Jun 18, 2015

OK so we're  now in polo season, one of 
my favourite summer events (even though I have
never ridden a horse in my life). However, my Husband
is Spanish and comes from a  family who breed the
famous and gorgeous Andalucian Spanish horses. So I guess
I have become "horsey" through marriage ;-)

I thought I would do a post on my do's and don't
for polo attire. These are just my thoughts and by no
means will resonate with everyone (so
please don't take offence if I list a "don't" that is
actually your favourite look ;-)  but here we go.

Princess Charlotte of Monaco aka Charlotte Casiraghi

*keep polo attire smart and casual. Remember you
are not at the races or a summer wedding, but you still
want to look pulled together as this is usually quite a 
snazzy summer event. Remember this is a great networking/
social event, so you don't want to roll up looking as though
you are a stable hand ;-)

* my favourite colour to wear to polo events is to stick to white.
My favourite summer colour that always looks just fab against
the fab green of the polo lawn, and always makes you look fresh.

*keep accessories to a minimum

Leopard ring here
Branch Ring here

* flowing dresses also look fab at the polo, but nothing
too glitzy (you are not at a wedding ;-)
Dress: DVF
Rings: here

* stay away from stiletto's, you will look ridiculous wobbling
around on the lawn as your heels get stuck. I would go with
wedges and flats.  During polo "divot stamping" is done where 
the audience are invited to stomp back the mounds of lawn torn up 
by the horses; it's also a time to walk around and socialise (the 
best part for me).
So why not look glamorous doing it?

Shoes: Jimmy Shoo metallic wedges
Chloé suede wedges
Tory Burch cork sandals

Dress: Oscar de la Renta
Rings: here

I think this look would work really well also.


* DON'T do lots of bling. Accessorise freely but keep away from the stacking bangles-
you don't want the clanking of your bangles to drown out the thunder
of the hooves ;-)

*DON'T do the big fancy fancy hat. This is a dressy event, but 
it's not Ascot or the Kentucky Derby

*DON'T do psychedelic or sparkly. This
is polo not a pool party in Ibiza

That's it Lovelies.
Would love to know if you enjoy polo.
If not, what is your favourite summer event?

As always I love hearing from you

Colorful India

Jun 12, 2015

Gorgeous colors, enchanting details, and rich traditions are a
 few of the things you’re likely to find in Indian
inspired pieces.  I am certainly intrigued by this culture and 
love immersing myself in the artistry found in everything 
from saris, Indian jewellery  and much much  more.

purple, summer accessories, India, Indian colors

This gorgeous deep  purple  looks great to adorn an
all white ensemble; it just adds a punch for the summer ;-)

colours, Manish Arora, India
Manish Arora

summer accessories, fuchsia, René Caovilla, summer,

White Dress: Manish Arora
Pink Sandals: Reneé Caovilla

I LOVE this iPad cover by Manish Arora

Giambattista Valli, earrings, garnets, red, colours, India

Dress: Giambattista Valli

Marchessa, cuffs, summer jewellery, orange, colours, India, diamonds

Dress: Marchessa
MARIELLA cuff with diamonds

Have you been to India? Is it a place you would like to visit?

Do you embrace bold colours in summer or do you stick with

Do you stick to the same "menu" or are you adventurous?

As always I love to hear from you.

Don't Forget The Details Darling!!!!

Jun 6, 2015


AMARIS: Available here

Chanel, details

ARIANNA: Available here

Vera Wang

Manish Arora

RAVEN: Available here

Stephane Rolland

Do you agree luxury is in the detail or that
details make the design?
As always I love to hear your thoughts.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend of 
luxury + details



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