My Love List

Jul 22, 2018

So it's been a while since I posted a Love List, but this month
so many new things have come onto my radar, a couple of
which are skin care related.
I am always being asked what I use on my skin. I am 50+ I would say 85%
of it is genetic.  However I do love buying skincare and this amazing
brand came into my sights this month.

The brand is called The Ordinary and is a Canadian brand which comes
under the umbrella of The Abnormal Beauty Company. This company brings you
clinical, cutting edge beauty formulations. BUT the reason The Ordinary is
"out of the ordinary" for me is the price. The products are unbelievably good value 
with nothing costing more than £20/$15.
But here's the best bit.  The products are comparable to some of the ranges sold at
Dermatologist and skin clinics and used for specific skin care treatments.
They also have fabulous guides on their website to explain how you
use each product.

I am currently using from their range:
i) Vitamin C cream
ii) Retinol serum
iii) Hyaluronic Acid +B5

Below is a video of Hello Magazine's Beauty Editor
interviewing the founder of this company.

Next up is a new app I came across called Happy Not Perfect.
I am a Neuroscience geek and so anything I find related
to Neuroscience I am on. This app was created by Neuroscientists
to give the mind a daily workout and is based on 40 years of research.
You can do the mindfulness routine anywhere; on the way to work, during
the day and in the evenings.
I have just started using the app but am loving it so far. I do try and meditate
but sometimes I just can't switch off the monkey mind. So on those days
this works beautifully for me.
It's worth giving it a go!

OK next up is a fiction book. Now I rarely read fiction as I have so
many biz books and memoirs to read and piling up in my office (so
much so they are an accident waiting to happen). 

However, during the Summer months I allow myself to relax with some 
fiction and I decided to choose a  Jodi Picoult book because 
I know it will leave me still thinking about it long after the last page is finished.
Well this is another page-turner but so, so sad.
It's about prejudice and power; it is about that which
divides and unites us.
It is about opening our eyes or turning the other way.
I think this book will stay in your mind for a very long time.
Read it!!!

Ok back to skincare.
So even though I have dark skin I still use a factor 50+ on my face 
every day, (a habit that started when living in Spain) but especially 
as I now use a Retinol product.

La Roche-Posay is one of my fave brands which I was first introduced to 
when living in Spain. This is a French brand that you can buy in 
any supermarket/chemist when in the Med.
What I love about this particular cream is it is a factor 50+but
SO light; it just sinks straight into the skin so you can put make-up
on over it. I keep mine in the fridge and so it is also lovely and cooling
when you I put it on. Actually I keep most of my skincare products in 
the fridge in the Summer and it just leaves you feeling so refreshed when
the heat is on.

Finally I've been loving my new chunky statement rings.
Whenever I wear them I get stopped by shop assistants and 
strangers asking me about these. Why I think they stand out is because
the stone sits horizontally across the finger.
Go here to see more images of the ring on.

I am offering free shipping to my blog readers on these beauties.
So if you would like the checkout code just
click the link below:

That's it Lovelies. 
I am going to cool off now as the heatwave continues here in the UK.
Not really enjoying it so planning my escape.
Wishing you a continued lovely Summer.


5 Spanish Brands To Keep You Cool During The Heatwave

Jul 3, 2018

When I lived in Spain I could never get over how cool and fresh
Spanish women looked even in 45ºc heat.
One thing I learned was they have some fab Spanish designers.
Spain has always been behind France and Italy (very much the poor relation)
when it came to fashion.
However with the surge of brands like Loewe, Manolo Blahnik and all that stylish
Queen Letizia does for Spanish brands, that is now all changing.

Spain's fashion tends to be strongly influenced by the sea; the Mediterranean has a powerful
influence on everything they do from design, colour and food. And of course the weather plays a huge part in that also.

So I thought I would bring you some of the Spanish fashion labels
you may never have heard of, but which will keep you cool in the heat.

First up is Manebi:

These espadrilles are designed in Italy but made by Spanish craftsman in
La Rioja.
If espadrilles always evoke the feeling of Summer for you, then this is the 
place to head. There is everything from sneaker type espadrilles to the more
glamorous heels for those balmy summer nights.
I am in love with these blush espadrilles below.

OK, the next brand is called Formenteraguamarna

Dolores Luque initially launched a blog whilst missing her home in
Formentera in the Canary Islands when working for a bank in Mallorca.
As her following grew so a seed was born for her online boutique.

This is now a one-stop-shop for things holiday/beachy: espadrilles,
kaftans, bags and baskets. Everything you would need for a beachy holiday.

