome like me?
Or are you more a colorful "princess?"

Wishing you all a wonderfully colorful  weekend

Dressing Up

Feb 20, 2015

Dresses seem to be all over the catwalks.
Gorgeous embellished dresses.
Or is it just that our minds turn to dresses
as Spring approaches?

Oscar de la Renta, dresses
Oscar de la Renta
I SO want this dress

Monique Lhuillier 2015, dresses, purple dress
Monique Lhuillier
Monique Lhuillier 2015, dresses
Monique Lhuillier

Marchesa 2015, dresses, embellished dresses

Oscar de la Renta, embellished dresses, Spring dresses
Oscar de la Renta

Are you a dress girl?
All year round or only when the weather
picks up?
Favorite dress designer?

Here's to dressing up.

Happy Weekend Lovelies

The Color Of Love

Feb 13, 2015

red, love Valentines

red, love Valentines, Giorgio Armani
Giorgio Armani Privé

red, love Valentines, garnets, chandelier earrings

Zita Earrings. Available here

red, love Valentines, Elie Saab
Eli Saab

red, love Valentines
How cute is this door lock?

red, love Valentines, stacking rings, gemstones
Have you met Dixie? You can meet her here

red, love Valentines, Winnie the Pooh
My favorite quote. It says all I want to say to my love ;-)

Happy Valentines Lovelies.
Hope you all have a weekend of love, laughter and joy

The Devil Is In The Detail

Feb 12, 2015



statement rings, cocktail rings, gemstones,contemporary jewelry




(matching ring also available)


contemporary ring, statement rings, black jewelry, druzy jewelry

Available here:

Wishing you all a wonderful week of beauty, color, design
and preciousness

The Book Everyone Should Read

Jan 28, 2015

OK Lovelies.

Firstly thank you for ALL the wonderful messages
you all sent me via the blog and the other
social media platforms I am on. I can't tell you
how much each and everyone of  them lifted my spirits.

I had planned to be away from my blog a lot
longer than week. But there is just something about
the wonderful connections blogs create, that brought
me back her so quickly. It's like
chatting to a group of girlfriends without having
to get out of your pi's ;-)

OK, back to why I am here so quickly.
In my quest for trying to deal with my grief,
the first thing I did was  reach for books. 
That is where I find solace.
How can I control my feelings? 
How can I gain perspective'
How can I move forward?

I hate the feeling of "just letting things be".
I need to do something.

I tried The Power of Now which lost me after the
first 5 pages. I just wasn't ready for something
so esoteric. I needed "do-able".

So whilst searching for some peace of mind,
I serendipitously heard an interview by the
author Gabe Berman.

OMG!! This man GOT IT. He was also
so funny with it which really helped me.

So I got onto his website. Connected with
him (and he is the most wonderful and caring
person you can imagine-bearing in mind he doesn't
know me from Adam!)

I then bought his book Live Like a Fruit Fly
and started devouring every page like a demon 
I have mentioned it to every friend I have spoken
to this week.

If there is ONE book to read this year, 
make it this one. It's not "woo-woo" at all.
It will make you laugh. It will make you cry. 
But most importantly, it will give you a perspective
on how we generally live our lives, which for most 
of us is not working that well  (despite our
Instagram feed ;-)

This is what Gabe says

"Fruit flies are born, begin attending to their fruit-fly
agendas, then succumb to death before witnessing a single
change in season……….They don't waste time waiting for

Through anecdotes, insightful musings and hopeful
messages Gabe emphasizes the importance of living
our best life now; not tomorrow, next month, when the
children have left home, when we retire…..etc.
He emphasizes why NOW is all we really have and
how to live in this process with gratitude.

Listen, Gabe is not some monk who went and 
sat on a Himalayan mountain top to become
enlightened. He is "real" (for me anyway).
He comes from the cut and thrust world of corporate
America. He is not going to ask you to start chanting
and ringing Tibetan bells (although there is nothing wrong
with that). 

But right now I needed a fresh perspective;
 a perspective I could relate to and which
I felt was real and do-able. I don't have
time to "find myself". My grief is too raw.
I need to move forward now.
I don't have time to do the "Eat, Pay Love" thing;
maybe next year ;-)

I just needed something that would
resonate NOW.

