I Don't Have The Right

This week I had planned to do a long-awaited jewelry post.

But I just felt the need to do something more inspirational.

You see I had a really sucky week.

It seemed I was met with obstacles every way I turned ,and
I know this will continue for a little while

Those of you who know me know I am extremely positive, resilient, optimistic etc.

I have even been called "Pollyanna" (not sure if that was an insult
or a compliment ;-)

But this week the Universe thought it was my time for some new lessons ;-)

Whilst having my "pity-party" (which only I was invited too),
I remembered this incredible woman I had watched.

It was then I felt ashamed at feeling sorry for myself...... for not
dusting myself down sooner and bouncing back quicker.

For letting
certain actions and behaviors of others determine how I feel.

I felt ashamed when I realized in the general scheme of things
I have don't have the right to complain about anything.

So here's the lesson I learnt this week which I would
like to share with you.

It's only 12 minutes long, so give yourself
the gift of 12 really inspiring minutes this week.

What do you think of this spunky woman?
She makes me smile every time I watch her.

What lessons did you learn this week? However small they
may be, they still add to our "internal CV" ;-)

How do you stop yourself from holding too
many pity-parties?

Would love to hear your views


  1. Oh Vanessa! So sorry to hear you've had such a terrible week. If often seems like all the crappy stuff happens at once, doesn't it? I loved this film - she's an inspiring little lady. I hope that the coming week is much better for you. Remember what Churchill said "If you're going through Hell - KEEP GOING" xx

  2. Oh my friend .. I am asking our Angels to help you work through all that is bringing chaos to your life so that the purpose of the chaos can be revealed and you can continue on!!! Peace to you my friend!!!

    MERCI!! MERCI!!! this was a brilliant video, she is so right everything, good and not so good is a present. Smiling and laughing ... imagine the strength she must have had to do both so that her small child would not live in fear, despite the situation. She allowed him to have a childhood ...

    Wishing you a peaceful week ahead ... Blessings. xo C. (HHL)

    1. TYSM lovely Celia. I did some angel meditations this week, watched some inspirational vids and feel in a completely different place this week. TYSM for your lovely words xx

  3. Sorry to hear you have been having a bad time. Whenever things get me down, I just remind myself that OH, the kids and I all have our health. Everything else then seems not to matter x

  4. Thank you so much for another wonderful post. I appreciate your honesty very much.
    Thank you for introducing us to Alice-a truly remarkable woman that we can all learn from.
    When feeling low, I too can indulge in a pity-party but agree gratitude is the best way to end the party and move on.
    While watching the video the saying, "When life gives you lemons-make lemonade" was constantly going through my mind...
    and Alice did just that!
    Alice is a very inspiring woman. Thank you for introducing her to us all.
    May this week be a better + brighter one for you~ xo

    1. TYSM Lovely.This week is much better. Pity-party was halted pretty pronto ;-) xx

  5. Timely Vanessa, so timely. Today is a huge day for us, and I choose to be optimistic and happy! Thank you.

    1. Thinking of you Jackie; sending positive vibes, prayers and thoughts from Spain to you xx

  6. Hi Vanessa, So sorry to hear you have had a bad week. I promise to keep you in my prayers. That video is inspiring...I love the way she said "Everything is a gift" because it is. Even the bad sometimes is a gift...makes us stronger and wiser once it passes. Everything happens for a reason, no matter what it is. God is still in control, and will be with you. No matter how bad the day is, we have to pick out the good in that day and thank God for it. I hope you have a better week. Praying for you my friend. {{{hugs}}}
    Dee xoxo

    1. TYSM for you lovely, comforting words Dee. I am back on track Sweets-you know me ;-)

  7. Breezing through..hope you're having happy thoughts now.

  8. Unfortunately, couldn't see the video, but hope that you're getting through your bad week okay, and that things are getting better. x

  9. Vanessa ...

    So sorry to hear that you've had anything happening right now that made you feel down ... even when we think there is a lesson to be learned it sure doesn't make it a happy time. I wasn't able to see the video but I'm sure it was so inspiring, as everything you do is! I find that in times like that, all we can do is pray, do our best, keep putting one foot in front of the other and walk through it. I always find that there is sunshine on the other side. And the knowledge of that is always there for guidance. Hope the clouds clear soon. We love ya! xoxo

    Sandy M ~ Ooh La Frou Frou

    1. Clouds have really cleared Sweets. Sorry you couldn't see the vid Sweets. It's now been rectified xx

  10. Oh my, I had myself a major pity party yesterday infact... it's true that you are in charge of the way you feel and you can change all that in seconds if you choose to!

    Sorry to hear you're feeling a bit pants hun, I'd send you some big squashy hugs as that usually makes me feel a whole lot better and also catching up with friends on the phone or skype, they always know how to make me feel better... that and chocolate!!!! Lashing of the stuff! Love SK's quote! Made me giggle actually!

    You're gonna be fine, if not fantastic very soon! I hate that you're going through a rough patch but we're all here for ya!

    1. Got my mo-jo back Sandee, but gratefully accepting hugs and chocolate ;-) xx

  11. Hi Vanessa,

    I posted this comment on the wrong place. Now I do it again on the right place :-) :

    Wow ... Vanessa I'm really speechless ... I'm so incredibly emotionally impressed by this old lady. Not only because she's playing the same piano pieces as I do so that watching this video I saw myself in the future but also because she is absolutely admirable! She shows the absolute final inner beauty. I want to be exactly like her in my future. She really is a great example to be totally optimistic, kind-hearted with this awesome inner peace although all these cruel things has happend to her and her son. Yes this video made me cry ... thankful for this moment watching her and learning this lesson. Yes, and I really will play the Moonlight Sonate tomorrow as she did ... and as I did all the times before but with a big smile on my face ... the old lady in my mind. Thank you Vanessa for this awesome blog post! xoxo

    1. LOVELY to see you here Alessandra. Isn't she amazing. Her mentality and strength can really teach us a thing or two. xx

  12. And I really hope you'll feel much better soon darling! Wishing all the best for you and sending a lot of power, good energy and flowers to you Vanessa!


  13. Oh, Vanessa thank you so much for sharing this footage...what an incredible lady...she too, made me smile.
    An amazing truly wonderful lady.
    A great post...I've watched it twice!
    Keep smiling...as Alice says '...it's not so terrible.'

  14. I loved this post so much! I am also a positive person but I think it's really normal to have human reactions and to allow ourselves a few minutes or hours to have full fledge pity parties. People like us always come to our senses and it's healthy to get the negative emotions out. When I'm feeling that way I just forgive myself for the waste of time and allow it happen naturally. I hope everything works out better for you...you're right, only you can allow others to control your emotions..or not!

    1. TYSM Sharon. Yes, pity-party over; as I was the only one there it was no fun ;-)
      Definitely got my mo-jo back now. Sending BIG hugs to you Angel xx

  15. Aww, I'm so sorry that you've been having an awful week dear, I hope that things have improved. These motivational sayings are a surefire way of lifting spirits. I try to pull myself up from the pitiful heap by doing something I love, watching my fav tv show, eatings something decadent or just being by myself for a while. Hope you okay? Sending a hug your way

  16. I'm a positive person too but we all have those weeks. A little pity party is ok to have also. Especially if you're the only one invited. :)

    Have a great weekend, sweetie! xoxo

  17. I try to be super positive as well, but sometimes we just have a bad day (and hey, without them how can we ever appreciate a truly great day?)
    I love inspiring quotes as well and I hope you're feeling more uplifted by now! :)



  18. Great, great, great and – did I forget something? Oh, yeah: Great! thanks for sharing that with us.


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