Next up is a brand called Massob.
This is where you go for boho-chic; peasant-style blouses and dresses with
colour palettes all inspired by the Med.

Up next is a gorgeous brand called About Arrianne
This is a label born in Barcelona and which produces
the most beautiful shoes using Spanish techniques.
The colours remind me of luscious ice-cream or gelato
(altho' gelato is Italian and this brand is Spanish, but what's a gelato
between friends ;-)

Finally, the last brand is another Catalunian company

Let me tell you these bodysuits are SO comfy and lush.
This company has reinvented the stretchy bodysuit.
No tucking in required ;-)
They come in the most gorgeous shades and styles.
 I promise no other bodysuit will ever feel the same again.

So there you have it. Some of my favourite Spanish brands that
I called on when living in Spain. And if where you are is anywhere like
the UK, which is in the midst of a steamy heatwave, then check these brands out
as most have sales on at the moment. So you can test them out for cheaper than usual.

That's it lovely ladies.
Enjoy the Summer where ever you may be



May 7, 2018

OK, so in my last post I gave some inspiration for
attending a formal summer wedding abroad.

This week I thought I would give some ideas for
a more relaxed, boho-country wedding.
These types of weddings call for that illusive casual/smart
balance that is not always easy.
So my choice of dress is this gorgeous colourful number
by Saloni (who have the most gorgeous floral/colourful dresses).

I have picked tan wedges by Boden as I think the colour
will go with any colourful design. 
Again I picked wedges in case you are standing around for
long periods, especially on grass or gravel. The last thing
you want is to be in stilettos.
I actually bought these sandals for myself. But beware. 
They are super narrow!

Again I have kept the accessories quite simple,
just picking out the colours in the dress.

Dress; Saloni
Sandals: Boden
Earrings: Luxuria
Stacking Rings: Luxuria

If any of my pieces (Luxuria)
resonate with you, then grab your
GIFT CARD first. Just click the link below:

That's it Lovely
Wishing you a wonderful week.
As always love reading your comments

SUMMER EVENTS INSPIRATION-Part 1 (+ a tip you may never have heard of!)

Apr 26, 2018

Has Spring arrived where you are?
It was here for about 3 days last week and has vanished again. 
But whilst it was around it made me think of some of the events we have to dress for in the heat. 
Having lived in Spanish heat for 15 years I became a "comfort ninja" when it came to dressing up in the heat. So I thought I would give you some of my tips and inspirations. I am no expert so I am just writing about what works for me ;-)
So this week I will cover the wedding abroad.
If you are heading to Seville, the Amalfi coast, Tuscany.......wherever, I am sure the weather is going to be hot. So it's a good time to channel your feminine younger girl and go for some soft feminine hues.

I've opted for a block heel rather than stilettos as you won't want to be navigating cobbled European streets in these (trust me I lived in Spain for 15 years and ruined many a good pair of shoes ;-) 
Also you might have to be standing a long time or standing on grass so I would stick to a block heel or wedges. 
So if you are going for the soft feminine look I would then keep my bag small and contained.
I have kept the accessories quite simple; a statement ring that matches the hues of the dress and some simple hoops.

Dress: Ted Baker   Suede Clutch: Ted Baker
Sandals: Alexandre Birman
Pink Statement Ring: LUXURIA     Twig Hoops: LUXURIA

OK, finally here's a tip I learnt which you may not have ever heard of.

Next time you buy a pair of shoes and find that little silica gel packet inside, don't throw it away. Stick it in your jewellery box. Silica gel helps absorb moisture so will slow down the tarnishing process.
You can thank me later ;-)

I would love to hear if you have any wedding overseas to attend.
Is it even something that is popular where you are from.
It's something that has become very popular in the UK simply because the weather is so temperamental.
We all have our fingers crossed here in the UK for THE wedding that takes place very shortly.
That's it Lovely! 
(part 2 will be next week-the country/boho-wedding).
As always I would love to hear your thoughts.

Flower Power

Apr 6, 2018

Has Spring arrived where you are?
It hasn't where I am and there doesn't look like much sign of it next week either!
So to help us imagine Spring is on its way, I wanted to talk about flower-power.

Floral designs are everywhere in the fashion world.


However, I'm not sure about you but I tend to keep
away from florals. I always feel that if you don't know how to pick
the right pieces you could either look like someone's spinster Great-Aunt
or a remnant from the 60's! So I've always steered clear.
However, below are some of my faves from the current
Ted Baker collection which currently has 30% OFF.
(as you will also notice despite being floral they still have lots of black in them ;-)

However, if you are still unsure of doing the whole floral get-up
then why not just add a floral piece that will still bring you
on-trend but not in such a conspicuous way.