Treat yourself  to this wonderful
quick read. It's a great way for all of us
to start the year whether you are in the midst of
grief  or just going through the motions
of another January, another year.

Make this one different for the right reasons.

p.s I am not an affiliate for this book or for the author. 
It's just something I loved and wanted to share.


It Wasn't Supposed To End Like This

Jan 19, 2015

The last 10 days has been very hard as I lost
my beloved Dad.

As those of you know who have read my ramblings for some years,
my Husband and I left our life overseas to return to the UK
to care and be with him (about 2.5 years ago)

But it wasn't supposed to end so soon.
We still had so many things to do together.
We still had so many things to laugh about.
He promised me he would be home soon…………..
but he never came.

This was not how I planned everything

This was not what was written in MY script.

Nobody warned me it would happen like this or be
this painful.

I know I'm a big girl now. 
I lost my Mum at quite a young age.
So I should be strong, shouldn't I?
I should know what happens?
I should know how painful grief is?

But this time it feels SO different.


So now I just need some time to deal with practicalities,
manage my own emotions and reflect on what I had
and what I lost.

Please excuse my absence from my own blog 
(I will still be checking in to all your blogs and 
on other social media platforms), but I think I will
need some time before I can start writing my own blog again.

I might just need 2 weeks, or 1 month, or even 2 months.
Only time will tell.
But I will be back ;-)


Here We Are Again

Jan 4, 2015

So the festivities are over already.
Where did the time go?
I must have been really enjoying myself.
Actually no! It was a very bittersweet time for me
as my lovely Dad was in hospital and ironically took a 
turn for the worst on Christmas Day (his favorite 
day of the year).

As those of you who have been following me
for some time know I left my life in Spain
to come and look after my Dad in the UK.

Despite how much I was hurting inside,
I wanted to do the very British "stiff upper lip" thing.
I'm not good at being overtly emotional (something
I found quite hard whilst living in Spain as the Spanish
have no problems showing very strong emotions
in front of anyone and everyone).

But I also know how much my Husband
LOVES Christmas and how many wonderful
events he had planned (if you follow me on
Instagram you would have seen some
of them there). So I felt I had to hold
it together (which I am quite good at doing). 
I think that comes with years of training
as a Criminal Pyschologist where
all emotion was eradicated from my working day ;-)

Anyway, I digress.
All that aside, I am still looking forward
to whatever 2015 holds for me and my loved ones.
Whatever it brings, I know it will teach me more
invaluable lessons and hopefully make me a better person :-)

Consequently I wish for ALL of us……….

*the joy of no resolutions

*the joy of NOT permanently being in a rush,
battling our way to every new finish line

*the joy of knowing tomorrow always brings with
it new chances and opportunities. Not everything
has to be done today.

*the joy of abandoning to-do lists and instead creating
"achieved" lists

*the joys of camera-less moments you didn't
expect but which will stay in your memory
for a very long time

*the joy of purging; be it your email, your Instagram feed,
your closet…….whatever makes you feel lighter

*the joy of wearing sparkles and sequins even after
the last bauble has been put away.

*the joy of the smell and feel of new books 
(you just don't get that with a Kindle ;-)

*the joy of more belly laughs

*the joy of more dreaming

*the joy of  snow

*the joy of more hugs

*the joy of more snatched and
tender moments that make you
feel warm and fuzzy

Happy 2015 lovely ladies.

This Christmas I Wish For You……………….

Dec 22, 2014

My God, I can't believe how quickly the BIG DAY is 
nearly upon us. I hope you didn't get too
wrapped up in the manic-ness of it all.

This Christmas I really wish for you:

* the joy of being able to really kick
back and enjoy the moment

*the joy of not worrying about perfection, but
instead knowing that it will all turn out
OK in the end (so what
if you forgot the cranberry sauce. That is not
what you will remember most in 5 years time ;-)

*the joy of no more to-do lists

*the joy of being with the ones that really matter
(not necessarily those you feel you have to be with ;-)

*the joy of seeing the happiness YOU give to others

*the joy of  belly laughs, tears of happiness and
child-like wonder

*the joy of making time to steal those kisses and cuddles
with your loved ones

* the joy of making fab memories that will
stay with you long after the wrapping has all been thrown
and your Instagram feed has moved on ;-)

* the joy of  receiving (some of us find it difficult to
receive gifts, compliments, surprises……..anything. 
Sometimes we areso focused on the giving, 
that we forget it is OK to
accept and be pampered also.

