Don't be Arrogant! (Breast Cancer Awareness)

Most of you following my blog for some time know that I lost my Mum at a very early age (for both of us) to the dreaded Big C. She was only 48, and I was only 24. To think I am only a few years short of when her life ended, makes me shudder every time. In fact she died during Breast Cancer Awareness month-how ironic.

My Mum's favourite flower

So as you can imagine Breast Awareness month is important for me.

I'm not really a "preachy" type, but today I am going to PREACH; loud and bold, because I feel so passionately about this.

I am BEGGING all my lovely followers to please give yourself the gift of this book.

STOP reading your fiction, glossy magazines and anything else just for a few days and read this.

I read this book about 6 years ago ( and I re-read it every year), and was so excited and appalled by what I was reading, that in a frenzied state (which I am known to be afflicted with), I gifted it one October to all my best girlfriends. Suddenly it felt like breast cancer was no longer a lottery; I could really have a lot of say in whether this horrid disease found me or not (despite it running in my family).

Let me tell you this is the book the pharmaceutical companies, and doctors DO NOT want you to read.

As many of you know, I worked as a Consultant for the Medical Research Council for over 10 years, and let me tell you:

*the research that is funded is decided principally by which "big boys" from the Pharma industry are behind the research.
*Most doctors will manipulate their research in line with what a pharmaceutical company asks, if they are behind the funding.I have seen these discussions first-hand, and I was sick to the stomach with what I heard
*The medicine your doctor prescribes you for this deadly disease is decided principally on the price of the medication, NOT the effectiveness.

Lets not forget that BILLIONS have been poured into Cancer Research, and in the last 40 years we are not that much more advanced. If cancer research was a private business, the shareholders would have closed down the business decades ago.

I say in my title "Don't be Arrogant" because I want you to know you could be affected by this deadly disease.
If you look to the left you will see I have 139 Google Followers. Just think, 1 out of every 4 of us are likely to get breast or ovarian cancer. PLEASE don't let it be you.

Two of my very good friends (who I gifted this book too) both had BC before aged 42!
*Both were given months to live.
*Both had young children who they were determined to see grow up (the same as the author). *Both took action from this book, much to the disdain and indignation of their doctors (and sometimes even family).
*Five years later, BOTH are cancer free.(Remember they were both given only months to live!)
From this book they learnt what products to eliminate from their diet (there aren't many, but there is one HUGE one you should know about). They learnt the questions to ask their doctors (the questions the doctors are hoping you don't ask), and they both refused chemotherapy!

PLEASE (don't make me beg again ;-) Buy this book now.

I bought my book from (which offers free international shipping. So no excuses ;-)

Note: I am not a Medic or a Research Scientist (the author is though). I am not "anti-doctors" (I come from a family of doctors). I have NO affiliation with the author or with the Book Depository. I am just someone who doesn't want to be touched again by this horrid disease.


  1. Oh Van, I know I have been following you for a relatively short time but I did not know that you lost your mother to breast cancer, I am so sorry.

    We lost my aunt to it only two years ago at age 52 and my mother in law to it only 4 years ago....and I saw her suffer from it from day one to the very end.

    I sat next to her and held her hand as she had her first biopsy and and sat next to her in the hospice as she faded before our eyes, it was absolutely heartbreaking.

    I've just ordered the book thanks to you XX

  2. Wow! Thanks for telling us about the book...I will definitely be checking it out. xxBliss

  3. Would just like to add that I ordered it...Amazon has it (good selection in used items) but I did not see it at Barnes and Noble (I didn't search by author). Also, Vanessa, it could be my browser but your link didn't take me to the bookdepository--it was a "can't find..." page.

  4. @Simone: So pleased you bought the book Sim, as I know what an avid reader you are. Sim, in some ways it feels like I only lost my Mum yesterday (it will be 20 years on Monday) and other days it feels like she missed so much of my life. She missed my wedding, my first job, holidays we should have had together, moving to much. I don't think it matters whether you lose your mother (like me) or someone else close to you (like you) the pain is the same.
    @Bliss-not sure what was wrong with the link Bliss, but seems to be working now. Pleased you found the book. Recommend it to all your girlfriends ;-)

  5. I will absolutely read this book! I lost my best friend 2 years ago to breast cancer. She was 37 years old and had a 7 year old daughter at the time. I watched her fight and suffer through this horrible disease and was even with her when she took her last breath.

    So sorry that you lost your mother at such an early age, sweetie. To think of how much you've lost is heartbreaking.