So let me introduce you to some of my new friends below. 
If you like sleek and contemporary with a hint of feminine
flower-power, then you will love these.

Left: Pink Mother-of-Pearl here
Right: Green Aventurine here

An image from a customer in Spain to give you some idea
how this caresses the neck and decolletage.

Left: Purple Flourite here
Right: Blue Chalcedony here

That's it lovely ladies.
Love to hear from you as always

p.s a little something to make you chuckle

Pink Has Become Powerful.

Mar 28, 2018

OK, maybe the word "powerful" is too strong.
But pink is certainly no longer deemed too girly for serious

There was a time when pinks were just
not for the serious woman. But with the help of
women like Amal Clooney, Victoria Beckham 
and The Duchess of Cambridge that is no longer the case.

The Queen is partial to fushia and Hilary Clinton was fairly
daring on her campaign, donning pink gingham
(OK, maybe that wasn't a good idea ;-)

Nonetheless more and more "Pink Ladies" seem to show up as the Spring weather

If pink trousers or a full-on pink outfit still feel a little scary for you
(as they do me) here are some gorgeous pink embellishments 
that you can incorporate as you dip your toe into the world of pink.

Flower pendant: here
Rose Quartz ring: here
Fuchsia Quartz and crystal earrings: here

Would love to hear if you are a "pink lady"
or you think women of a certain age should 
stay clear from.

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter

Where's Spring?

Mar 19, 2018

Mother Nature is really having fun with us as I write this blog post.
It is March and as I look out of my cottage home office window
the snowing is coming down heavily.

WHHHAAAATTT! Never have I known it to snow around the 
time of my birthday. 

This is a quick video I shot from my office balcony
as the snow came down this morning.

I don't know about you but I am so ready to start wearing some Spring colours. Winter just feels like it has been going on longer than normal this year.
Sometimes you just get sick of wearing the puffa jacket and bobble hat and want something that will take you effortlessly into Spring.
Last week when Meghan Markle attended her first official engagement for Commonwealth Day, despite the rain she went for a "Winter white" coat by Amanda Wakeley.

So below are some of my favourite sorbet coloured coats that will keep you warm and take you effortlessly into Spring (however long it takes to arrive).
From left to right:
MaxMara-Lari Coat 
All Saints: Ryder Coat

Zara: here
MaxMara: here
MaxMara- Soldato: here

However, if you want to start adding colour to your attire without losing the layers just yet, then I have some gorgeous new pendants in (all made with natural Agate within a contemporary Silver setting).
Just pop here to see all the colours (more coming in the next few days).

Finally, I have a new closed FB group.
My public page has grown quite big (about 18k followers) which
I am very grateful for, but because it is a public page I don't post
too much that is personal etc.
In my new group I plan to do more Giveaways, sample sales and
just get more personal.
I would love if you come over and join. 
It is by invitation only and so
this is my invite to you as one of my lovely readers.
Just click the link below and come and join
That's it lovely lady.
Have a wonderful week.

Your Biz. Your Way.

Feb 18, 2018

OK, this is a much longer post than I usually do. But I think it will be worth it.

You see I recently read a book by Judith Morgan; a book about doing business in a way that suits you. I knew this was my kind of book. So I bought it. Read it and then read it again.  Here's why.

Judith was one of many coaches I had worked with. However, she was the last coach I ever worked with. Why? Because as her book title says, she helped me do business “my way”. She helped me listen to my instincts, buck the trends and find my bliss in business.

You see I had no online business experience when I started my jewellery business. In fact my previous business was overseas with my Husband and it grew very rapidly without any marketing, advertising etc. We were very lucky. So I “thought” the same would happen with my “new baby” when I started my boutique in 2015. How wrong was I!

Here’s the thing. I am a former Criminal Psychologist. I don’t come from a family of entrepreneurs. However, I am very left-brain and love anything related to quantum mechanics, neuroscience and a little “woo-woo”. Judith has 40 years business experience, is quite left brain I would think as a very successful Accountant and also loves the woo-woo. We were a match. More importantly she “got me”. She got how my brain races far quicker than my mouth. She got that I do have slight ADD so could be all over the place even during our sessions. She never tried to box me in.

When I worked with other coaches they would come with their cookie cutter programmes and I just never fit into any one of them. Many of them left me feeling I was odd. Many of these “gurus” were telling me how they made 6 figures in 6 days whilst they were talking to me from their parent’s spare bedroom, with their “My Little Pony” curtains still hanging up. However, I still listened and believed I couldn’t make this work if I didn’t do things THEIR way.

