Things I've Loved So Far This Year

Feb 22, 2020

So January and February can be tricky months for some people; 
the Winter seems never ending and there is still very little indication that Spring
is on the way.   
However, I love these months. I really hunker down and literally
go into hibernation from the rest of the world (I am sure I must have been a bear
in another life!).

So here are some things that brought me joy over the last two months.

This has got to be the most amazing skin balm I have ever used. 
It was recommended by Gwenyth Paltrow in her Gift Guide at the 
end of the year.  But I found it much earlier by hearing the creator talking 
on one of my favourite podcasts-The Ikonns (episode 51). Just hearing what the creator
May Lindstrom went through before even bringing this product to life was just
so inspiring.  The balm itself is quite expensive BUT it will last you a long time as you 
need a small amount. Plus it soothes not only the skin, but the mind.

I love listening to podcast and audio books because it means I can do other
things whilst listening.

So here are two podcasts I listen to "religiously".

i) The Sheri and Nancy Show. This is really one of my faves. It's with Sheri Salata (who
used to be the Exec Producer of the Oprah Show, and her best friend from childhood.

It's just such a breath of fresh air as they talk about how they want to reignite the 8 pillars 
for a joyous life. The explain what the 8 pillars are and they also have a really
engaged Facebook group. 

They also have the most amazing guests and they talk about everything
from the woo-woo to going plant-based and everything in between
(plus they are soooo funny).

I can't wait for their weekly episodes to drop.

ii) The other podcast I love is The Ikonns (which I mentioned above).
They are a Canadian couple who moved to London and are just so
inspiring in what they have achieved. Anyone who thinks "Millenniels"
are "snow-flakes" just needs to go and listen to their podcast. 

The guests they have are so amazing, but I also love the episodes 
when this Husband and Wife team are just chatting between themselves.

I don't often watch that much TV. But I have "binge-watched" quite a few things on
Netflix which are a  real first for me. So my faves have been:

i) Shine On with Reese Witherspoon (Reese interviews some of the most inspiring women 
from female film Director Ava Du Vaney to one of my faves Dolly Parton). 
It's only a short series, but I loved every woman she interviewed.

ii) If you want to watch a good suspense thriller, it has be The Stranger.
OMG!!! I have recommended this to SO many friends who then cursed me
when their housework, cooking, to-do list, good intentions all got swept
to the wayside as they got hooked on this series. Go and watch it. It will
have you gasping to the end.

iii) In the same vein as ii) and also by the writer Harlen Corben, it's called 
Safe. Again, don't expect anything to get done for about 8 hours (admittedly
I watched it over a course of a week, but I had to force myself each time
to turn the damn thing off!)

OK, I hate working out. I mean seriously hate it. But this year I decided to 
make small changes (not say I am going to run a marathon when I can't even run
for a bus if my life depended on it!). 

So I found Melissa Wood Health by accident on Instagram. 
What I love about her workouts are they are yoga/pilates based, and they each last about
15-20 mins. So you can do one or however many you feel a desire to do.

Even if you just do a 20 minute session you really feel your muscles have been worked.
There are SO many videos to choose from, so you never get bored. 
I love that you can just do it from your computer wherever you are.
It is subscription based. But it costs something like $9/month.
I did the free-trial and loved it so much I signed up immediately.
And guess what? I actually love doing my workouts 4-5 times per week.
Who would have thought!

I loved seeing Kate Middleton wearing some of my fave earrings at the 
moment-drop leaf earrings.
I am loving my own version ;-)

Mine are a little longer and also come in silver. 
I also have a range of leaf jewellery, so if you don't like
ferns but fancy something else, take a look here 

But seeing her in these this week really made me smile.

So that's it for now.
Would love to know if any of my recommendations are new or not
for you. And as always I would love to read your comments.

Keep safe and warm 
(storms still raging here in the UK)


Hairbands Are Having A Moment.

Feb 13, 2020

As shown by Salma Hayek at the Oscars last Sunday.

Yes lovely lady. 
She is wearing an "olive" hairband that is very, very similar to mine.

The only difference would be that you don't have to sell 
one of your children, or a kidney to buy mine.

However, she does show that hairbands are having their moment 
and not just for weddings and 7 year olds!
Women of a certain age can also rock a  hairband.

So here are some of my picks that I think will decorate
women of any age without making you look like
the proverbial "mutton".

gold olive headbands, wedding headbands, bridesmaid hair accessories, wedding accessories

When thoughts turn to Tuscan olive groves and wafting kaftans. 

gold olive headbands, wedding headbands, bridesmaid hair accessories, bridal hair accessories

Just add a floaty dress or your fave jeans and t'shirt and 
you are good to go. 

rhodium silver headbands, wedding headbands, bridesmaid hair accessories, bridal hair accessories
Fun with ferns.
Keep it casual with this beauty.

gold floral headbands, floral wedding headbands, floral bridesmaid hair accessories, floral wedding accessories
Crazy about Crysanths.

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Go dainty with Mimosas

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When you need some petal power.

These are my picks.
I would love to hear what you think, and if you
are embracing the head-band trend.