Let's Dance

Aug 22, 2013

Every day gives us a new chance to
kick off our shoes, draw in a breath 
and dance;

to live free of regret and filled with
as much fun, joy and laughter as we can stand.
It's not always easy and I
don't profess to being Pollyanna

you can either waltz boldly onto the floor, or
sit quietly by the wall receding into the shadows
of fear and self-doubt; fears that you may
look stupid, make others snigger, may
do something  your family doesn't want.........etc

If your life ended tomorrow, what would you
regret NOT doing?

When was the last time you laughed 
until it hurt?

If this were the last day of your life, would
you spend it doing what you've been
doing this week?

As Summer slowly draws to a close, I hope we
don't get wrapped up in the non-essential.

I hope we don't forget all the resolutions we
made when we were actually "present" and enjoying
the moment.


I hope we can all look back and remember this 
season as the time we decided to make every 
one of our moments count,

to relish each day as if there would never be another.

I hope that when you get the chance to sit it 
out or dance............

you choose to dance lovely lady

New Pieces:

Do share what changes you decided to
make this Summer; how you
plan to dance  your own dance 
to you own tune



Aug 15, 2013

Because there are so many hours in the day........
because we are only human............
because we can't be everywhere, to everyone all the time,

One day I will arrive here ;-)

we have to make choices.
Sometimes we just have to say NO, or
just walk away

Frigiliana/Spain. Can't tell you how many times
I walked these cobbled lanes.

But what you are really doing by saying NO, is allowing
space for saying YES; yes to the things that mean
more to you, are more important for you.
Leaving room for the things that matter more.

So please lets allow ourselves the choice
of saying no to those things that are not working
for us.

It will be OK. In fact "choosing" is a brave thing to do.

Remember you get to choose.
You get to decide.


So have you said NO recently?
How did it go down?
Do you find it difficult to say no and
so ending up saying yes instead?

p.s I often get asked about how I select my images. 
Let me be perfectly honest
with you. There is no method in my madness; 
no special themes, no artistic order (unless
I'm doing a product post only).
I simply select images that make me smile or
resonate with me on that day.


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No More Excuses Baby!

Aug 8, 2013

Summer is a great time for reflection.
As you lie on the beach or by the pool
we make all kinds of promises to ourself
of how things will be different once the 
holidays are over.

We get back to the routine and we forget that we can
decide what kind of life we want to have, we don't have
to just lead a "reactive life". 

We are the ONLY ones who can decide. 
We just can't wait around for things to happen.

We need to take "inspired action" to make things happen;
not just "busying" so that it looks like we are doing
something. You know what I mean Lovelies ;-)

(I am great at "busyness" that doesn't achieve
much ;-)

So no more excuses baby.................lets do this

I just couldn't resist this cutie. Check out her arm candy ;-)

wrap bracelets, blue jewelry, stretch bracelets

OK, talking of arm candy, this  wrap bracelet is new
in this week with colors depicting the stormy seas of the
Mediterranean. It really is gorgeous (I prefer it to Mia 1 
which was the summer version) as I think it will take you 
from summer to winter with no problems.

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