Celebrating Autumn

Having lived in Spain for 12 years,
 I SO missed Autumn. You see there were only ever
two seasons in Spain; Summer and Winter.

Autumn has always been one of my favorite seasons
(along with Spring), so now I am back in the UK
I am really indulging :-)

In celebration of Autumn, take a look at these gorgeous
autumnal pieces

This gorgeous pendant in Silver has been cast
 from real branches taken from the ancient forests 
of the Sussex South Downs (UK). 

I am so excited about :-
*cosy walks all wrapped up
*wearing boots and scarves in September 
(and not flip-flops and shorts)
*comfort food
*gorgeous colors that just stop you in your tracks.
*snuggling up in front of the fire with a good
book or English drama 
(just getting into Downton Abbey;
I know I am one year late to the party ;-)

A stunning ring in Sterling Silver and 18ct gold which 
really encapsulates the form of twigs and berries that are inter-twined 
to form a gorgeous Winter garland. Imagine wearing this 
gorgeous ring this season ;-)

These gorgeous hoops in Sterling silver are cast from real branches 
taken from the ancient forests of the Sussex South Downs (UK). 
They are so original and gorgeous, and will easily take you from day to night.
( Gold version also available).

These stunning earrings in Gold or Silver again have been cast 
from real branches taken from the ancient forests 
of the Sussex South Downs (UK). 
They are simple but stunning glistening drops of buds 
on hand-forged hooks. Length 5.5cm

This is a gorgeous ring (Chocolate Freedom)
for Fall/Autumn with smokey quartz 
that depicts some of the colors of this season; 
it's a clean, ergonomic shape with stunning chocolate 
color stones on one side.  
It is made in Silver and rhodium plating.

I live right on the edge of Epping Forest, 
and I never appreciated just how beautiful 
the scenery could be (or
maybe appreciation of nature is something
that just comes with age!)

This set comprises of 2x 24k gold-plated Silver jewelled hand-hammered 
stackable rings and 1x 24k gold-plated plain stacking ring. 
The colors of these stones remind me of Autuumn/Fall. I think
they would jazz up any outfit.

What do you love most about Autumn/Fall?
Are you mourning the end of Summer
or throwing yourself into the 
new season?

In celebration of my love of Autumn/Fall
I am offering 20% discount off any
of the above items + FREE shipping.
This flash sale is for  1 week only 
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I will arrange your discount.

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All Autumn images via Pinterest.
All jewellery images via www.luxuria-jewellery.com


  1. Hi sweet Vanessa ... I LOVE fall. I was born in September and married in September. Our family owned an apple orchard during my childhood, so the smell of apples and making cider and my mom's fried apple pies are very sweet memories indeed! Love your autumn-inspired pieces of jewelry ... I didn't know if you were aware, but I'm part of a group board on Pinterest called "Accessories Show" and I've pinned a few of the beautiful Luxuria pieces. They got a ton of repins so everyone loves them! Happy fall to you, sweets! Enjoy every minute! xoSandy

    SANDY M Illustration

    1. Heeey TYSM Sandee for being so sweet to pin some of our pieces. I will certainly pop over and join in the fun. You are so sweet.
      I too was married in September, and born in the Spring. Perhaps that's the reason I love both those seasons xx

  2. Hello,
    I'm not the "earthy" type but I love, love the branches in pendant and earring form. How lovely they are!
    Autumn is my favorite time of year. Your pictures are gorgeous.

  3. I adore that jewellery so original in design. So glad you are enjoying Downton Abbey xx

  4. I love those earrings, Vanessa - might be worth getting my ears pierced, finally! Autumn is great for cosying up inside and beginning the countdown to Christmas. How lovely, to live beside Epping Forest, I hope your dad is keeping well and you are settling in. xx

  5. Vanessa .. fabulous pieces and so enjoyed your post! Yes, autumn is my fav. season too!!! ..just tweeted your special for the week!! xo C. (HHL)

    1. TYSM Sweets. Didn't realise you were on Twitter. Will search you out xx

  6. Beautiful Autumn...I think it is my favourite month...I love wrapping up in cashmere ;-)
    Gorgeous images, Vanessa and wonderful autumnal pieces....so original, clever you!

    1. Hi Catherine. I can't take credit for the pieces I only sourced them ;-)

  7. J'adore autumn too...
    and often find myself echoing the words of George Eliot (pen name of Mary Ann Evans, a woman!)...
    "Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns."
    ~George Eliot
    Once again another wonderful post Vanessa~ xo

  8. Hi Vanessa, how are you doing dear, hope all is well on your side. Thanks for your kind comment. These lovely thoughts and colourful Autumn images are actually making me miss the season (its Spring here now). Loved the hoop earrings and that stunning ring - wow, I haven't seen anything like ti, so unique!

  9. Hi Vanessa! I'm so glad you get to experience all the fun of fall again- it sounds wonderful. :) I hear you on only two seasons-that is all we get here in FL but I was so thrilled this year to spend 2 lovely weeks with family and friends back home in Toronto where they experience the splendor of all 4 seasons. While the trees weren't yet bathed in colorful leaves and there were still many warm days, I got to experience the coziness of fall weather. I even had two days where my best friend and I just stayed indoors with her 7-week old (at the time) and I got to feed and cuddle the baby. I had chai, pumpkin spice lattes and got to wear jeans nearly the entire trip (which is still not happening now that I'm back home in 90 degrees).

    I love the new jewelry you shared here. The pieces made from branches are just so neat! Also, this was my first time in a while popping by and I just saw the pic of myself in your side bar. lol. I'm still loving those turquoise earrings-thank you! <3

  10. I miss Autumn, too! These pieces are beautiful. You are tempting me...

  11. Thanks for your comment hun, have a good Thursday!

  12. Such beautiful pictures and jewelry doll! Oh, you're so going to love Downton Abbey! I can not wait to watch it again in January...the episodes just goes by way too fast for me...wish we didn't have to wait till January to watch new episodes. lol... I can not lie....I love summer and I'm so sad to see it go. I do love fall because that means pumpkin... everything!! haha! xoxo

  13. I cannot imagine not having autumn. That would be hard.

  14. So glad that you are getting to enjoy autumn! We didn't really have a great autumn last year - it just all of a sudden turned cold and all the leaves fell off the tress within days but this year looks like it's going to be good!

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