It's a Wrap!

I read last week that Hermés has launched it's first store in India. Wow!

They have launched a limited-edition line of saris; the 27 designs, which will sell for between $6,100 to $8,200 and will be based on the luxury label's famed scarves.

The garments would be sold with a metre of extra twill silk so that, in accordance with tradition, a top can be tailored in the same fabric.

Apparently is is the first time printing has been done over fabric measuring 5.5 metres (18 feet) long by Hermés ateliers.

Hermés is taking the Indian market very seriously, having recently opened their flagship store in Mumbai.Here are some of our pieces that I think would look great with Eastern-inspired dress.

Gorgeous double hoops with 12 sparkling gemstones in Amethyst
and black tourmalated quartz. 5cm wide.

Gorgeous large silver hoops with
Garnet clusters

Stunning hammered silver earrings in an organic pomegranate shape.
4.5 cm diameter. Available also in brass

Gorgeous hammered brass double lotus earrings.
Available in Silver also.

Waterfall of Silver finished with a gorgeous garnet stone

What do you think about Hermés opening in India.
*Have they got it right to target this emerging market?
* Would you spend $6k-8k for a garment from Hermés?
*Can any garment warrant that price tag?
*Should they be opening in a country that still has such extreme poverty, or are the two not connected?

Burberry has not done so well in India, so I am not totally convinced, but would love to hear your views.

(All jewellery from our boutique).


  1. Whoa. Next to my ultimate luxury of being wrapped in a Loro Piana cashmere blanket, I'd have to say that being wrapped in an Hermes sari is a close second.

  2. @Rebekah-Oooh! I'll take the cashmere blanket any day ;-)

  3. The images are stunning and I love the idea, but I'm not sure I could pull off a sari myself. Perhaps it's because I'm blonde, and I'd feel a bit like I'm wearing costume. $6-8k? A bit too risky ;) As for opening in a place where there is such poverty... in Europe etc there is also poverty (albeit on a different scale), and if H helps to raise India's profile and attract visitors, I don't have a problem with it.

  4. Great post. The earrings are gorgeous.

    You know I like least in my hotels and purses, but this is just something that I cannot even grasp. I don't have the type of money to buy something like that, and it seems crazy to me. It really does. That's just expensive!!!! They are beautiful though.

    Hope you're well.

  5. Wow, i can just imagine their elegant Saris. :)

  6. I find it a great idea to target the emerging markets, that´s where the so-called new money is, and we know that everybody wants to feel special...and wouldn´t you feel special in such a gorgeous sari? I love your picks as well, the first pair of earrings is my all-time favorite piece from your boutique :)
    And I´d love myself one Birkin, obvi :) but only as a gift (otherwise I´ll spend all my life saving for it lol)

    xx Ivana
    Style in the City

  7. Holy Banana's how much? Love Hermes... they are sure to take over the world and consume the closet of Rachel Zoe! There are a lot of emerging markets, perhaps it will do well, difficult to say.

    I love thos hammered lotus earrings!

  8. Wow, what beautiful earings and designs. I'm find with them opening a store there although it's definitely out of my price range. These pics remind me of some of the outfits Kim K was recently seen wearing in Dubai. The colors are gorgeous. Nice post, and thanks for your sweet comment.

    Following you now & on twitter.
    Great blog!


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