* now I only do what I feel “aligned” to do on any specific day without following rigid timetables. So if I want to read a book all afternoon or go for a long walk, I just go and do it. At first I felt really guilty about “playing hooky” in the middle of the day. But I soon learnt that when I did such things I would return to work full of inspiration.

* I started to learn that the “hustle” was not for me. I am not saying the likes of Gary Vaynerchuck or Tony Robbins are wrong (I am a big fan of both). But their “joy” comes from the hustle. My joy no longer came from hustling. So I stopped.

* I am a night owl. I do my best work when the house is silent and in darkness (I am actually writing this at 1.55am. Don’t ask!) So I have accepted I don’t have to be a member of the “5am club” to be successful.

* I hate business networking. I just find the whole experience very false and transparent. So I don’t network for the sake of networking (that’s not to say I am not sociable). I don’t belong to a Mastermind and I rarely attend business seminars. So I literally go against everything the “biz gurus” tell you to do.

* I have started to work more with my intuition, that “gut feeling” we all get. Since doing so I have made some of the best decisions for my business.

* I really follow what gives me joy on a day to day basis. There are some things in business like my accounts that will just never bring me joy. So now instead of fretting over my Accounts, I contract that work out to an Accountant.

* I was told (by many business coaches I must write only about jewellery on my blog as that is what I sell. I personally couldn’t think of anything more boring to write about (or read about) every week. So now I just write about what I feel like. It might be something personal. Something lifestyle. Who knows? I don’t have an editorial calendar so it really is pot-luck. But ever since making that decision I find writing for my blog easier (it’s usually not something I enjoy). Consequently, the traffic to my blog has grown exponentially and in turn, a lot of my website traffic now comes from my blog. Many PR requests have also come from my most personal blog posts and not posts about my products.

*I love the woo-woo. I meditate, visualise, use crystals, do energy work, use angel cards, follow the moon cycles.......I love it all. It's part of my business now. I can't separate spirituality and business anymore. It's who I am. It's how I handle my perceived problems, how I dust myself down after I face plant into the ground. It's how I handle my business when I am blocked creatively. It's how I handle criticism. It's what makes me jump out of bed most mornings excited to get working. All of these aspects of my business are assisted by my spiritual side.

*These are just some of the ways I was given the courage by Judith to do biz my way and since doing so I have turned my business around 180º.

So if you are thinking about starting out on your own or even if you’ve been in business a while, PLEASE buy the book  read and implement. This is a book by someone who has been there, done it and bought more than one damn t-shirt which is why I was so happy to be invited to be part of her blogfest

Let me tell you I have never written for a blog fest before (because I don’t really enjoy writing. It doesn’t come naturally for me). But I couldn’t let this one pass me by.

There are 52 short chapters (based on questions her mentees and Facebook groups wanted to answers to) so you can open the book at any page and learn so much. This is not some big tome that you will abandon after 200 pages. No this little gem can be read over a weekend. Or you can just dip in and out whenever you start doubting yourself which is how I use mine. So before you waste any more money on courses you are never going to do or coaching with “gurus” who still have nappy/diaper rash, just buy the book. You will thank me for it (just saying ;-)

p.s Do pop over to the blogfest  where you will read other inspiring stories from women doing business their way. If you wanted this year to different, then head over there, get inspired and buy the book.

Winter Sun Inspiration

Jan 29, 2018

If you are jetting off to get some Winter sun,
then these might "inspire your attire".
If not, I hope they just add some colour to your day.

Ruffled dress by LoveShackFancy
The perfect accompaniment with these pearl tassel earrings here

Susannah Linen blouse by Olivia Ruben London
Earrings; beautiful in their simplicity.

Oh my God!!! I SO love this outfit for warm, balmy nights.
Top + trousers by Miguelina Gabbaccini.
Top: here   Trousers: here
All finished off  with the perfect earrings; dark and sultry as a Tom Ford scent.
Available here.

Gorgeous silk-crepon, one shoulder playsuit by Zimmermann
Stunning art-deco style earrings to add to your outfit

A white cotton-gauge jumpsuit by Caravana
(I would feel so fresh and cool in this).

The perfect bon-bons to accompany your white jumpsuit
(and seems to go with the bag also ;-)

That's it my friends.
Would love to know what you think
of my selected pieces and if you are 
off to catch some Winter sun.

Embracing Winter

Jan 18, 2018

Brrrrrrrr! It's bone-rattlingly cold
as I write this blog post.
But here's the thing. I LOVE Winter;
when all the festivities are over and it's
time to hunker down and wait for Spring.

Is that just me (because everyone I talk to
hates Winter!)?

