Dec 21, 2012

Life is made up of "moments"
and how we choose to live these moments is
up to us

One moment in time can change our lives for the best, or for something
we would have rather not had

However I believe that something good always comes out of something 
negative.  Admittedly we sometimes have to look
extra hard, but we will find it 

I don't only want to create memories in my life. 
I also want to create moments; living in the
moment when we are totally in the
flow and aligned with who we are
and what we want to be

So my lovelies, I hope these holidays
bring you the most divine-filled moments

I also want to thank all my wonderful
blog friends and customers who 
brought me wonderful moments throughout
the year

Harry Winston's Fifth Avenue home

Thank you ALL for being part of my small world

May 2013 bring you even more "melting moments"

Happy Holidays Lovelies
May Santa bring you everything you
wish for yourself


Friendships Without Borders

Dec 14, 2012

Yesterday was the first time I have ever met
one of my blogging friends. 

Whilst living in Spain it was difficult, but
now that I was back in the heart of London
there was no reason to decline
a girlie invite.

However,I was SO nervous for
so many reasons, but particularly because neither
of us knew what the other even looked like, or how we
truly were.

Suddenly I was a blank canvas and so was she.

I had no personal history to hide behind.

Hubs made me more nervous when he asked in utter confusion
10 minutes before meeting my friend,
"but how can you have a friend you've never met?"

So as I waited for the lovely Simone from (blog), I just didn't know what to expect.

I only knew she wrote a fabulous blog that I have
been following for a few years now, and that I
could only aspire to writing the way she did.

I only knew that when I was having
a family trauma in London (whilst living in Spain), 
she reached out to me and gave me 
sincere and objective

I only knew that she "got me"

Suddenly, I felt a tap on my shoulder, heard my name and the
next thing there were hugs all round as we stood 
in the middle of London.

We were off!!!!

It was so wonderfully refreshing. Because there was no
real personal history we were both so excited to find out more
about each other. We chatted for hours and the conversations
were so authentic and organic

We both chatted, listened  encouraged and
cheered from the sidelines as we discussed
our plans for next year.

There were no hidden agenda's. 

No one person monopolised the conversations.
(I'm sure you've been there;-)

We were both as equally interested in each other

We just
spoke as we 
found and that was so refreshing.

We both felt at  the end of
the day together as if  we had known each for ages.

And so my first blogging friendship was cemented.

I can only best describe it as going on a platonic blind-date
(altho' Ive never been on one!) .

It also made me realise that in this new age of technology
there really are so many ways to make new friends (that those 
who are not on social platforms, or who don't read blogs 
cannot understand-Husbands included ;-)

Is there any reason to be
lonely or friendless anymore?

So thank you Simone for making me leave
my comfort zone yesterday  and 
for such an enjoyable day

So what are thoughts on blogging friendships?
Can they ever be real and authentic?
Do you prefer NOT to meet up with
people you have met via your blog/online?
Have you had successful or disastrous

Would love to hear all your insightful views 
as always


Christmas wouldn't be Christmas Without...........

Dec 7, 2012

Those of you who know anything about me
know I am an absolute foodie; I love
cooking, entertaining, eating, reading food
books and magazines..........the list goes on.

So Christmas is THE time when I just get lost
in all the pleasures of food; cooking
tasting, testing, presenting.

I start planing my menu way back in
October, and it gets changed many,
many times.

Eggnog Muffins

But there are some favorites that
traditionally find their way onto the table; Christmas
just wouldn't be Christmas without them, such as.......

*Roast Goose (no-one in
my family are great fans of turkey)

* A stollen cake (which started from
many childhood Chritsmases in Switzerland)

* Snowball (a mixture of egg-nog and lemonade). I think
it's something my Mum invented when we were children.
I'm not sure if " snowballs" even exist. Maybe someone
can enlighten me :-)

French toast made from fresh brioché
for Christmas morning breakfast. Usually washed down
with Bucks Fizz.

Anything containing pecans usually finds it's
way onto the menu

And once all the cooking is done,
all the treats eaten, I will
ask Santa for this ................

So what foodie treats traditionally find their
way onto your menu (the more unusual the
better ;-)

Don't Be Afraid To.................

Dec 1, 2012

............nurture your souls.

OK, so what do I mean (I promise I'm not going 
all Zen and woo-woo ;-)

I mean absorbing yourself in
such things where time just flies; 
you lose hours without realizing
(let's not even talk about Pinterest ;-)

The thing is most of us have bought into the falsehood that

taking time to do frivolous things for ourselves is selfish.

