Jan 12, 2013

My Mantra

At the beginning of the New Year I like to
pick a mantra that I try to live by daily.

I don't always remember.

But I try ;-)

This year I've picked:

Be Calm. Be Kind. 
As Everyone is Struggling to Survive
(I saw this somewhere but can't for
the life of me remember where)

Here's the thing. Whenever I am in a situation
that would have normally "got under my skin",
such as yesterday when I was in a shop and the assistant
was behaving as though she was doing me a favor by 
taking my money.

I just said this mantra to myself
and MY perspective, vibration,
energy (whatever you feel makes you
tick) changed. "Miserable Milly" was
still the same, but I felt different;
I just let the situation wash over me.

Here are two others I've posted
on my office/study wall as a daily

This one has been particularly relevant since
I left Spain and returned to the UK to look
after my Dad

And if all else fails.....................

Do you have a saying/mantra/quote for 2013?
Would love to hear them.
Happy weekend Lovelies

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  1. Love that snowy image, Vanessa. The one thing I keep telling myself is "Just do 10 minutes" when I have to do one of the many things I dislike. It's like a little push to get started, otherwise I'll procrastinate forever! Of course, it's closely followed by " Have a little cocktail, and relax" when it's all over. It's the little things that make me happy! Hope all is going well for you and you've settled back into Blighty. x

    1. Love that SK, especially the cocktail mantra ;-)
      Loving being back in Blighty (don't miss Spain at all). It was the right time, it felt right and consequently everything has just fallen into place xx

  2. Hey V! Love your mantra, sometimes you do have to let things not get to you -like that shop assistant.
    I'm just going to enjoy every moment of being where I am right now in life and let everything else happen or not happen!
    Have a beautiful weekend!

    1. Yaaay! Perfect Sandee. Savor every minute of your special time right now xx

  3. Bonjour mon ami! Your mantra is wonderful ... and know shop girls are much the same this side of the pond. I often wonder if they realize what a privilege it is for them to have a job in this graying economy? and where they developed a sense of entitlement.

    I had not thought about a mantra to get me through the challenge situations that can pop up in the day. Your post has inspired me to give this some thought. Hugs and blessgings, xo C. (HHL)

    1. Hello darling Celia. Yes, have a think about it, it may help at the most inopportune moment xx

  4. Hi dear, your positivity and strength is motivating! I like the phrase to let things just wash over you...I think thats far better than letting it get to you and I need to practice this more often, I need I will blend this into my 2013 motto too :)

  5. Hi darling Sam. Thank you as always for your lovely comments. It's not easy for me either Sweets, but I'm try to focus on more about how I "feel" than on very tangible goals; when you feel great synchronicity just seems to happen xx

  6. I love all your Mantra's, Sulky's too! I think the one I'm using most so far this year is "This is happening for a reason, I just need to figure out why and what is the lesson for me".
    Breathing into the moment helps when dealing with a snarky sales clerk :-)

  7. OMGosh Vanessa.. this is so important and you are right on the dime about allowing things to wash over..rather than create negativity especially when there is nothing you can do to change the tune of someone that's miserable. I tend to take everything very personally and you'd think at my age I'd know better. The positive verbage on my blog is partially for my own benefit ~ I need to heed my own advice! Lol!

    Your last comment made me laugh. My husband and I have come up with a signature margarita that we usually make every Friday night. After a very stressful work day, sometimes I have him make me one;) An attitude adjustment!

    1. LOL! It's not easy Leslie as you so rightly say (especially if hormones are raging ;-)
      I am generally quite calm and let things wash over me, but there are days when.................best left unsaid ;-)

  8. Dear Vanessa... I love your mantras.
    My the most recent is by Dr. Laura:

    "Not everything can be fixed. Let go & move on with your life."

