Sassy Sequins

Sep 17, 2015

Sequins seem to be everywhere for the forthcoming seasons.

If you thought sequinned skirts were just for dressing up during
your Barbie doll years........think again.

It seems all the big names including Sonia Rykiel and Louis Vuitton 
are going big with the sparkles.

For a grown up take on this trend go mid-length or maxi.

Blake Lively rocking her sequins

If you've got gorgeous Bambi-like legs then go short
(I can only wish for this ;-)

Pair with opaques and a gorgeous cashmere jumper

I love how this is worn with a classic trench.
Who would have thought?

A classic white shirt also brings this skirt into 2015

Keep it chic and casual when paired with some denim

You favourite t'shirt or sweatshirt can give the skirt
a relaxed weekend vibe.

What are your thoughts on sequinned skirts?
Should they only be for the young and nubile with
legs like a young foal?
Or can those of us who have legs more like a sturdy work-horse
still look sassy with sequins?

Despite being the  Chief Sparkle Fairy in my business, 
I still haven't plucked
up the courage to don a sequinned skirt. 
I'm still a minimalist at heart ;-)

Would love your thoughts on this trend


Hey gorgeous. Ready for some competition?
Reckon you could up the glamour stakes as well as me?
Then click the link below and let the showdown begin ;-)

I Wish For You..................

Sep 1, 2015

Autumn is one of my favourite seasons-something that 
never seemed to exist when I lived in Spain.

It's a season that always makes me think of new
beginnings (perhaps that goes back to school days);
new books, new friends, new ideas, new objectives.......

So this Autumn/Fall I wish for you...............

*the joy of new beginnings, whether that be
a new course you are starting, a new career, a new book
or a new house (as for me ;-)

*the beauty of autumnal colours. Without getting all
woo-woo, just take a few minutes every day to just
appreciate your environment and the changing colours
that a new season brings

Kensington Gardens/Hyde Park

*your first homemade soup of the season

*books and throws

*the cake that emerges golden and domed and stays
that way

* the first dew on the grass

*cosying up with a good book or your best TV and 
no feelings of guilt

*the last ever season of Downton Abbey (I've heard
it's a weepy)

*the need for jackets but not coats

*the smell of Autumn in the air and Winter on it's way

*the joy of leaving your summer memories behind and 
the anticipation of new memories for the forthcoming season

*the excitement of new inspirations and insights

*pulling on your favourite cosy socks

What are you most looking forward to this new autumnal season?
What are you excited about right now?

Please share I LOVE reading your comments