Friendships Without Borders

Yesterday was the first time I have ever met
one of my blogging friends. 

Whilst living in Spain it was difficult, but
now that I was back in the heart of London
there was no reason to decline
a girlie invite.

However,I was SO nervous for
so many reasons, but particularly because neither
of us knew what the other even looked like, or how we
truly were.

Suddenly I was a blank canvas and so was she.

I had no personal history to hide behind.

Hubs made me more nervous when he asked in utter confusion
10 minutes before meeting my friend,
"but how can you have a friend you've never met?"

So as I waited for the lovely Simone from (blog), I just didn't know what to expect.

I only knew she wrote a fabulous blog that I have
been following for a few years now, and that I
could only aspire to writing the way she did.

I only knew that when I was having
a family trauma in London (whilst living in Spain), 
she reached out to me and gave me 
sincere and objective

I only knew that she "got me"

Suddenly, I felt a tap on my shoulder, heard my name and the
next thing there were hugs all round as we stood 
in the middle of London.

We were off!!!!

It was so wonderfully refreshing. Because there was no
real personal history we were both so excited to find out more
about each other. We chatted for hours and the conversations
were so authentic and organic

We both chatted, listened  encouraged and
cheered from the sidelines as we discussed
our plans for next year.

There were no hidden agenda's. 

No one person monopolised the conversations.
(I'm sure you've been there;-)

We were both as equally interested in each other

We just
spoke as we 
found and that was so refreshing.

We both felt at  the end of
the day together as if  we had known each for ages.

And so my first blogging friendship was cemented.

I can only best describe it as going on a platonic blind-date
(altho' Ive never been on one!) .

It also made me realise that in this new age of technology
there really are so many ways to make new friends (that those 
who are not on social platforms, or who don't read blogs 
cannot understand-Husbands included ;-)

Is there any reason to be
lonely or friendless anymore?

So thank you Simone for making me leave
my comfort zone yesterday  and 
for such an enjoyable day

So what are thoughts on blogging friendships?
Can they ever be real and authentic?
Do you prefer NOT to meet up with
people you have met via your blog/online?
Have you had successful or disastrous

Would love to hear all your insightful views 
as always



  1. Didn't we have a great time??!!

    As I was going home, I was thinking that it WAS like a blind date - and I haven't been on one of those either!!!

    I think you are being very kind by saying that no one monopolised the conversation.....because I am sure that I did!!!

    It was wonderful to meet, I loved it!!! So much to talk about & to share.

    You were so kind and generous with your advice, wisdom & understanding....I felt really blessed actually.

    Am already looking forward to the next time XX

    1. Awwh! you are too sweet Sim. I felt the same about the day too xx

  2. How lovely, I was down in London but it was a wedding anniversary trip. I will let you know when I'm next down, are you settling in now?

    1. OK Tabs. I've loved being in London. I just slotted back into life in a big city. Even loving the cold weather xx

  3. That is fantastic, glad you and Simone enjoyed your visit!

  4. Blog friends are real (even if we have not met)... Some for a post, a week, a season, and some for a life time. Like friends we meet in our day to day lives, coming into our life to teach us something or to learn something from us.

    I have had the pleasure of meeting 4 blog friends ~ one in Paris, the lovely Mimi from Belle Inspiration ~ she is just darling and I look forward to seeing her again, on my next visit to Paris. Two live close to me, and though one I did become friends outside blogland, over time I just didn't measure up to her expectations of friends (I am a glass 1/2 full, she is more glass half empty - I don't gossip - she likes sharing other people's challenges). But we still keep in touch from time to time.

    Recently I had the pleasure of meeting the wonderful Susan from Ava Grace's Closet ... and she is absolutely wonderful. And we live not far from each other.

    Sounds like Simone and you are beginning a wonderful friendship off-line, and that is truly wonderful. Perhaps one day we will share a cup of tea too! xo C. (HHL)

    1. Wouldn't it be lovely if we could one day share a coffee.....or two ;-)
      You are certainly more seasoned at this than me, but I am loving the experience xx

  5. I'm so glad you had a wonderful experience. And what a great topic of discussion this is as most of us have either met with a fellow blogger or hope to.
    I have met a couple of readers who I both call friends. One in particular has become dear to me. And I did meet a fellow blogger once a couple of years ago. Although I did enjoy meeting her in person, our friendship never developed and now we rarely communicate. Not sure why but some people just click and others don't. It's never anything personal.
    I am still holding out hope that we make it to London next year - if we do, I want to make sure we meet up while there.
    Have a lovely weekend, Van!
    xoxo, A

    1. Thank you Adrienne.
      I guess it's like any friendships; some work, some just fizzle out. I guess I was spoilt yesterday as it went so well
      Have a lovely weekend in your beautiful part of the world xx

  6. Hi Vanessa, this sounds like such a wonderful and fulfilling experience, I wish I were also lucky enough to meet up with fellow blogger friends (including yourself), there is so much we can learn and gain from each other, it seems like you've cemented a life long friendship with Simone!

