Be Inspired

OK Lovelies. Pull up your
favorite chair.

Grab your favorite drink.


Milk with chocolate ice-cubes

Pink Grapefruit Margeritas

Blueberry Lavender Mojito
Violet Champagne

OK are you comfy?

Give yourself the luxury of
just 20 minutes to be inspired.

I want to share with you this
wonderful Harvard commencement
speech made by JK Rowling.

I've never read any Harry Potter books
so can't comment on JK as an author.
But as a speaker she really inspired me.


What did you think?
I know the story of working for
Amnesty really touched me.

I can't even remember my own
commencement speech (I have a tendency
to disconnect quite quickly if not inspired),
but this vid really inspired me to not
look at mistakes as failures; mistakes
just mean you are trying ;-)

Would love to hear your views.


  1. I’m all teary eyed because this is just the kind of thing I needed to see today. At the moment, my life is filled with worries of failure and doubt (we are moving half way across the world so I guess it’s to be expected) and I just needed a little reminder that failure although scary, is necessary and often unavoidable. I was riveted. I had no idea she was such a good public speaker.

    1. Me too Meghan. I was so taken aback I just had to share. Of course you are going to have lots of doubts, but just remember you can never have all your ducks in a row. Just go with it and if anything happens that you fear (which usually doesn't) then you will deal with it in the same way you did in the UK ;-) Just try and savor every minute of the move also.

  2. "mistakes just mean you are trying" - how I love that. :-) XO

  3. JK Rowling is such an inspiration. So I'm not surprised at this speech. She was so down on her luck while writing the Harry Potter line. It all turned around for her when she kept trying, persevered and was discovered. She never gave up! I love her encouragement to others. "Failure strips away the inessential!" That's brilliant! When you have nothing, you find out what matters the most! I've lived it to.

  4. I agree Kim. I knew a little of her story and how she was a single mum (who was actually abused by her husband), but I didn't think she would be so inspiring in just 20 short minutes.

  5. Hi Vannessa, thanks for the beautiful inspiration, I want all of those pretty chairs! I also have never read a single JK Rowling book but this was truly interesting to hear. Thanks for your kind words, Have a wonderful weekend hun!


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