And the Winner is............................

Well my lovelies, it's time to announce the lucky winner of our Spring Giveaway.
And the winner is: DAWN COSTEN

It's lovely to finally have a fellow Brit win our giveaway. All previous winners have been from across the Atlantic, so this is a nice surprise.

Dawn, please contact me (or I will try and contact you via Twitter).

A special thank you to ALL that entered, because without you participating it is no fun.

If you didn't win, don't worry, we will have another giveaway very soon; you just have to keep posted to our blog or Twitter announcements.

NOTE: please note that the winner was selected by (I just have no idea how to add the image to my blog. Please forgive my lack of technical savvy!)


  1. YAY ... congratulations, Dawn! As a previous winner myself, I can speak of the quality and beauty of Luxuria jewelry and you're a lucky girl, indeed!

  2. Congratulations to the winner... I haven't figured out how to add the image from either.. you are not alone...xo HHL


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