What If..........................

My Dad is currently in hospital :-(
Next to him in hospital is a young man 
who has the most gorgeous, 
permanent smile on his face.

I have started chatting to him, took him
some Easter eggs and just give him a 
hug and some time to listen to him 
(whilst Hubs and
Dad take bets on how long it will take 
before I start blubbing).

You see " smiling man" has a terminal illness; 
he only has months to live. We don't talk
about his illness, but I leave his side thinking
of nothing else.

So I started thinking about what I would
do differently if I knew time was limited

I don't want this to be a heavy-hearted post,
so I'm only listing the light-hearted
things I would do differently if I knew
time was not on my side (as a way of
making me appreciate the smaller
things in life and stop sweating the
small stuff, which I am really good at ;-)

So here goes.................

I would have taken the time to take
long, fragrant baths instead of jumping into
the shower every morning because it is quicker
and better for the environment

I would have bought the ridiculously opulent
chandelier without worrying what my friends
would think of me

I would have worn white more without caring 
about the grass stains I would have got
whilst rolling around in the grass during
wonderful picnics with friends and family

I would have driven with the car roof down
even if I had just had my hair beautifully blow-dried;
I wouldn't have cared.

I would have laughed less whilst watching
TV, and more whilst watching life.

This gorgeous little girl is from Afghanistan. The scars on her
face were caused by a bomb in Kabul. How much can we learn
from her gorgeous little smile?

I would have had the wild parties in my house
instead of worrying about my light-colored
decor being ruined

I would  have really stopped to smell the roses

I would take pleasure in eating all the things
we've been told are bad for us ;-)

My daily fruit servings would come packaged like this

And I would try and live by these words more.

What about you? What would you do differently if you
knew time was limited? Would you have the same job?
Would you live in the same place? Would you
do something completely different/spontaneous?

As always I would love to hear

p.s all images via Pinterest


  1. Go out and do every single thing in your list Vanessa!
    Hope your Dad will get better soon!
    Coco et La vie en rose
    Coco et La vie en rose on Bloglovin
    Coco et La vie en rose on Facebook

  2. Sorry to hear about your father being ill.
    I would probably travel as much as possible. That is my passion! Well, one of them.
    xoxo, A

  3. Hope your dad makes a good recovery. I really wouldn't do anything different - just spend as much time as possible with loved ones and try to wring as much enjoyment as possible from every day that's left.

    1. Sounds perfect SK. No-one says we have to go and change the world, just living in the moment as you say xx

  4. Beautiful post Vanessa. I would definitely quit my job and go travelling! Life is too short for work (damn those pesky bills)! I do at least one thing on your list every day – I take a long, relaxing, candle lit bubble bath every single day without fail. I am pretty sure it keeps me sane. I hope your dad makes a speedy recovery - you and yours will be in my thoughts. x

    1. TYSM Meghan. if quitting your job is big on your list I recommend you read "Free Range Humans" by Marianne Cantwell; one of the the most inspiring books I've ever read ;-)

  5. I'm sorry your Dad is in the hospital - hope he is ok. You must be giving this young man so much comfort. Oh, you pose a tough question. I would definitely travel as much as I could and spend every minute telling my loved ones how much I love them and why. xo

    1. Lovely Debby. Just visiting my Dad makes me realise how many people don't have one single person to visit them in hospital; that for me was such an eye-opener xx

  6. Oh Van, sorry to hear he's back in again... thought everything would be ok after the last time...:(
    I think it's great you've been talking to the other guy, what a kind & thoughtful thing to do, I can only imagine what his constant thoughts are when you/his friends family aren't there.

    Wow, this post, um, I think I wouldn't do anything differently, just keep spending more fun time with my favourite people in this world.


  7. Very thoughtful posting. I really love what you are doing with your site. No I wouldn't do anything different..I do stop and smell the roses, I look up to the sky...I would continue to post daily to my blog which is my passion..WORDS! Please let me share it with you..http://themercurialworld.blogspot.com/ Full of 'gems'!

  8. i've never really thought about this what if. i just try to do what makes me happy. thanks for sharing your thoughts

  9. This post really makes me think.

    I definitely wouldn't have the same job. I wouldn't be afraid to change jobs a dozen times if it took that many time find something I really love. I would take spontaneous trips without feeling like every detail had to be planned. I would wear super glamorous outfits every single day without caring what anyone would think. I would be more patient with the ones I love.


    1. Lovely examples Tracy. I love the "wear super glamorous outfits every single day" x

  10. Hi Vanessa...I do pray your dad is doing better. You are so right with this post! I would do a lot different...I wouldn't get up everyday and worry so much about the housework, dust on shelves, and laundry. I would spend more time with family, making every min. count. This post really makes you stop to think how we take so things for granted, that everything can wait until tomorrow. Sometimes my tomorrow's end up being months away or never happening, and we don't really know how many tomorrow's there really are.
    Dee xoxo

  11. Dear Vanessa, I'm so sorry to learn that your dad is in hospital, I really hope he'll be better soon!
    Isn't is strange, how sometimes the people who are on the death's bed, have the most positive outlook on the world? It's something worth pondering and admiring...And what would I do differently? I would chase every single dream I have, I would wear pink lipstick every single day, I would enjoy my glass of wine and chocolate without worrying about my weight, I would move back to Paris, and eat my way through as many macarons as possible. In fact, I don't know why shouldn't I do all these things right now!

    Looking forward to your email, sweets!

    xx Ivana

    Macarons and Pearls

  12. darling your post is speaking volumes to me! For I know how quickly things can change in one's life. But like all people I'm human and sometimes the business of everyday living can blurr this. I say do it all my friend ... ok may be the daily fruit serving will need to be smaller portion (lol) ... but live the life you image!!

    Know that your chats with the man beside your father, are a blessing to him. You are an Angel. Sending you positive energy, hugs and blessings ... keeping your dad in prayer ... xo CM. (HHL)

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