Pink Has Become Powerful.

Mar 28, 2018

OK, maybe the word "powerful" is too strong.
But pink is certainly no longer deemed too girly for serious

There was a time when pinks were just
not for the serious woman. But with the help of
women like Amal Clooney, Victoria Beckham 
and The Duchess of Cambridge that is no longer the case.

The Queen is partial to fushia and Hilary Clinton was fairly
daring on her campaign, donning pink gingham
(OK, maybe that wasn't a good idea ;-)

Nonetheless more and more "Pink Ladies" seem to show up as the Spring weather

If pink trousers or a full-on pink outfit still feel a little scary for you
(as they do me) here are some gorgeous pink embellishments 
that you can incorporate as you dip your toe into the world of pink.

Flower pendant: here
Rose Quartz ring: here
Fuchsia Quartz and crystal earrings: here

Would love to hear if you are a "pink lady"
or you think women of a certain age should 
stay clear from.

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter

Where's Spring?

Mar 19, 2018

Mother Nature is really having fun with us as I write this blog post.
It is March and as I look out of my cottage home office window
the snowing is coming down heavily.

WHHHAAAATTT! Never have I known it to snow around the 
time of my birthday. 

This is a quick video I shot from my office balcony
as the snow came down this morning.

I don't know about you but I am so ready to start wearing some Spring colours. Winter just feels like it has been going on longer than normal this year.
Sometimes you just get sick of wearing the puffa jacket and bobble hat and want something that will take you effortlessly into Spring.
Last week when Meghan Markle attended her first official engagement for Commonwealth Day, despite the rain she went for a "Winter white" coat by Amanda Wakeley.

So below are some of my favourite sorbet coloured coats that will keep you warm and take you effortlessly into Spring (however long it takes to arrive).
From left to right:
MaxMara-Lari Coat 
All Saints: Ryder Coat

Zara: here
MaxMara: here
MaxMara- Soldato: here

However, if you want to start adding colour to your attire without losing the layers just yet, then I have some gorgeous new pendants in (all made with natural Agate within a contemporary Silver setting).
Just pop here to see all the colours (more coming in the next few days).

Finally, I have a new closed FB group.
My public page has grown quite big (about 18k followers) which
I am very grateful for, but because it is a public page I don't post
too much that is personal etc.
In my new group I plan to do more Giveaways, sample sales and
just get more personal.
I would love if you come over and join. 
It is by invitation only and so
this is my invite to you as one of my lovely readers.
Just click the link below and come and join
That's it lovely lady.
Have a wonderful week.