Things I've Loved This Month

Mar 21, 2017

I am a ferocious reader and love nothing more than a physical book in my hand. But recently
I've been enjoying audio books especially when I am cooking or doing some kind of activity.
This book by Mel Robbins is FABULOUS especially as it is narrated by her in her sassy manner
which I just love. If you don't know who Mel Robbins is she has one of the most viewed TedX
talks EVER on You Tube.

There is one central idea and she explains how when her WHOLE life was imploding she discovered this technique. It's a book about making transformational changes in any area of your lifeand making those habits stick (she is not a big supporter of motivation being the answer).

This really is a fabulous book and I highly recommend listening in audio form because it really
is like having your best girlfriend sitting in your kitchen with you and giving you a real kick
up the butt (cuss words and all!)

Ok, so I am not a big tea drinker but am a little "obsessed" about detoxifying the liver (as
excess oestrogen is often stored in the liver and can be one of the catalysts for breast cancer). 
My Aunt lives in Switzerland and is a huge supporter of herbs for health.
She recommended dandelion root which gently stimulates the liver to detoxify.
So I thought I would give it a go.
I only take 1-2 cups a day. 

As this is pleasantly roasted it takes the edge of the bitterness.
Certainly worth a try.

This article went viral last week. You may have already read it. But it was such a lovely story
and just restored my faith in human kindness. We are fed so much negativity from the media
that sometimes we forget there are so many good souls out there.
Would love to know what you think of the story.
You can read it here

I love this top by British company Needle & Thread.
They are a British brand that specialise in beautifully adorned pieces and 
I am currently lusting after this blouse.
You can buy Needles & Thread from many outlets but in the USA, it's
probably easier to buy via Net-a-porter.

This month was International Happiness Day and this little cherub melts my heart
everytime I post her on one of my social media platforms.
Look beyond the gorgeous smile and you will see she has scars all over her face;
scars caused by shrapnel when she was caught up in an incident in
Northern Afghanistan.
If she can smile.......................
Just saying ;-)

Finally, I am so excited about these gorgeous pieces new in this week.
These pieces are really for the woman who is the ENEMY of ORDINARY.

The black lava gemstones set against the gold, contemporary designs, make 
these pieces as sultry as a Tom Ford perfume ;-)

You can get up close and personal here and here.

Even though these are new in this week I am offering
a 15% discount off either piece for my blog audience.

So if you are interested your checkout code is
(offer ends 31 March 2017)

That's it Lovelies. I would love to hear your thoughts and I
would also like to hear if you like my monthly "Love List"
because if so, I will continue doing them every month. 

So please let me know your thoughts


Reading Recommendation

Mar 13, 2017

I am a ferocious reader, and one book
I came across just before Christmas is
'In The Company of Women' by Grace Bonney.

What really attracted me to this coffee-table
tome, is that is was compiled and written by
someone who started out as a blogger.
(it's even got a raving endorsement from 
Martha Stewart!)

Grace Bonney has compiled a book of her favourite
creative icons, artists, heroes.........

It is full of empowering business advice and inspiration
from a diverse group of uplifting and talented women
of all races, ages, diversity etc.

It's the kind of book that gives me the urge to rip out every page,
post them around my office so that I can be surrounded by these
incredible women (hoping that some of their sage advice will
penetrate by pure osmosis ;-)

I go through the book each day aiming to read at least 3-4 profiles
whilst making notes of the most salient points which I then keep
in my Evernote for when I need a spot of inspiration for the days
when I am having a  real funk (which have been quite plentiful this
Jan and Feb).

(Does anyone else make notes when they are reading non-fiction?)

If you want further inspiration this interview with the
author and Marie Forleo should do it.
She talks more about how she achieved her goals 
whilst striving for the work/life balance.

Enjoy and don't forget to leave me your thoughts below.


Who Am I Really?

Feb 27, 2017

Recently I have been getting lots of questions on
my FB page from new followers who want to know
more about me-the face behind my biz.

I do keep most of my personal life off
Facebook and Instagram.

So instead I thought I would interview myself and give you
some juicy tit-bits you might not know.

So here goes:

What was my dream job as a child?
OK, so after realising I couldn't be a mermaid,
I then wanted to be a Charlies Angel. They were 
the "girl-power" of the time.
I guess something about that stayed with me as 
I went on to become a Criminal Psychologist.

Greatest Strength?
Self discipline

Something that may surprise you
about me?
I hate confrontation in any shape or form
(a typical Piscean some will say ;-)

Favourite Quote?

Best Piece of Advice?
My Mum always said "if you have the choice
of being right or being kind, always choose
kind". Her favourite quote from Wayne Dyer.

