Thank You Holly Golightly

Apr 28, 2012

"If I could find a real life place that
made me feel like Tiffany's then I'd
buy some furniture and 
give the cat a name" (Holly Golightly)

I don't know many women whose heart doesn't 
miss a beat when they see the famous turquoise
box from Tiffany.

If you are from my generation then
maybe it was the delectable Holly Golightly
who introduced you to the seductive
world of Tiffanys

Just take a look at the fab video below 
about Tiffany.

Dream and indulge for just 7 minutes

What did you think?

Are you a Tiffany fan or not really?

Have you been to THE store on 5th Avenue?

I've been to the store in London, 
but it just doesn't have the same
feeling for me as I am sure the original store
on 5th Ave would have.

Would love to hear your thoughts xx

British Muses

Apr 22, 2012


Never one to vanish in a crowd, the enviously
stylish Yasmin le Bon shows why jewelry
should be eye-catching


Diamonds look their best on a woman comfortable
in her own skin

Canary Diamond Earrings

Diamond ring- Gucci


Pearls-timeless and undisputeably elegant

Black Pearls-Love these!


The ever-glam RHW captures why women throughout
history have chosen gold as their metal adornment

YSL statement cuff

Who is your fav muse (British of otherwise ;-)

I Don't Have The Right

Apr 14, 2012

This week I had planned to do a long-awaited jewelry post.

But I just felt the need to do something more inspirational.

You see I had a really sucky week.

It seemed I was met with obstacles every way I turned ,and
I know this will continue for a little while

Those of you who know me know I am extremely positive, resilient, optimistic etc.

I have even been called "Pollyanna" (not sure if that was an insult
or a compliment ;-)

But this week the Universe thought it was my time for some new lessons ;-)

Whilst having my "pity-party" (which only I was invited too),
I remembered this incredible woman I had watched.

It was then I felt ashamed at feeling sorry for myself...... for not
dusting myself down sooner and bouncing back quicker.

For letting
certain actions and behaviors of others determine how I feel.

I felt ashamed when I realized in the general scheme of things
I have don't have the right to complain about anything.

So here's the lesson I learnt this week which I would
like to share with you.

It's only 12 minutes long, so give yourself
the gift of 12 really inspiring minutes this week.

What do you think of this spunky woman?
She makes me smile every time I watch her.

What lessons did you learn this week? However small they
may be, they still add to our "internal CV" ;-)

How do you stop yourself from holding too
many pity-parties?

Would love to hear your views

Did you know....................

Apr 9, 2012

Did you know that the people who are usually the strongest
are usually also the most sensitive? 

Did you know that the one who takes care of others all the time is
usually the one who needs care the most?

Did you know that the people who exhibit the most kindness
are usually the first to be mistreated?

Do you know that the three hardest things to say are: I love you,

I’m sorry, and Help me? 

Random acts of kindness mean more than you will
ever be able to comprehend.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter, filled with kindness and......
chocolate ;-)

Wishing you nothing but joy and random acts
of kindness.

How do you plan to find your joy this week?