This week.....................

............may you find what you've been looking for in the 
most unexpected place; a useful coin, 
your favorite nail varnish, a lost receipt..................

may you be really necessary for someone

may you get the front door open and charge to the phone
before it stops

may you find the perfect swimsuit for your
long awaited holidays

may you say the right thing to
the wine waiter

may you be astonished by your own abilities

may you fall in love with reality 
and not an illusion

may you find exactly the right retort-succint,
memorable, overwhelming at the time
and not half an hour later

may you enjoy just" being" and not find it necessary
to be constantly "doing"

How are you planning to make this week different
from usual?

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p.p.s do pop over to the lovely Cupcake Caramel who wrote a lovely post about her
recent shopping experience with us.

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  1. Bonjour mon ami!!! Your post today is so speaking VOLUMES to me via my computer screen. This week IS different, I no longer have LIMITATIONS... but NEW CAPABILITIES!!! ... I'm working extra hard towards to turn all my lemons into lemonade. going to catch up on previous post reading... wishing you a beautiful week ahead!! Love to you, C. (HHL)

    P.S. I did manage to finally get through to someone at post office. They did not have any answers. On a positive they said sometimes items are sent back to sender and turn can up months later. I'm asking the Parcel Angels to kindly locate your thoughtful sent package and to direct back to either you or to send on to me. And to not let it just sit in the black hole of the international postal rooms...xo

    1. Awwwh tysm Celia. I was also thinking about the parcel. It had my return address on it, so lets hope it finds one of us.
      So pleased to read your optimism also. I love that this week is full of new capabilities, and if you can't turn all your lemons into lemonade, just add vodka to the lemons you have!! xx

  2. I am planning on being less lazy-assed! I have been planning ahead and trying to get things done in good time, rather than my usual last minute whirlwind of craziness. I expect this new-found preparedness to last 5 minutes, but it's a novel experience for me.have a lovely week Vanessa! x

    1. TYSM SK. Sometimes lazy is good. I just can't handle the last minute craziness which is the only reason I am super-organised; I'm really a coward ;-)
      Hope your hols went well also. I take it you didn't bump into Rafa Nadal ;-)

  3. By going shopping with my eldest to spend her birthday money. I might get the Chanel sunglasses! Hope you are well lovely x

    1. Sharon, I will send you a link where you can get designer shades considerably cheaper. It was recommended by a lovely blogger last year and I now use them ;-)

  4. Cheeseburger in bed for my birthday!

    1. Sounds fab Tabs and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sweets!!

  5. What a great declaration for the week! I hope all of these things come true and more! :) Great post Vanessa, as always!

    Wishing you a wonderful week ahead!


  6. Wow, what a swimsuit.

    Love the bowl of cherries. Lazy summer week for us. Leaving for the coast later this week.

    1. Yaaaay! So you will be having lots of fun. Have a wonderful and safe time Leigh xx

  7. This week is my wedding anniversary, so it will be quite special! Lots of peaches and cream (peaches are ripe right now in Texas), some orange roses and a few glasses of Prosecco. It is the season for wearing white and moving slowly.

    1. I love your philosophy Rebekah; wearing white and moving slowly! Love it!!
      Happy Anniversary also.

  8. I can't take my eyes off that jeweled swimsuit!!!!! Love this post, Vanessa ... I was busy gardening at the new house all weekend trying to whip the flower gardens into shape and I'm trying to convince myself to start packing ... still doesn't feel quite real and I can't seem to pick up a box yet! Hope your week is a lovely one, sweetie!

    Sandy M

  9. Hi Vanessa, I am in LOVE with that jeweled bathing suit! Today is Amanda's last day of school. Yay!! Homeschooling is done for the yr. Now I get to relax and be done with paper work for a couple of months. Such a good feeling. Although relax is something I'm not very good at....I'll find lots of corners to clean. LOL Thanks again for your inspiring blog. Love it! Hope you are well my friend.
    Dee xx

  10. wow what a powerful post, good for you, i love the words and those photos are just amazing the candle is just stunning and so simple, just beautiful post, kisses from a rainy dublin xx leonie

  11. Great post !! Beautiful pics and magical words :)

    Check out my new post....

  12. A stunning post, Vanessa and such beautiful images...and as for the swimming costume...WOW!!
    Have a wonderful week is busy photographing new products for my website...I love this, always exciting.

  13. Vanessa, you won the L'Apothecary giveaway! Email me your address and I will send you some loveliness! :-) Lou x

  14. Lovely post, as always sweetie! My week has flown by too quickly for me to attemnpt any change, but I'll keep your words on my mind for the next one :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    xx Ivana
    Macarons and Pearls

  15. Such a lovely post V, I am loving that one piece - gorgeous!
    I am preparing for another London visit next week, so making the most of seeing everyone this side of town first, plus organising lots of birthdays and baby shower things too! This year has been crazy for weddings, babies and plenty of celebrations!
    Have a fantastic weekend!

  16. This is one of the most beautiful posts I've seen in a long time!! May all your wishes come true too!!

  17. Such a lovely post! I hate that I tend to wish the week away and then when the weekend comes, I wonder where the week went! Here’s hoping this week will be extraordinary for all!

  18. gorgeous images! those two boys under the umbrella are so cute:)


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