The birth of Luxuria

OK, so what is an ex-Criminal Psychologist doing running an on-line jewellery boutique.

Well here's a little background about the birth of my "baby".

When I moved to Spain, one thing I noticed time and time again was that Spanish women knew how to accessorise, whether it be to go to the supermarket, to work or to the beach (yes, they really do accessorise to go to the beach!) Fashion jewellery really was an important part of getting dressed in the morning. My Spanish friends would literally gasp in horror if I turned up to meet them without putting on any earrings, or a bracelet; lets not even mention if I forgot to put on my wedding ring. That was just an unspeakable crime. I've had Spanish clients ask me "were you in a hurry this morning?" simply because I wasn't wearing any jewellery. I suppose they looked at jewellery like I looked at my lipstick and perfume; never leave home without it!

Also, despite a world-wide recession, I noticed that Spanish women were cutting back on clothes, but not on fashion jewellery. They were spending less on their clothes but buying wonderful pieces to change the look of what they were wearing. At a time when the economic crisis was taking a grip, it now seemed vulgar and inappropriate to be dripping in diamonds and "in your face" jewellery.

Hence, I decided to introduce this "affordable glamour" to my friends and business clients. More and more of my friends and clients from the UK were asking me about some of the pieces I had acquired since moving to Spain, which is how the idea of showcasing Riviera-inspired, Mediterranean designers came about (also after much pleading from my friends).

And so LUXURIA was born; the sight bringing "Decadence for Divas" without the heft price-tag!

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