Hardest Piece of Criticism?
My Dad said to me that I am such a 
free spirit that I can become directionless 
quite easily. He was right!!

Who would I most like to meet?
It's quite hard for me to be in awe
of  celebrities as such. But I would have liked to have 
met Coco Chanel and Estée Lauder 
(after reading both their biographies)
and of course Audrey Hepburn

Morning routine?
Kundalini yoga (when I get up in time). Meditation.
Breakfast; this is usually a bagel! Don't judge me
but it is the only carbs I eat all day ;-)
I never check emails in the morning as my day becomes too
reactive. So if you are about to die it's best you call me as 
you would have died by the time I get the email ;-)

Favourite Apps?
Headspace (meditation app)
Insight Timer (meditation app)

Favourite Perfume at the moment?
Le Jardin le Monsieur (Hermés)

Go-to Websites:
Victoria Health

One song that always makes me feel happy?
I have a Playlist on Spotify that is full of
all uplifting songs that I put on as soon
as I sit down to work.
One that always make me happy and fires me up is
called "The Boss" by Diana Ross

The next thing on my "treat me" list?
This bag by Bottega Veneta

And these gorgeous pink Adidas

My one regret?
That my Mum didn't live to see me happily married
(but she had met my Husband who was my boyfriend
at the time and she loved him to bits).

Fictional figure I would  be?
Scout Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird

I buy every week?
Fresh flowers every Friday. It's become
part of my "weekend begins" ritual.

Is there a Mr Luxuria?
The elusive "Mr Luxuria" is rarely seen in Instagram
snaps as he is not a fan of selfies and I also hate
having my picture taken ;-)
The picture below was a "bribed" shot.

 I have been happily married  for the last 20 years.
and have no children (which was a conscious decision).

Here is my love and I having lunch
earlier this year ;-)

There you have it. A few little tit-bits
to help you understand more of who I am.


ELLE Style Awards (London).

Feb 19, 2017

Last week was the ELLE 
Style Awards in London.

As usual there were some gorgeous
gowns and one or two "fails" for me.

My one fav and fail are below.

Thandie Newton is one of my fans and I tend to always
gravitate to her style as you can see here also.

For me Thandie delivered some serious style
points in this polka dot halter neck dress by

"Cold shoulder" is still a trend that seems to suit us all
(although I have still not tried it).

As Donna Karan once said, "no-one had fat shoulders!"

Are you a fan of "cold shoulders"?

Then we move onto my fail :-(
What can I say?
What do I need to even say?


What are your thoughts on this ensemble?
Perhaps that is how the creative mind expresses
I don't really know. 
All I know is I "didn't get it" ;-)

Are you a fan of Vivienne Westwood?
Do you own any of her pieces?

Finally, something dark + sensuous like a Tom Ford scent.

As always I would love to hear your thoughts


Shivering But Shimmering

Feb 13, 2017

She was shivering but shimmering at the
BAFTA's in London last night and
she looked gorgeous in a bespoke
Alexander McQueen dress.

I am not a "floral" girl. But I just loved this dress.

In the original collection the dress had spaghetti
straps and a corset top. But Kate's version had been customised
with a flattering Bardot-cut top (which I prefer).

I loved her earrings but Kensington Palace would not confirm whether she was wearing
her own jewellery or whether they had been loaned to her. Either way they were fab!!!

What did you think?
Did you like the dress?
There have been many comments that putting her
hair up ages her. What do you think?

As always I love hearing from you.


All images Daily Mail UK

What's Your Simple Thing?

Feb 4, 2017

OK, so my intention to try and blog at least
once a week has already fallen by the wayside.
How did that happen?

I was so sure I would do it this year?

Here's why it didn't happen. I also decided
that this year I would just "follow my joy".
So even if it is on my to-do list but it still
doesn't fill me with joy and inspiration and that 
moment in time then it's not happening.

Here's the thing. It's really working.
When I work at something that really brings
me joy (not because I have to to do it), I find I work
less time at it but  I am really in
the flow when working; the hours just pass without me realising.
I also get much better end results. 
I get more creative. I take more inspired action.
I work less.

I appreciate we can't always do what brings us
joy (especially if we work for somebody else),
 but there are many times we can make that choice
however small.

So if I am struggling on a task (which is usually
what to write about on my blog) and I just know
going for a walk, meditating, popping out
and buying some flowers to bring home will bring me more joy,
I go ahead and do it. 

It hasn't been easy as I am from the school
of ploughing on until it's done. But last year I worked
a lot of hours of "ploughing through" and it may have got 
the result, but it also left me feeling really stressed at the same time
(and often it didn't even produce the result I wanted!)