I just love:

* cashmere comforts

*crispy pages of new journals awaiting
my goals and gratitude

* optimism and excitement for the next
12 months

* weekend lockdowns when it is deemed perfectly
acceptable to refuse to go anywhere or see anyone

*the sight and smell of new books and magazines
waiting to be devoured and savoured

* lazying and grazing (I am good at this. SO good!)

*cold frosty walks that rattle your bones and teeth

* hot, indulgent drinks that welcome you
back home

* big scarves

* cosy coats (that hide a multitude of sins ;-)

* pom-pom hats that are acceptable to the over
40's when brain freeze is imminent

* the crackling sound of logs burning

* reflections

*the darkness and stillness of early mornings

I love it all.

Is it just me that loves mid-Winter?
Would love to hear if you like Winter or are
hanging on by your Chanel painted finger-nails.


FAVES OF 2017!!

Jan 10, 2018

Firstly Happy New Year my friends.
I can't believe it is all over.
I hope whatever you did you were able
to unwind and enjoy time with loved ones.

OK, so for my first post of 2018, I thought
I would bring you some of my favourite finds
of 2017. 
None of these recommendations are affiliated.
They are all just products/apps etc that I came 
across and loved in 2017.

Ok, first up is audible. 
Now this may not be news to many of you
but I never thought I would use it.
I am a very slow reader; I get distracted easily when reading.
However, I love reading. I love the feel of a physical
book in my hand. But in 2017 I tried out audible.
I thought I could make use of it when cooking, doing things 
around the house. Walking in the countryside etc.
And guess what? I LOVED it. I tend to listen to non-fiction only
but I find in most cases I retain more. Even better is when I
then follow up with the book if it has really reeled me in.

Some of my fave audible books in 2017 were:
* You Are The Placebo- Dr Joe Dispenza
*Success Through Stillness- Russell Simmons
* Pitch Anything- Oren Klaff
Letting Go- Dr David Hawkins
Grit-The Power of Passion and Perseverance- Angela Duckworth

Next up is this daily green supplement by WellCo (the company
founded by Elle 'The Body' MacPherson).

We all need a helping hand sometimes and in 2017 my intentions were good,
but I often didn't follow up with my behaviour. I will admit I was naughty for
most of the week/months/year!! There I said it.

But this did help ensure I was getting a daily dose of goodness even if 
I did counteract it with all the junk I consumed.
Let's just say 2018 will be the year of "must try harder".

One of my fave finds of 2017 was this little beauty-

This little bottle became my new BFF. I mix one drop
with my moisturiser every day OR one drop in my
foundation or BB cream and I can't tell you the difference
it makes to the look and luminosity of the skin. I also
tried it with a budget moisturiser and it still looked fab
on the skin. So I am thinking maybe I don't waste money
on the really expensive creams and use a drop of this
with any moisturiser instead.
I will certainly be testing out that theory more in 2018.
My only word of advice is make sure you go for an
organic brand such as Inika.

Talking of BB creams. 2017 was the year I decided to give them a go 
(I know. I always seem late to the party). I tried quite a few expensive brands, none
of which impressed me. 

THEN I read about one by Body Shop. Their version
is supposed to adapt to your skin tone and give 24 hour hydration.
As I didn't have to sell a kidney to buy it, I thought I would give it a go.
Let me tell you, this is fabulous. It really does adapt to your skin tone and
give you this gorgeous glow. It does have a slight grainy texture
which I think is what buffs the skin to give it a luminous look.
I love it and use it most days when there
is no danger of me frightening the neighbors (because I don't have any
make-up on). This was definitely one of my best buys of 2017.

Next up is an app called Water Drink Reminder.

Now as I said above. I wasn't that scrupulous about
my health in 2017 and one thing that always fell by the wayside
was the amount of water I  drank during the day.
So this little app really helped me keep up the intake.
It allows you to: * track your intake
*gives suggestions based on your weight/activity level
* lets you receive reminders which you can also link to your
wrist fitness monitors.

All in all, it does what it says on the tin. But more than
that I could see a difference in my skin and hair when I really
committed to drink the required amount of water DAILY (that's 
the key. Not just when you over-indulged in your alcoholic
beverages ;-)

Finally to end I am going to introduce you to my first faves
of 2018. These gorgeous Tahitian pearl rings are now
in my boutique. Let me tell you these will lift any outfit.
If you like French classic with a twist, then you will love
these. They come in solid  yellow gold (not-plated!), rose gold

That's it my loves.
I would love to hear your thoughts on any of your faves of 2017.
If you want to read about some of my other finds in 2017, you can read them