SUMMER EVENTS INSPIRATION-Part 1 (+ a tip you may never have heard of!)

Apr 26, 2018

Has Spring arrived where you are?
It was here for about 3 days last week and has vanished again. 
But whilst it was around it made me think of some of the events we have to dress for in the heat. 
Having lived in Spanish heat for 15 years I became a "comfort ninja" when it came to dressing up in the heat. So I thought I would give you some of my tips and inspirations. I am no expert so I am just writing about what works for me ;-)
So this week I will cover the wedding abroad.
If you are heading to Seville, the Amalfi coast, Tuscany.......wherever, I am sure the weather is going to be hot. So it's a good time to channel your feminine younger girl and go for some soft feminine hues.

I've opted for a block heel rather than stilettos as you won't want to be navigating cobbled European streets in these (trust me I lived in Spain for 15 years and ruined many a good pair of shoes ;-) 
Also you might have to be standing a long time or standing on grass so I would stick to a block heel or wedges. 
So if you are going for the soft feminine look I would then keep my bag small and contained.
I have kept the accessories quite simple; a statement ring that matches the hues of the dress and some simple hoops.

Dress: Ted Baker   Suede Clutch: Ted Baker
Sandals: Alexandre Birman
Pink Statement Ring: LUXURIA     Twig Hoops: LUXURIA

OK, finally here's a tip I learnt which you may not have ever heard of.

Next time you buy a pair of shoes and find that little silica gel packet inside, don't throw it away. Stick it in your jewellery box. Silica gel helps absorb moisture so will slow down the tarnishing process.
You can thank me later ;-)

I would love to hear if you have any wedding overseas to attend.
Is it even something that is popular where you are from.
It's something that has become very popular in the UK simply because the weather is so temperamental.
We all have our fingers crossed here in the UK for THE wedding that takes place very shortly.
That's it Lovely! 
(part 2 will be next week-the country/boho-wedding).
As always I would love to hear your thoughts.

Flower Power

Apr 6, 2018

Has Spring arrived where you are?
It hasn't where I am and there doesn't look like much sign of it next week either!
So to help us imagine Spring is on its way, I wanted to talk about flower-power.

Floral designs are everywhere in the fashion world.


However, I'm not sure about you but I tend to keep
away from florals. I always feel that if you don't know how to pick
the right pieces you could either look like someone's spinster Great-Aunt
or a remnant from the 60's! So I've always steered clear.

However, if you are still unsure of doing the whole floral get-up
then why not just add a floral piece that will still bring you
on-trend but not in such a conspicuous way.

If you want to follow the daisy trend as Kate Middleton did, then I think you
might like these:

All here

That's it lovely ladies.
Love to hear from you as always

p.s a little something to make you chuckle