So it's something I am trying.
If you are a follower of Abraham Hicks, Quantum Physics
Law of Attraction, Vibrational Alignment…..
whatever you want to call it, you will know 
that emotion plays a HUGE part in what we achieve.

Therefore I would love to know what is ONE simple thing that brings you
back to joy?
It could be anything from listening to a play on the radio,
taking your dog for a walk,  the silence when you stand outside 
on a snowy night…………….anything.

Mine is turning the lights down,
and nestling in front of a wood fire. Just watching
the flames roaring I find so meditative (especially
when the weather is raging outside). Admittedly
I don't stop to do this throughout the day. But when I
do it leaves me back in my happy place and 
very grounded.

Would love to hear what your one simple
thing is.


Your Holiday/Monday Blues Ring

Jan 14, 2017

Is it just me that is still finding it difficult to
get back into the swing of things after the holiday?

Then let me introduce you to my new "friend".
The perfect "back- to-work-blues" ring!

Here's why?

*the gemstone Ruby Zoisite stimulates feelings
of happiness and gratitude (and we've
all heard what gratitude does ;-)  

*it enhances the energetic neural connections between
your brain and heart
*it also aids you to be more observant about self-care.
What more does a girl need?

Get up close + personal here:

Offering all my lovely blogger friends a 
"special". The retail price is £275/$335.
Make me your best offer ;-)
Just email me or leave a comment with 
your best offer.

That's it lovely ladies.
Have a good weekend 

Golden Globe Faves +Fails

Jan 11, 2017

Here are some of my faves and fails from
the Golden Globes 2017.

OK, I am starting with Thandie Newton.
Now I LOVE the dress. But I'm not sure if
I picked it because I love her or if I really
like the look of a dress that seems to have 
caught on fire with flames quickly rising ;-)

Golden Globes 2017, Thandie Newton
Dress by: In Monse

Golden Globes 2017, Blake Lively

The gorgeous Blake Lively in Versace.

Golden Globes 2017, Blake Lively, Lorraine Schwartz

The pockets were clearly a feature of the dress so
Blake cleverly added some power diamond and
emerald bracelets by Lorraine Schwartz

Golden Globes 2017, Brie Larson

As always the very gorgeous Amy Adams in a dress
designed by the Director of her film Nocturnal
Animals- Tom Ford!

Golden Globes 2017, Naomie Harris

Naomi Harris in a form fitting metallic, custom  Privé

Brie Larson doing old school glamour in this
gorgeous red Rodarte dress (with a perfectly matched
red lippy).


Golden Globes 2017, Anna Chlumsky
Anna  Chlumsky .
Not sure what happened here. The clear message is
sack the stylist!!!

Golden Globes 2017, Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood in a saccharine pink dress that couldhave looked great but I think the ruffles just took over on the night.

So these are just some of my fav picks and two fails
(there were quite a few more but I don't like to
focus too much on the negative ;-)

But hey! What do I know?

Would love to hear if there was one clear winner
 for you in the style stakes.

As always I love to hear from you

All images: Getty

The Year Of……………..

Jan 6, 2017

Firstly Happy New Year Lovelies.

How quick did the Holidays fly by?

And now we are back in January.
A month that is full of possibilities, plans
hopes and dreams.

As always I have big dreams most of which
centre around "experiences" rather than things.

I have gone back to a practise I used to do when
I was a teenager and which worked liked magic
(more of which I will tell you in my next blog post).

I want this year to be about
a couple of things. One is to live
more in "the present". 

Without being too "woo-woo"
I do have problems living in the now. My mind
is either anxious about the way the future is going
to unfold and how I can control that
 or I am trying to rectifying something
that happened (or that I should
have done) in the past, and it's all futile.

So let me start with this month-January.

Yes, I am going to start new things and 
new practises, but there is NO RUSH.
I don't have to have it all figured out.
I don't have to have all my ducks in a row
before I take action.
I don't need perfection in my life.

I just need momentum.

 I am also going to continue enjoying
the warmth of open fires and "cosiness"
during the dark mid-Winters.
I am not going to become impatient
with the arrival of Spring. It always
comes, so why fret about it's arrival?

 I will continue relishing being indoors, 
cosy and snug.
Embracing the Danish way of doing things;
practising the "hygge" life.

I will allow my mind to wander without
snapping it back like a taut elastic band.

I will plot and plan adventures; for exploring
the unfamiliar. For learning new things and
meeting new people.

I will continue to experiment with conscious
living and just see where it takes me.

This is the year of no rush. As long as
I just put one foot in front of the other and keep 
moving forward the rest will take care of itself
…… always does ;-)

I would love to hear how you would like 2017 to be for you.

I Wish For You…………….

