This month.........

May 29, 2013

This month has been a wonderful month
for many reasons:

*finally accepting that I am where I am meant to be
(and finally stopped resisting "what is" on so
many levels)

*wonderful birthday celebrations for my Dad
(something at times I thought I would 
never see)

*watching my Dad's  constant happiness + appreciation 
for the simplest things that are done for him

*celebrating with family in Switzerland
(my Aunt reminded me that
I used to watch Roger Federrer + 
my cousins practise tennis years ago as
his family were neighbors! What a small world)

*rushing back to the UK to welcome friends
over from Spain

*lots of cooking and eating

*basking in the UK sunshine 
one minute and walking in a downpour
the next

*enjoying the tranquility of a gorgeous garden
with just the sound of birdsong and water features
for company

*the joy of disconnecting from technology and
enjoying stacks of magazines/books + long
conversations with loved-ones

*the silence of not needing to talk, but knowing
you are surrounded by people you love 

*loving the unpredictability of 
northern European weather
(I promise I really don't miss
the Spanish heat at all)

*the happiness of ideas

*the triumph of understanding

*the joy of creativity

*dew on bare feet

*the smell of freshly cut grass

*the sound of cow bells in the Alps

*the joy of seeing my luggage first on
the carousel ;-)

*the joy of knowing I am needed


What made you smile this month?

Fifty Shades of................

May 23, 2013

OK, my question is, are you a pink fan
or should women of a certain age stay
away from pink at the risk of looking like
Barbie's mother?

Nina Ricci

You see I LOVE baby pink. I don't own
many things in this color, but this would be
my shade.
Pink + feathers

And pink diamonds are even better ;-)
37.36 carats of pink diamond heaven

LINA pendant in fuchsia

ROSA stacking ring


Pink Rolex. Too Kardashian for you?

Pink Prada

How cute are these cuffs?
KIKI cuffs (a multitude of colors)

OK, maybe I'm stretching it calling these pink,
but they are too gorgeous to leave out. Perfect for your
French/Italian Riviera summer days
STELLA earrings

Are you a pink girl or do feel it's
just too girlie for you?

Do use pink in your interiors i.e bedrooms

Pink jewelry?

Pink make-up?

What's your fav shade of pink, or will
any shade do?

As always would love to hear your thoughts.

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Should or Shouldn't You?

May 16, 2013

Well this week it seems everywhere I turn women
are talking about Angelina Jolie and her brave decision.

I applaud her for the decision she has made and her reasons
for doing it BUT.............

I would never get tested (even though I am eligible 
for testing because of my family history)

You're CRAZY I've been told on some threads on
Facebook, and maybe I am, but here are my reasons:

*one of my best friends had a preventative double mastectomy
because she had the gene. She went through
so much post-operative trauma, and yet still died 
soon after from cancer (that previously was not there)

*I always ask myself, did the surgery provoke something
that may have otherwise lay dormant?
I'm convinced it did.
However  the medical profession called it "one of
those things-a coincidence".

* when do we say enough is enough? What happens
if we are at risk of Alzhiemers (which can be genetic)
or Parkinsons? Do we go back to the old days
of lobotomizing brains -because at the end of the day
isn't a mastectomy similar?

What happens if we are at risk of heart disease, do
we start removing/ mutilating hearts and fitting
pace-makers just in case?

When will we stop?

Lets not forget that the cancer institution is a HUGE business
earning billions worldwide (and principally 
controlled by the pharma industry) yet long-term
survival hasn't improved? I find that very worrying,

"the percentage of people dying from cancer now is about the same 
as in the 1950's" (Fortune magazine-2004)

The mind is  a HUGELY powerful instrument.
Once you have the gene test, you immediately eradicate
any hope. 

Lets also not forget the level of stress hormones
that will surge through your body once you are told you 
have the gene, go through surgery and recover. 

What will that level of post-traumatic stress do to your body?
Could it act as a catalyst for starting 
or provoking "something"?

I do respect Angelina for her reasons but I just wish
it wasn't made public. This recent publicity has made 
us all become more fearful and even more obsessed with
preventing disease at the risk of harming the
very body we are seeking to heal.

This is just my personal opinion.
I would love to hear your thoughts
however different from mine they may
be ;-)


p.s  I would like to recommend 2 books here that I think are worth reading:
i) Cancer-Why We're Still Dying to Know the Truth (Phillip Day)
ii)Mammography Screening; Truth, Lies & Controversy (Peter C. Gotzsche)

Feeling Blue

May 9, 2013

When the sun is shining, my thoughts always
go to all things BLUE; a color that has
been featured heavily on the catwalks and
many red carpet events. 

Any blue will do-I'm not fussy?

My idea of "fine dining".


Gorgeous Greece

Just this week at the Met Ball, Naomie Harris
wore this gorgeous Donna Karen dress in shades 
of blue (my favorite dress of the night).

The stunning Vanessa Williams this week in David Meister.

Gorgeous Hermès sandals. Can't you just smell the
butter soft suede from where you are?

Oscar de la Renta clutch

Stunning Elie Saab heels.

Vintage Chanel (wish I could get my hands on these).

Our NEW  ELOISA pendant. All you need to add is your fav jeans
or your best couture, a sassy smile and you're good to go!

NEW: LINA Necklace

MONICA Earrings

LUNA Earrings

Are you a BLUE fan?
Have you gone blue this season?
Will you only wear a specific shade of blue,
will any shade do?

Would love to hear your thoughts

Everything Will Be All White

May 3, 2013

As soon as the sun starts shining
my thoughts go to everything white.

I am sure I could live in only white all summer
and no other color.

In fact my wardrobe in Spain is 95% white and my wardrobe 
in the UK is 95% black

Needs no words

LOVE these by Vera Wang

I want to don my paint brush and
start white-washing everything in sight

My perfect kitchen; I would
never leave

My perfect home office. I would work so much harder
if this was my office ;-)

I even gravitate to white flowers more than
any other color when buying flowers for my home

white chocolate is also a welcome treat ;-)

Multi-chord cuffs  in white. These look stunning
on bronzed skin. Perfect beach glamor.

What I am most coveting this summer ;-)

Leigh earrings

Would love to hear what color you always gravitate
too when the sun comes out.

Maybe you don't have a favorite?
Maybe you have a multitude of colors?
Maybe you have a signature color?
Just take a glance at your summer wardrobe/closet;
you might surprise yourself