It isn't. It doesn't take away away anything from anyone else;
it just  makes us better people in the process and
adds to our goodness :-)

Some of my soul "nurturers" include:

*cooking up a storm
*flicking through cookery magazine and books

*walking through Epping Forest which surrounds my home
here in the UK or
*walking on the beach really early in the morning
when I am at my home in Spain

*flicking through interior design mags, books
+ blogs

*painting walls (I'm lethal
with a paintbrush in hand!)

*wandering around my fav bookshops

So do something today that
really stimulates your soul and
puts a smile on your face.........then
watch the little miracles start to happen

How do you feed your soul? What makes you get lost in the 

As always would love to hear your lovely comments.

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So Often Forgotten

Nov 21, 2012

As my American friends, family + blogging "family"
approach Thanksgiving, I thought I would share some gratitude
quotes from some my favorite writers

Trade your expectation for appreciation
and the world changes instantly
(Tony Robbins)

For me, every hour is grace. And I feel gratitude in my
heart each time I can meet someone and look at his or her smile
(Elie Wiesel-Holocaust survivor)

When you practise gratefulness, there is a sense of 
respect towards others
(The Dalai Lama)

No small gesture is too small when done with gratitude

Showing gratitude is one of the simplest
yet most powerful things humans can do for each other
(Randy Pausch)

The miracle of gratitude is that is shifts your perception to
such an extent that it changes the world you see
(Dr. Robert Holden)

Makes me cry every time I see this image

We think we have to do something to be grateful
or something has to be done in order for us to be grateful,
when gratitude is really a state of mind
(Iyanla Vanzant)

If the only prayer you said in your whole life was
"thank you", that would suffice

Apart from the obvious such as family, health etc, what are you
grateful for today (however small I would love to hear)?

Happy Thanksgiving America

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Could You Live Without It?

Nov 11, 2012

It started as an experiment when I left Spain in the
summer to live back in the UK

It started as a dare from Hubs who said it could never happen

Yes, I am talking about living without a mobile phone.
It's now been 3 months, and I can't tell you how liberating
and wonderful it has been "sans" a mobile

It's been liberating not feeling obliged  to check
e.mails just because I have my phone with me.

It's been wonderful reading a book on the underground,
whilst waiting for someone, whilst waiting for an appointment
without feeling I "should" be replying to someone's message

It's been funny watching people's reactions when they ask for
my mobile and I reply I don't have one. Looking at their
expression you would think I had just told them I had drowned
a family of puppies!

I never realised quite how stressful it was having a mobile; the need to
answer e.mails, your mind constantly churning over responses
to questions, speaking on the phone (usually at the most
inopportune time)  instead  just enjoying the silence.

I still use my laptop, BUT
I've decided to limit time on social media
I only answer e.mails once a day (in the afternoon)
I schedule time for blogs and Pinterest

And do you know what? It's been wonderful.

I am feeling really "switched on to being switched off".

Would you dare go without  a mobile for 1 day
..........1 week......... 1 month?

Flowers outside my favorite London store

I promise it gets easier the longer the duration.

And all those emergencies we say we need our phone for
...............they very rarely happen ;-)

What do you think?
Would you dare?

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Saddle Up Girlfriend

Nov 4, 2012

Sometimes it's easy to feel when you have to
start over and over again on the same goal,
that it's just not meant to be

But then I have to remind myself that
anyone who has done anything amazing or worthwhile,
has always had to get back up and start again
(sometimes many, many times)

I have to remind myself
those people made mistakes too, slipped up,
and got lazy and distracted 

You see, here's the thing. I have never believed in
the overnight success stories. Apart from
some rare exceptions, 
if you just dig a little deeper you will
find it was never over- night.

Sometimes successful people or
people you admire have been
plugging away for years in the background;
we just haven't seen them.

So gorgeous girl, if you find yourself
re-starting a project........ starting something
over for the umpteenth time

Congratulate yourself! Congratulate yourself
for having the courage it takes to move forward
after stumbling.........maybe even falling.

It really is an act of bravery to not throw in
the towel at the first or second or even twentieth
hurdle and  to recognise
what you did/didn't do..............

and to take the necessary action- however small and
after however many coffees ;-)

image from A Brit Greek via Pinterest

It will make a difference and you will
subsequently make a difference to someone
with the dreams and goals you have in mind.

Not only that, when you finally
reach the finishing line, success
will be all the more sweeter

Saddle up girlfriend. It's time to 
get back on that damn horse ;-)

As always would love to hear your thoughts
on my random ramblings ;-)

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p.s all images from Pinterest