Imagine there is a bank account
that credits your account with
$86,400 every day. 

It carries over no
balance from day to day

Every evening the bank deletes whatever
part of the balance you failed to use during
the day.

What would you do?

Draw out every cent?

Each of us has such a bank.
It's called TIME.

Every morning you are credited with 86,400 seconds.
Every night it rights off as lost whatever of this you 
have failed to use.

It carries over no balance. It allows no overdraft.

There is no drawing against tomorrow.
You have to live in the present on today's deposits.

Invest it so as to get the utmost in ..............

health, wealth and happiness

(Author Unknown)

So my lovelies, how are you for using your time?
Do you squander it or  prepare your
time with military precision?

Do you never have enough?
Do you get up early to fit everything in?

Are you more of a spontaneous lass?

Would love to hear your thoughts


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  1. I desperately need to be more organised. I waste so much time just looking for things that it drives me crazy. I'm good when I have a deadline, because that forces me to be on target. I'm sure I waste an awful lot of time on the internet.Have a great week, Vanessa.

    1. TY SK for visiting. I can be the same with Pinterest and other similar platforms, but now I set a time limit and when the time is up, it's up ;-)

  2. This is a wonderful post, Vannessa!!
    Each of us needs to remember this and spend our time wisely, wonderfully & happily. Such a great way to remind us.

  3. Oh my dearest Vanessa - this is such an appropriate post for me. Time is the most precious gift we will ever have/receive in our lives, and yet at times we take it for granted that it will never run out (for us). I have been trying to organize my self and the various tasks I need to accomplish, January was my month of sorting, purging, organizing and developing a routine to maximize each day. I'm simplifying ... and hoping to enjoy life's moments - both structured and spontaneous... Thank you for these words of wisdom. Happy Week-end, C. (HHL)

    1. I bet you feel great after organising and purging. I know I always do.
      This post was also a great reminder for myself ;-)
      Thank you for stopping by Celia xx

  4. great post Vanessa! Some days I squander time and others I squeeze out every minute! Hope you are well! xxBarbara

    1. And you Barbara. It seems like a ling time since I've seen you around x

  5. The days seem to rush past sometimes and then it feels as though I've wasted my time. Wonderful reminder. Today was a slow day, I awoke very early, so it seemed I had time to accomplish what I wanted.

    1. Sometimes waking early is the best. It suddenly feels like you have so many more hours in the day :-)
      TY for popping by xx

  6. I don't know where the time goes to be honest. I'm sure the older you get the less hours you get in a day! Love the Chanel watch, I would be sure to buy one if I won the lottery! x

  7. Like Sulky, I do well with deadlines and working under pressure (i.e. work deadlines), but when I don't "have" to do something right this second, it won't get done until later!

    1. I think that's the same for most of us especially if you are constantly working to deadlines at work.
      Have a lovely week xx

  8. I used to be as precise and organized as can be, but I've loosened up a lot and am MUCH more spontaneous. I love it. :-) I like to use my time well, but I've learned that rest, watching a movie, reading a book are using my time well as much as doing the laundry or writing an article. :-)

  9. Hi Krista. I am trying to be like you. My life is still organised down to the last minute of the day and Hubs is constantly telling me to loosen up ;-)

  10. Love a post that ignites me to think + very much agree that time is a very curious thing...
    for me I would say time is a friend + an enemy...
    a blessing + a curse.
    But no matter how hard I work to manage time, it seems in the end, it always manages me…
    which at ‘times’ is good and at other ‘times’ not so good. So I've come to echo the words of Mike Dolan...
    "Time is neither friend nor enemy it's just a measurement."
    At the end of each day my goal is to measure up well when it comes to time but with this outlook often comes the {time} rub too ;)
    Thanks Vanessa, enjoyed the post~ xo

  11. Such a beautiful post and so true! Time is of the utmost importance. We don't get it back, we don't get to redo a day and we don't get to rerun our lives. Enjoy and cherish the moment! Beautiful!
    best wishes

  12. Hi Vanessa, WOW this post really makes me think. I feel like I am in a constant battle with the clock. No matter how early I get up that darn clock is much faster than me. When I lay my head down at night, I think .....tomorrow I'll do this and that etc. Never works out. Although, after reading your comments I'm glad to see I'm not alone in this battle with time. And since I found twitter and pinterest I have just a little less time. LOL
    Great post,
    Dee xoxo

  13. I always feel like I do not have enough time. But I have started considering whether my lack of time is because I waste too much of it. But often I just feel too exhausted to put the time I waste to better use. I believe we need to take great care of ourselves (getting enough sleep, eating well, getting a little exercise, limiting stress, taking time for things we enjoy) so we can make the most of our time. This is something I am working on this year.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  14. Oh my gosh, Vanessa, this is a fabulous post and really makes one think. We know that time is flying and there never seems to be enough of it, but I've never thought of it as money that you cannot get back if you don't spend every cent ... I love the way that it makes you think about your days! Because I work from my studio at home and spend about 4-5 days per week working (sometimes two of those days are weekends and I have to take my "weekend" on a weekday) so much of my time is at my desk illustrating, etc. when I do have a free day, I usually never spend it at home, but out and about. I don't feel that those days are really productive but I do need them to gather more inspiration for the next week, so I suppose that that time really has a great value. What I do lack is "me" time on my work days ... have wanted to take up yoga for the longest time but never seem to find the time! This really makes me think about taking a more serious look at my "checking account" and how I'm balancing it. Thanks for making us think! xoxo ~S

    SANDY M Illustration


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