*the joy of candle-lit lunches and dinners 
(food always seems to taste better in candle-light).

*the joy of  slushy Christmas films 

*the joy of finding quiet moments to reflect and soak 
it all in

*the joy of "no technology" days

Finally I would like to thank you for always
being at my side in this humble space I call 
my blog. I am not a writer and sometimes
find it difficult to come up with anything of value.

So I appreciate every single one of you who make
time to visit. I know how "time-starved" we all are,
so it means even more to me to think I have people
even reading my ramblings ;-)

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and
nothing but the best for 2015.

Year by year it's all unclear, but day
by day we WILL  find a way.


Give Yourself This Gift (it only takes 35 minutes)!

Dec 18, 2014

OK, I know tis' the season to be jolly, and the 
last think you want to be thinking about is anything
negative BUT this interview
popped into my Inbox this week 
and it literally

I want to ask you to give yourself
the gift of just 35 minutes and listen to this interview.

It will make you SO angry (especially the
first 10 minutes where she discloses something
about how our medical system works, that left
me truly flabbergasted) but I hope it will empower you.

Even if you do nothing with the information you
hear, and just allow it to "incubate" until the
New Year, I BEG YOU to please listen to this.
As some of you know (who have been reading my blog
a while), I lost my Mum to cancer at the age of 48.

I have lost friends also, and I am sure some of 
us know of families who will be spending
this Christmas without someone they lost 
to the BIG C this year.


I know my family will be doing back-flips as I
come from a long-line of medics!
They were appalled when I stopped having
annual mammograms 10 years ago (she talks about
this in the interview also)

However, I would love to know your thoughts 


Posh In Pearls

Dec 15, 2014

The Duchess of Cambridge was once again flying the flag for Britain
during her whistle-stop trip to the USA last week.

Kate is becoming known as the "recycling" Princess in 
the British press, but wearing something more than once hardly warrants the 
tag "recycling" ;-)

Nonetheless I think she looked as elegant as always in a
gorgeous cashmere navy coat by Goat and her familiar Annousha Ducas 
pearl earrings.

Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, New York 2014, pearl earrings, Annoushka Ducas

It is not the first time that the pearl earrings have 
accompanied the Duchess on a tour. 
They were very much a feature when she toured 
Australia last Spring.

Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, Australia 2014, pearl earrings, Annoushka Ducas

The pearl earrings are by Annoushka Ducas 
who founded the globally recognized Links of London.

pearl earrings, Annoushka Ducas, Kate Middleton, diamonds,
These gorgeous beauties cost approx £1,000/$1500.
The earrings feature gold hoops with a black rhodium finish
and diamonds all set along the spine.

Yes please Santa!!!

Would love to hear your view on Kate's style.
What do you think about a Princess "re-cycling"? Do
you like the earrings? Nothing special? 
Just a normal pair of
pearl earrings?

I am not a pearl wearer, so don't really
have a view other than they look very
regal, and that is something she always
has to be mindful of (she can hardly start
wearing loud and proud "chandeliers" when
on royal duty).

However is she dressing older than  her years?
Could she still be regal but with a younger vibe
ie Charlotte Casiraghi of Monaco?
I personally think she has it right, but as
always would love to hear your views.


p.s Update:
Do you remember I wrote a couple of weeks ago about
how I get asked constantly for products by bloggers I don't even
follow (here).
Well, one such blogger emailed me in September asking
for one of our leopard rings.
I dutifully "ignored" the email.
Guess what? I got another email from "blogger
in question" saying "I haven't received my ring yet".
I was so flabbergasted I just had to laugh.
I did reply saying, you were never told you were
going to be sent the ring. She replied saying she thought
by me not replying that was me "being OK" with sending it!!!

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