Dec 22, 2016

OMG!!! only a few more days before
the BIG MAN in red arrives.

So before we all turn off our technology
(that is what is supposed to happen isn't it?)
here's what I wish for you, my loyal readers.

I wish for you:

*the joy of finally "getting there" and the
realisation that what's not done can stay undone

*the joy of imperfections; perfection is not required

*the joy of kicking back and savouring the moments

*the joy of belly laughs

*the joy of reminiscing

*the joy of having enough

*the joy of  kisses and cuddles 
(from man or beast ;-)

*the joy of making real memories. Memories
that will be etched in your memory forever (for all
the good reasons of course).

*the joy of spontaneous memories that happened
before you could even find a phone to capture the moment.

*the joy of reflection

*the joy of some quiet time-even just a few minutes
silence will be so refreshing

*the joy of sparkles everywhere

*the joy of  cheesy Christmas films

*the joy of meals thrown together in the
after-math of the big day as you decide to
channel your "inner Nigella".

*the joy of pyjamas becoming daywear ;-)

*the joy of anticipation as you start to think about 
 dreams for 2017

*the joy of appreciating where you are;
we all are where we are meant to be
right now (even if we can't see it at the time)

Finally I would like to thank you for 
the joy you give me as you accompany 
me in this humble space I call 
my blog. I am not a writer and sometimes
find it difficult to come up with anything of value.

In fact most days I can't even think of words to string
a sentence together 

So I appreciate every single one of you who make
time to visit. I know how "time-starved" we all are,
so it means even more to me to think I have people
even reading my ramblings ;-)

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and
nothing but the best for the New Year;
I also hope you will continue to visit in 2017


My Lust Have List (for Santa).

Dec 8, 2016

OK, call me a brat, but I have a "lust-have"list
for Santa. Santa doesn't always look at my 
list. Sometimes he looks at it. Sometimes he goes 
rogue!!! Some years he gets ideas from my list
but doesn't actually buy the exact thing.
Either way I don't mind. Whatever Santa decides
to do I am happy with; but I do like to give some
"guidance" ;-)

So here is my "guidance" for Santa this year
(let's hoping he is feeling a little "flush").

OK, I do love me some stationary and the prettier the better.
I have bought these as gifts for some of my girlfriends who are
similar to me in their love for "pretty paper".
 Matthew Williamson Notebooks

Shhhhhh! this one is a secret so don't go
sharing with your best friend.

This is a perfume you probably haven't heard of and yet 
it's is Liberty's best selling product this year!!!!

The last time I wore this was I
was literally chased/followed/stalked by a woman who
was following me until she could find the right moment
to approach me and ask me what perfume I was wearing!!!!

I was even pounced on from behind in the cinema.
After recovering and re-starting my heart I told
the woman the name of the perfume.

Here's the thing, the perfume smells differently on everyone as it's
chemical make-up adapts to the wearer.

It is Es centric Molecule1. It consists of
one single ingredient (which is know as Iso E Super
in the fragrance world) and the rest is all down
to your chemicals.

Let me tell you once you wear this you will not wear
anything else. It will be like having your own signature scent.

Any B.Zero ring by Bulgari will do me (I have the plain 
gold version which I use as my wedding ring most days).
However, if Santa wants to earn points for 2017, he needs
to get this little beauty in his sack asap; the rose gold
and black ceramic version will be most welcome.
Just saying!

Gold coasters from my favourite interiors shop. When I moved
to the country this happened to be one of my "local" shops 
(much to my Husbands's horror).
It's a shop that was founded by Lady Astor (Samantha Cameron's
mother or should I say David Cameron's mother-in-law ;-)

Carolina Herrera Matryoshka bag

Having lived in Spain for 12 years, Carolina
Herrera became a firm favourite of mine (especially
as my home was spitting distance from her store!)
So if I have to choose a bag it is nearly from one of
my 2 favourite designers. The other favourite always on
my list is also below.

The Loewe store was also too conveniently placed near my house
on both the Spanish mainland and also when I lived in Mallorca.
I had to pass it every single day. Needless to say I saw the
assistants in the store more than I saw my own family!!!
In fact they became my family ;-)

My Husband knows if he ever has to wrack his brains as to what
to get for me, he just needs to head to Loewe and all will be 
"made easy" ;-) Headache gone without even taking an aspirin

Finally these bookends are gorgeous. They are handcrafted
in porcelain then plated in 24 carat to give that
really luxe look.
What do you think?
You can buy them here

So there you have it, My "lust-list".
All a little extravagant but it is a 
"lust list" after all.

Would love to know is there something
extravagant on your Santa list which is there
"just in case" Santa decides you have been a 
good girl?

Do tell