This month.........

This month has been a wonderful month
for many reasons:

*finally accepting that I am where I am meant to be
(and finally stopped resisting "what is" on so
many levels)

*wonderful birthday celebrations for my Dad
(something at times I thought I would 
never see)

*watching my Dad's  constant happiness + appreciation 
for the simplest things that are done for him

*celebrating with family in Switzerland
(my Aunt reminded me that
I used to watch Roger Federrer + 
my cousins practise tennis years ago as
his family were neighbors! What a small world)

*rushing back to the UK to welcome friends
over from Spain

*lots of cooking and eating

*basking in the UK sunshine 
one minute and walking in a downpour
the next

*enjoying the tranquility of a gorgeous garden
with just the sound of birdsong and water features
for company

*the joy of disconnecting from technology and
enjoying stacks of magazines/books + long
conversations with loved-ones

*the silence of not needing to talk, but knowing
you are surrounded by people you love 

*loving the unpredictability of 
northern European weather
(I promise I really don't miss
the Spanish heat at all)

*the happiness of ideas

*the triumph of understanding

*the joy of creativity

*dew on bare feet

*the smell of freshly cut grass

*the sound of cow bells in the Alps

*the joy of seeing my luggage first on
the carousel ;-)

*the joy of knowing I am needed


What made you smile this month?


  1. Vannessa ... it's so wonderful to hear that you're having such a happy and comforting time back in the UK ... I'm assuming by your comment re: technology that you're still without cell phone by choice? I'm curious to know how you're feeling about it since it's been a while ;) ... it's surprising how many times we could be reading but we feel we need to be checking emails, etc. with phone in tow all the time. Sending hugs to you, sweetheart! It made my heart happy to hear that your dad is happy as well! Must be that "Vannessa Touch" ;) xoxo ~S

    SANDY M Illustration

    1. Awwwh! Thank you so much Sandy. Yes, I am finally settled and appreciating everything about being back. And yes I have still resisted a mobile phone. I also have been trying not to check e.mails until after 3pm (whenever I check them first thing in the morning I end up digressing from my actual to-do list and just "putting out fires"). It's working a treat . Thank you for your lovely comments as always xx

  2. Dearest Vanessa, I'm smiling as read your post ... your joy is coming through in each word you wrote. You so deserve to be at peace and happy. So happy to read that your Father is doing well. Yes, the simple things in life are what truly matters in life. And it is so much nicer to be sharing time with friends face to face than waiting on technology. Sending you hugs and blessings across the miles... xo C. (HHL)

    1. Thank you so much Celia. As soon as I stop resisting or trying to force things to happen my way, everything goes so smoothly. Why have I still not learnt that? xx

  3. This post is wonderful Vannessa, it really brought a smile to my face and made me think of all the things I am grateful for, It sounds like you had a beautifully memorable month, so happy to hear about your dad's birthday celebrations and joviality, I hope he is doing well. Switzerland sounds so fun! sometimes the best thing is just disconnecting from technology.

    1. Hi Sam. Yes it really is so liberating. At first it's difficult but it does get easier.
      Have a lovely weekend Sweets x

  4. First time to your blog, and your post resonates with me on a personal level. I couldn't agree more. Nice to meet you:-) . Beautiful post!

  5. Hey Vanessa! I know how you feel. Sometimes it's so hard to accept where you are in life while wanting more. HaHaHa I struggle with it. Happy Birthday to your dad! You've had a great month! Lovely post!

  6. These posts of yours always make me smile :) I am so happy for you that you got to celebrate your dad's birthday with him. Here’s hoping the sun comes out!

    1. Thank you so much Meghan. Well I was basking in my garden this afternoon, so perhaps this is the start of good things xx

  7. Sounds like you had an absolutely marvellous month! And as always the images you have chosen are magnificent!!
    Hope you are having a super day!

    1. You too Anastasia. Thank you as always for your lovely comments xx

  8. The merry month of may for you Vanessa...special times with loved ones makes a perfect month...beautiful post.
    Catherine xx

    1. Thank you so much Catherine.Here's to many more ;-)
      Have a lovely weekend xx

  9. I'm so thrilled you had so many beautiful moments this month. :-) I love them. :-) Some of mine are cuddling with my man, homemade brownies, talks with a dear friend overseas, the hope of visits with dear friends in the near future. :-)

    1. Thank you so much Krista. Your moments sound just as delicious. It really is the simple things we are reverting back too. Have a lovely weekend Sweets xx

  10. Sounds like a wonderful ahead:) You are right on.. it's the simple things. Small gatherings, flowers in the sink (love that image!), homeade chocolate cake:) Enjoy every second! xxleslie

  11. Thanks as always for your wonderful words over at mine! Have an awesome weekend!

  12. I like all of your choices here, and especially the first one! important. xo Caroline


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