  9. I love the idea of a mantra for each new year, Vanessa! I, like so many others, have made resolutions but haven't actually given myself a mantra for the year ... now I feel I really need one, what a fabulous idea! Gonna put on my thinking cap and I'll have to let you know what I come up with later since it requires some thought. I wanted to just take a minute to thank you for being such an absolutely delightful blogging and twitter friend. You're one of those friends that you can almost feel as if you have met in person even when you haven't and your kindness and sincerity always come through. Just wanted to let you know you're luved! xo ~S

    SANDY M Illustration

    1. Awwwh! TYSM Sandy. You've really made me smile today. You are such a sweetheart. Thank you as always for your constant support here and on Twitter and Pinterest. You're a doll xx

  10. These are great, Vanessa! I love that last one. It's good to persevere but sometimes we also need to know when to quit, put our feet up and call it a day. LOL. I wouldn't call mine a mantra per se, but when people treat me poorly or are rude, I try to remember that what we see is the surface, we have no idea what else is going on in their life. I read the same quote once, "Be kind for everyone is fighting a hard battle". I try my best not to judge because I would not want to unfairly be judged by others. I think if we all chose not to be judgmental it would make the world a sweeter place. :)

    1. Amen Karla. YES! That's the original quote I saw that inspired my "adaptation".

  11. Another fabulous post Vanessa...
    thank you for the wonderful reminders on how to do life better...
    really appreciate the words, "I am in charge of how I feel and today I am choosing happiness."
    Agree, life truly is all about choices + our attitude...
    "I am convinced that life is ten percent what happens to me and ninety percent how I react to it"~ Chuck Swindoll

  12. Vanessa, thank you for the inspiration! I love all of these quote and will be adding them to my wall as well.

    I hope that you are managing to make yourself at home in London, and that your dad is doing better. I am sure that it is a challenge.

    Enjoy your weekend, Elizabeth

    1. TYSM Elizabeth. Dad is doing fine and I feel like I never left London; loving every minute of this wonderful city. Seeing it all again with new and fresh eyes. TYSM for your kindness and asking about my Dad xx

  13. I don't have a mantra, although I should! When I have problems with a shop assistant, I am always ultra nice which seems to turn the situation around x

    1. I don't usually rise to the bait, but sometimes I can feel my blood boiling underneath (altho' nobody would ever know ;-) xx

  14. I LOVE this post! You are worlds ahead of being happy than most of the world because you are mindful. I love that! Thanks for the reminders that we choose how we feel! Have a great week!

    1. Love that word Sharon- "mindful"; it's my aim this New Year xx

  15. I could certainly do with living by this mantra a little more often! I am so quick to anger and not so quick to forgive! I might just print this out and put it on my office desk! Hope you have a lovely week! x

  16. Thank you for your kind words over at mine, wishing you a great week ahead!

  17. Vanessa, this post, as always, is right on spot! I've created a Pinterest board with inspiring quotes, and I publish one of them each Saturday, to remind me that I'm in charge of my own happiness and success. I'm definitely a fan of your last one :) But more seriously, my mantra for this year would be "Don't let what you think you can't do affect what you can do." It's so empowering!

    xx Ivana
    Macarons and Pearls

    PS: I've started to write you an email today, hope it's finished by the end of this week :)

    1. Wow! LOVE that quote. It's something I am so guilty of when I start to have doubts etc about my abilities.
      Looking forward to the e.mail xx

  18. Very nice choices of mantra's..
    I understod from My post today that both Hay and Byredo are new brands Torsås you.. Check them out, cause are really really nice!

  19. Hi Vanessa, LOL "Miserable Milly" ....that made me laugh. Good for you! When I'm out I see there are so many people who just don't have respect for each other. Get's to me too. I love the little sign "Your right where you should be". Great post, I'll have to remember this when I'm out and I bump into a "Miserable Milly".
    Dee xoxo

  20. Thanks for your lovely comment and fashion insight on the awards.

  21. I love this idea!
    The last quote is worth trying^^

  22. An interesting post which made me think about the new year ahead! I think I'll make a note of these wonderful quotes - all good advice and the images you chose are lovely too! So glad I'm following along!

  23. Great advice, Vanessa. I think we all need to have this mantra. I like the signs.

  24. Hi Vanessa... thanks for stopping by today....I appreciate your feedback!

  25. Dear Vanessa, those are so very, very perfect. XO I needed those reminders tonight. I don't have any amazing mantras to share, but I've been telling myself aloud: "You're just fine." :-) And it helps me so much. :-)

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