Stack 'Em Up Girls/Giveaway

Nov 26, 2011

I am so excited to introduce a new designer to our site-Bita Pourtavoosi.

Growing up in a Persian-Middle Eastern family and community set the tone for her creative exploration through jewelry design. She has always been very stimulated and intrigued by Ancient Egyptian jewelry as well as Middle Eastern motifs. Her intense study and background in painting has also begun her love of bold colors. Bita’s jewelry collection has created a balanced world between her inspirations and her intense passion for the world of fashion.

Here is just a small selection of her items; we have many, many more listed in our boutique This gorgeous stacking ring will add a punch
of colour to your wardrobe

There’s a reason this stacking ring set is
called Bubblegum Pop!

The perfect stacking ring set for wearing

The perfect stacking ring set for wearing

14 stunning jewelled stacking bangles.
Make an entrance
these on your arm

OK so here is where our GIVEAWAY comes in. We are offering ONE jewelled bangle from the set above (the winner can select the stone they want) in the "hope" we start your "stacking addiction" ;-)


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One winner will be drawn Sunday 4 December, and the name will be taken from either our Twitter followers, blog followers or Facebook followers.

Good Luck!! Remember you have to play to win ;-)

A Walk in the English Countryside

Nov 20, 2011

OK,my friends, before you start grabbing your Hunter Wellington boots, I must confess it's not a "real" walk in the English countryside.

I wanted to introduce you to a new designer Marie Walshe who joined our boutique.

OK, what does this have to do with the English countryside I hear you all asking.

Well, all Marie's gorgeous pieces are cast from real twigs taken from the Sussex countryside in the UK where she lives.

Just take a look at these gorgeous pieces.

These gorgeous hoops are hand cast from

from real twigs. They are available in Sterling

Silver and 18ct Gold vermeil

These stunning bangles are great for any nature lover and looks fab worn
in multiples or with other bracelets

These stunning pendants depict gorgeous budding garlands
and are available in both Silver and Gold Vermeil.
The chain length is 24" (61cm)

These stunning drop earrings look like glistening drops of buds

Ok, lets take that walk.

While we are walking let me tell you that we are offering a 20% discount and FREE shipping on this new Forest Collection. This offer ends Monday 28 November 2011.

I would love to hear your opinion on these new pieces .

Happiness is ...............

Nov 13, 2011

......waking up, opening the curtains and
seeing that it has snowed over night

.....wearing gorgeous heels

......surrounding yourself with people who are going
to lift you higher and make you a better person

.........watching my luggage coming out first on
the carousel at the airport. I always whoop with joy!

....making lists to convince myself I'm doing something
useful when I am in fact procrastinating

........wearing Juicy Courture tracksuit bottoms even though
I know they make me look like a criminals wife!

....listening to 'Dancing Queen' by Abba
or 'Don't Stop Me Now' by Queen.

.....spending an afternoon with only a stack
of books/magazines for company, and the sound of silence unconditional hug

.....watching a film that always makes me smile such as Grease
or It's a Wonderful Life

OK friends, taking it as a given that we all want to spend time
with our loved ones, what other things make you happy?

More Difficult Than You Think!

Nov 7, 2011

This is really more difficult than I thought.

If we accept that it is a given we are all kind and honest, then what ONE adjective do you think best describes you?

I will start the ball rolling for me. I would choose.........optimistic (by nature).

What about you my friends?

p.s please pop over to the lovely Ironing Basket blog where I have done a guest post on what Wellness means to me. See if you agree.