Who Am I Really?

Recently I have been getting lots of questions on
my FB page from new followers who want to know
more about me-the face behind my biz.

I do keep most of my personal life off
Facebook and Instagram.

So instead I thought I would interview myself and give you
some juicy tit-bits you might not know.

So here goes:

What was my dream job as a child?
OK, so after realising I couldn't be a mermaid,
I then wanted to be a Charlies Angel. They were 
the "girl-power" of the time.
I guess something about that stayed with me as 
I went on to become a Criminal Psychologist.

Greatest Strength?
Self discipline

Something that may surprise you
about me?
I hate confrontation in any shape or form
(a typical Piscean some will say ;-)

Favourite Quote?

Best Piece of Advice?
My Mum always said "if you have the choice
of being right or being kind, always choose
kind". Her favourite quote from Wayne Dyer.

Hardest Piece of Criticism?
My Dad said to me that I am such a 
free spirit that I can become directionless 
quite easily. He was right!!

Who would I most like to meet?
It's quite hard for me to be in awe
of  celebrities as such. But I would have liked to have 
met Coco Chanel and Estée Lauder 
(after reading both their biographies)
and of course Audrey Hepburn

Morning routine?
Kundalini yoga (when I get up in time). Meditation.
Breakfast; this is usually a bagel! Don't judge me
but it is the only carbs I eat all day ;-)
I never check emails in the morning as my day becomes too
reactive. So if you are about to die it's best you call me as 
you would have died by the time I get the email ;-)

Favourite Apps?
Headspace (meditation app)
Insight Timer (meditation app)

Favourite Perfume at the moment?
Le Jardin le Monsieur (Hermés)

Go-to Websites:
Victoria Health

One song that always makes me feel happy?
I have a Playlist on Spotify that is full of
all uplifting songs that I put on as soon
as I sit down to work.
One that always make me happy and fires me up is
called "The Boss" by Diana Ross

The next thing on my "treat me" list?
This bag by Bottega Veneta

And these gorgeous pink Adidas

My one regret?
That my Mum didn't live to see me happily married
(but she had met my Husband who was my boyfriend
at the time and she loved him to bits).

Fictional figure I would  be?
Scout Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird

I buy every week?
Fresh flowers every Friday. It's become
part of my "weekend begins" ritual.

Is there a Mr Luxuria?
The elusive "Mr Luxuria" is rarely seen in Instagram
snaps as he is not a fan of selfies and I also hate
having my picture taken ;-)
The picture below was a "bribed" shot.

 I have been happily married  for the last 20 years.
and have no children (which was a conscious decision).

Here is my love and I having lunch
earlier this year ;-)

There you have it. A few little tit-bits
to help you understand more of who I am.



  1. Van I've been wanting to get back here to leave a comment the second i read this post on my phone. I looooove that cute picture of you guys, and i'm so glad you shared it. i'm terrible about getting pictures of myself too mostly because i'm always the one taking them so i can relate. What a great idea to share these interesting facts about yourself, I always love knowing the person behind the blog and even though i've been a follower of yours for so long, i still learned things. Next time you'll have to share pictures of your cottage too.
    On a side note, i feel terrible you didn't get my comment about the arrival of my package. I don't know why it didn't go through. I'm leaving this one to see if there are any problems again.

    1. Hi Leslie, Thank you SO much as always for your lovely comments. I did think about leaving pics of the renovated cottage but then thought I'll leave it for a later date ;-)
      So pleased you got the package Leslie. As I explained when we PM'd each other it was my fault ;-) Love you lots lovely lady and can't wait for you to one day visit the UK xxx

  2. Such a fun post Vanessa and YES .. we always like to learn more about our favorite bloggers! Darling picture of you guys:) and no judgement on the bagel breakfast, ha! xoL

  3. I am a follower of your blog from Australia. Love to see this "Who Am I Really" post. Great to see you and your husband's picture. Your husband look like one of my son's best friends who is a lovely young man,


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