Things I Loved In May

Jun 22, 2017

My God!!! So much has happened since I wrote my last "love list" and already we are half way through June. As I write this the UK is in the middle of a heatwave. But it's also been a very tragic Summer so far; terrorist attacks in Manchester, London and now also the Grenfell Tower Fire disaster. It seems every morning when I turn on the news there is a BREAKING NEWS strapline and my heart starts to sink.

Anyway, despite all the sadness I have tried to bring you a mix of things that made me smile in May (plus there is also one thing that "should" be in my June list but I just had to share it with you now). 


There are just some books I need to listen to rather than read, and productivity books are one of them. I usually find them just to dry to read. So I listened to the audio book  'The One Thing' during May. 
Here's the thing, I always convince myself I am very productive. But actually, I am good at being "busy" and a ninja at making lists.   However, when I take stock at the end of the week,  I have never accomplished what I set out to on Sunday night. 

This book is a great book if you want to live life on your terms with no regrets. It offers great tactics for clearing the clutter, overcoming overwhelm and achieving better results.

Providing you take action on what is recommended, I think you will find this book a fabulous masterclass on achieving whatever your goals may be.

french style, espadrilles, sézane, online shopping

I'm really not sure how I came across this French, lifestyle, online boutique called Sezane . You can be sure it was when I was supposed to be working ;-) But let me tell you once I did I was hooked. 

I started off buying these espadrilles which are so comfy and also come with an extra pair of ties. So in the picture above you can see they have the oatmeal ankle ties already on them,  but they came with an extra pair of black also. What a great idea if you want to switch it up a bit.

Considering everything is shipped directly from Paris I thought the price was really reasonable (plus it arrived in 48 hours!) 

Be warned though everything sells out super-fast and they only select a few of each style. I tried to order the sandals below in ANY colour and they literally sold-out within days. So be quick.

sézane, sandals, summer, french style

rooibos tea, red tea, health

I've always known Rooibos (or red tea) was very popular in South Africa where I always saw it being drunk like an ice-tea whenever I visited . But as I am not a great tea drinker, I never really took much notice. 

That was until I watched a programme on the scientific/health merits of Rooibos which included helps to burn fat!!!  That was all I needed to be convinced. 

So I have been gulping (sorry, drinking) 1-2 cups a day. The taste is fine (I prefer it to tumeric tea).  My Husband on the other hand hates it!

Below are just some other benefits of drinking red tea.

reading, summer reads, Tiffany's, memoirs

This is a memoir by Marjorie Hart of a bygone era. It's set in NYC in 1945 and is a charming read of two best friends who get Summer jobs at Tiffany & Co becoming the first women to ever work on the sales floor. You are taken back to a time of VJ Day celebrations in Time Square, Judy Garland's honeymoon visit to the store and mingling with the Cafe set in NYC.

A perfect Summer read.

OK, so in theory, this should come in my June list, but I just couldn't wait that long to share this with you.

When I first heard this version of one of my favourite songs, I got chills.....real shivers down my spine. Despite it only being released this week I have already listened to it SO many times and cried EVERY time.

You see I am a London girl born and bred and this Summer has been such a sad time for both Londoners and people of the UK.

I know the area very well where this "towering inferno" took place. My Husband grew up in Kensington (altho' not near the fire) but through him it became my stomping ground too. 

I didn't know anyone affected by the fire, but just to see buildings you have seen for years now nothing more than a charred skeleton is so, so sad. To hear the

stories from survivors who have lost everyone or everything is beyond my own comprehension. To see fire-fighters breaking down in tears with the horrors they came across was heartbreaking. I guess this is how the US must have felt after 9/11 but on a much smaller scale. 

Maybe the video won't make you tearful but even so, I wanted to share this beautiful

version with you. Truly heartbreaking!!!!


That's it from me for this week.  As always I would love to hear your thoughts on

any of the things I have mentioned

Summer Has Finally Been Activated

Jun 14, 2017

Well I think Summer has finally been activated here in the UK 
after what was a very damp and dismal start to June.
So in celebration of Summer, I wanted to bring you a Summer cocktail 
that epitomises all things British.

It's a drink that is inextricably connected with events such as Ascot, 
the polo, Chelsea Flower Show and of course Wimbledon. 
A Pimms bar first popped up at Wimbledon in 1971 and now
more than 80,000 pints of  the cocktail are now served to spectators
at every tournament.

Pimms, summer, summer cocktails, British

The drink itself was invented by Mr James Pimms, a nineteenth-century oyster bar owner who decided to offer this drink to his clients as a "fruity" aid to digestion.
Like a good G&T, a well made Pimms is like a well-made Spanish sangria  (of which there are many bastardized versions ;-)
It shouldn't be a sad watery concoction with mushy fruit on the top.
I think just some orange cucumber and mint is all you really need (and maybe some strawberries). I just don't get the apples to be honest.
Then just add some good quality lemonade (or even sparkling wine) LOTS of ice and you are good to go.
Don't fear the ice will water it down. It needs generous amounts of ice.
Then just sit back, glass in hand and ........think of England!

Pimms, summer, summer cocktails, British, Pimms recipe

Pimms, summer, summer cocktails, British, Pimms recipe
Image: Getty-Design by Michael Stillwell

Finally, in celebration of all things red and summery, here's something to get you in the mood. No checkout code needed. Just click the image or link to see all the colours available.
Offer ends Tuesday 20 June (midnight BST).

That's it Lovelies.
I would love to hear what drink, for you, 
Summer would not be the same without.

Pimms, summer, summer cocktails, British, Pimms recipe