  6. @Dawn- I am smiling just knowing you have promised to buy and read this book. Thank you Sweets xx

  7. What a heart breaking story. I cannot imagine what losing a mother must feel like. It terrifies me and must have been just awful for you. But what a fantastic post. I have never heard a book but already believe what you were saying about diet. About a year ago I was at the gym and telling my mum about a diet I was following at the time (no carbs, lots of green tea and organic and fresh veg/fruit with fish and chicken) and a lady interrupted me to say she was doing the same one. I had pretty much made it up, never knew it had a name, I just used my common sense with what is healthy and non fattening. She told me she'd just beaten cancer and she'd never eat anything breaded (and I think she mentioned not to re-heat things too). I think she must have read this book.

    Cancer hasn't really effected my family much (thank goodness) but I'm not naive in thinking it won't effect me in the future. This alternative diet and life style has always been in the back of my mind to research so thank- you very much for reminding me and recommending a book. I will defiantly be buying it.

    Massively long comment! So sorry to go on! Just also wanted to say, I've really enjoyed this post so shall follow for more life saving ideas!

    Have a great day, and thank you again.

    Girl about Town XxX

  8. OMG Vanessa, I'm so sorry for your loss,I wasn't aware girl!
    I'm going to get this for my BFF, whose mum also had breast cancer and it was just AWFUL. We were living together and it was gut wrenching to have to see her go through this when her mum was so sick. Since then we both did loads of work with the Cancer Rearch UK/Breakthrough Breast Cancer organisers and have hosted lots of events and also helped out at other major events.
    Now my BFF has set up a charity and has done loads of amazing things to help other people, I am so proud of her. Will let you know if she's hosting any future events.

    Sadly the clinic close last year though. :(

    Sending you big hugs,

  9. What a nice post today. Your mom was so young. It really scares me.

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  11. @GirlAboutTown-welcome to my blog. Lovely too see you here.Didn't want my story to be a sob-story but more an "alert" ;-) In fact "breaded" items are not the "biggie" to avoid. It's something much easier. I don't want to say what as I want you to buy the book ;-)

  12. @ABritGreek TYSM Sweets. What wonderful work you have been involved in. As I said before, it doesn't matter if it's a mother you have lost, or someone less close. The pain is the same. What a pity the clinic had to close :-(

  13. @Hines-sight: It is terrifying Leigh, but this book was the first book I read that showed we can take a lot of control xx

  14. Good for you Vanessa. I think it's important to be 'preachy' every once in a while about matters that are important to us and others! I'm a big believer in natural remedies. I haven't read this book but it's sounds like a good one. We have more power in our hands than we think, our fate is not in a doctors hands. The company 'Swanson' sells organic apricot kernel seeds which we take religiously in our house. It's got the highest amount of B17 vitamin which kills and prevents cancer cells. The best investment we can make is in our health.

    I'm so sorry for the loss of your mother, I know the awareness also brings some sadness but I pray your messsage will help other women. Love you girl!


  15. Vanessa, thank you for this post. I'm so sorry you don't have your mum around. I've just ordered this book from the library as I couldn't see it on book depository.


  16. @Karla-TY for your lovely comments Sweets. I didn't know that about apricot kernel seeds. I will certainly investigate. Love ya back Doll!

  17. @Fiona (Annon)
    I bought mine at the BD. I'm hoping they've sold out because word is spreading. Pleased you made the effort to get it at the library though ; proud of you girl!
    Hope the move is going well; what an exciting new phase you are about to embark on xx

  18. Thank you for bring this book to our attention!! The better informed we are the better care we can take of our selves...

    Stay strong my friend! Your mother is remains with you in heart and spirit! xo HHL

  19. Dearest Vanessa, I had no idea you lost your Mom so early. :-( I'm so sorry. I can only imagine how gutting that has been for you. Thank you for sharing this book. I love learning about health and prevention. xo

  20. I'm so sorry, darling, that you lost your mom at such a young age. So very sad but such a wonderful thing you're doing by spreading the word on empowering women to take some control. I'll look for the book ... thanks! xoxo

    Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou
    This Week: "Pink Champagne Bubbles"

  21. Oh Vanessa, it is heartbreaking to hear you lost your mom so young. Breast cancer scares the hell out of me. A few yrs ago I had a scare with a lump, after 3 trips back to drs, it was nothing. I think it's great how your spreading the word about this book. To tell you the truth....I just don't trust doctors. Woman should definitely keep themselves informed with as much info as possible. Great of you to put this out there. Again, so so sorry to hear you lost your mom at such a young age. That seems so unfair.


  22. Thank you for sharing.

    Except for the past four weeks of over-the-top gelato eating, I have radically reduced my consumption of dairy. Most people are dairy intolerant, and it can be seen in the condition of our skin (acne) and digestive system (gas). And now, per the book you reference, it shows up as a carcinogen. I've also read in other resources that it can cause your bones to leech calcium. So, keep your dairy consumption to a minimum or eliminate it all together!


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