Never Too Late

Being a bit of an analyzer also
means I can be a procrastinator ;-)

Constantly debating whether I should
or shouldn't.
This is turn usually leads to the question
"is it too late to.............."

Here are some of my fav quotes that remind me
it's never too late.

"It is never too late to be what you might have been"
(George Eliot)

OK, so maybe it is too late for me to don a tutu and start 
pirouetting around the house.

But here's the thing.
Transformation can occur at any time.

"It's never too late to have a happy childhood"
(Tony Robbins)

Isn't it amazing how our inner drama queen
thrives on childhood angst ;-)

Sometimes I too can let my drama queen take centre
stage and channel my Ophelia (or Greta Garbo as 
Hubs says)

Allow your childhood memories to surface.
Just fast-forward any emotionally charged times
and savour the joyous, fun times.

"It's never too late to start heading in the right direction"
(Seth Godin)

Don't worry about the end result or bigger picture.
Just take the first steps in the right direction.

"The time for action  is now. It's never too
late to do something".
(Antoine de Saint-Exupery)

"In the end you are the only one who can make
yourself happy. More important..... it is
never too late to find out how to do it".
(Ruth Reichl)

Are you a procrastinator? Do you believe it's never too
late to achieve your objectives/goals or do you have
your own internal deadlines?

Would love to hear your views



  1. Oh, Vanessa, you must see our post of yesterday, all the By Invitation Only girls talked about our impossible dreams. I love yours today, and the child in me is still clearly visible, I hope she never leaves.

  2. Hi darling! :-)
    Oh thanks so much for this collection of quotes that it's never too late. Sometimes I'm not sure too if it's too late or not. But my inner voice tells me that you can achieve nearly every goal you wish to anytime. If you're able to move you never will be too old to do something you would like to do. You just have to be sure about it. And you can change your mind every time by thinking in a new way. New thoughts will change your mind and your action. And with a new kind of action you will change your life step by step. It's important to have goals and to vocalize, to express them. Then you will achieve them. It's better to strive for a small goal and achieve it then to aim too high and miss one's target. My inner child never leaves. I stay curious, playful and sometimes a bit giggly to discover new things, to think new and to have fun in life.

    Thank you for your post


    1. Lovely to see you hear Alessandra. I so agree with you and I think changing your mind is just evidence that you are evolving and not stagnating. TYSM for your insights xx

  3. Hi dear, this is something i really needed to read, as I sit in the crossroads of figuring out what next to study. Thanks for the motivational words, you're right, its not too late to start anew and take on challenges we never imagined we could. Great quotes to match a great post

    1. TYSM Sam. Sometimes we all need a gentle reminder (I know I do.....often ;-) x

  4. Hi Vanessa, I just love these quotes! I agree it's never too late, times it feels that way. I like to remind myself that everyone needs goals no matter how small. Goals keep us going and moving forward. It's so easy to get stuck in a rut and keep all our goals and dreams on the back burner waiting for the right time. Loved this post, it's a reminder to keep our dreams alive.
    Dee xoxo

  5. Very lovely post as dealing with issues with my mom which are leaving me rather stressed at the moment. I cannot wait to be able to truly go for my dreams one of these days. Have a GREAT weekend!!

  6. I have often had my own inner deadlines, but as I've learned to love myself, they've eased beautifully. I'm learning to enjoy the process of learning, creating, building, etc, and trusting that everything will come together in due course. Maybe not the way I thought it would end up, but good, nonetheless. :-) I'm also learning that I'm ALLOWED to dream, and that's the loveliest part of all. :-) xo

  7. I loved this post because I can SO relate. I'm not only an over-analyzer but a procrastinator. Over the past few months I've been making small strides though because I've had a couple experience that were a bit costly because of not taking action sooner or just piled up on me and didn't need to be nearly as big of a project as they turned out to be-lesson learned after many years.

    I do believe that it's never too late, we put more limits on US than anyone else does. Great images to go along with your post as always Vanessa! :) XO

  8. Lovely post! But it is never too late to "start pirouetting around the house". I am 54 and started dancing again some years ago after a break of more than twenty years. I take 2-3 lessons in a week, classical ballet, contemporary dance, sometimes jazz dance. I´ll never be a prima ballerina in any dance company anymore but ... Dancing gives me great pleasure. And I am not the only one here in my age group having dancing as a hobby. And some of us even dance on stage in the projects of contemporary dance. Go for it if you feel like.

    1. Yaaaay! how wonderful. You've just mis-proved my theory and I am so thrilled. TYSM for stopping by xx

  9. Your photos and message are amazing. I love coming here for a little inspiration! Have a wonderful day!

  10. I do believe it's never too late which is why I"m just now commenting on this post after several days. Sorry I'm late reading. Hope you are well,

    1. LOL! It's always wonderful to see you hear Leigh xx

  11. I am a big procrastinator, and I'm battling it every single day, pushing myself out of my comfort zone. But I also think it's not good to put too much pressure on myself by setting some deadlines for my dreams. Dreams and goals require lots of work, they evolve and change, and it's no good beating yourself up for not "having it all" immediately. Baby steps, that's my everyday philosophy :)

    xx Ivana

    Macarons and Pearls

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