  7. Awwwwh! TYSM Sam. I would LOVE to meet up with. Lets visualize and who knows ;-)
    Have a lovely weekend xx

    1. Thanks for your kind comment...I can't believe I didn't realise you were living in Seville when I was there! What a missed opportunity...looking forward to your Safrican visit in the future.

  8. This is such a fabulous story. I'm so impressed you went outside your comfort zone and did this. I met a blog friend once and it was really so nice. We're in touch via our blogs but haven't met since. I love meeting friends from online though and believe there are many types of friends and they are all friends!

    1. I too love meeting new friends from such diverse backgrounds. It's opened up a whole new world for me.
      Hope you are well Sweetheart xx

  9. I loved this post V and I myself have been meaning to get my stuff sorted so that we can meet up too! I think 2013 is definitely a great year for tea and cakes somewhere!

    I love that you can be friends with someone in the blogging community, even though you have never met them. It sounds like you have met one awesome lady!

    Can't wait to put a date in the diary next year!

    1. Yes! Yes! Yes! It was my fault for the delays when you were last here as I was still sorting out things for my Dad. But now we are all "sorted" xx

  10. Hi Vanessa, I'm so happy you got to meet one of your online friends. The day spent with Simone sounds wonderful! I have made a few awesome friends online (including you) and I always look forward to catching up with them. A friend is a friend....doesn't matter where they're from. Back in the day, it was called "Pen-Pals" and the web has made this much easier. I am thankful for the friends I have made due to twitter.
    Dee xoxo

    1. Absolutely Dee!! I was always a terrible "pen-pal", but with the internet I am a much better friend xx

  11. Hi Vanessa! I've been blogging for two years now and, like you had been, I have yet to meet my first "blogging buddy" ... and your experience sounds wonderful! Even though blogging friends may feel we really don't "know" each other because we carry on our conversations via our blogs, twitter, etc., I think our personalities really do shine through. I know that when I talk to you here on your blog, I'm saying the same things here that I would be saying if you'd posed the question while I was sitting at a table with you (fun!) .. other than the addition of an occasional outburst such as: "Vanessa, can you believe we've finally actually met?!" (lol) So happy that your experience was a happy one and thanks so much for your compliment on my Christmas decor this week on the blog .. it was a fun theme to create! Hope you're having a blessed holiday season so far, Vanessa! ~S

    SANDY M Illustration

    1. You are so right Sandy re our personalities shining through when we blog. But there is something more concrete about finally meeting. Hope one day our time will come xx

  12. Hi Vanessa, I think it's great that you and Simone managed to get together for a proper chin wag! I've never met anyone from blogland, but then again I live in an out of the way tiny little place, where no-one in their right mind would venture willingly! Have a super lovely week! x

  13. Sounds like you had a wonderful time Vanessa...two of my favourite "blogging friends" I expect you could have chatted for longer ;-) I think the blogging world is a very special one and we meet such wonderful people through it...I'm enjoying every minute of it!
    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Peaceful New Year.

  14. Friendships without an agenda.. I'm glad you had a nice visit {refreshing, right?} Blogging is surprising personal. You can learn so much about someone by reading what they write.

    Enjoy the season Vannessa!


  15. Hi Vanessa...Thanks for your fashion commentary today! I appreciate reading your opinion. Hope the Christmas shopping is going well.

  16. Oh! YAY! That is awesome. I follow both your and her blog and I am so happy you two finally met. I have met some really good friends online. The first time meeting...a nervous wreck..up until the point of meeting and it was flawless from there. Couldn't imagine life without his friendship! Stay blessed!

  17. Such a great post. I've been traveling, and am playing "catch up". Happy Holidays!!

  18. I'm so happy you were brave and met with Simone even though you were scared. :-) How wonderful that you clicked as well in person as you did online. :-) Yes!! I have met several of my blogging friends in real life and they are absolute treasures. I think kindred spirits can be felt no matter how you meet, online or in a shop. So happy this was a good experience for you. :-) xo

  19. Just a lively post which emphasises the positiveness of blogging.

  20. Hello Vanessa,I'm a new follower.I think you can make friends in the blogosphere provided the kind words one leaves on another's blog are heartfelt. But the same can be said about relationships in the "real" life. I have never met any of my blogging friends, but there are a few I would love to have a chat with face to face. I hope one day I will have your same positive feedback.Now I'm going to check out Simone's blog too. Kisses and Happy New Year! Coco


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