Feeling Blue

When the sun is shining, my thoughts always
go to all things BLUE; a color that has
been featured heavily on the catwalks and
many red carpet events. 

Any blue will do-I'm not fussy?

My idea of "fine dining".


Gorgeous Greece

Just this week at the Met Ball, Naomie Harris
wore this gorgeous Donna Karen dress in shades 
of blue (my favorite dress of the night).

The stunning Vanessa Williams this week in David Meister.

Gorgeous Hermès sandals. Can't you just smell the
butter soft suede from where you are?

Oscar de la Renta clutch

Stunning Elie Saab heels.

Vintage Chanel (wish I could get my hands on these).

Our NEW  ELOISA pendant. All you need to add is your fav jeans
or your best couture, a sassy smile and you're good to go!

NEW: LINA Necklace

MONICA Earrings

LUNA Earrings

Are you a BLUE fan?
Have you gone blue this season?
Will you only wear a specific shade of blue,
will any shade do?

Would love to hear your thoughts


  1. I am not usually a fan of the colour blue, but seeing these glorious inspiration images has given me a new found respect for the blissful shade. I think I would prefer it in accessories more than an entire outfit. That image of Morocco and Greece is heavenly!

    1. It has to be be just the right shade for me Sam but living in the Med gave a new found love for the color.

  2. My favourite colour, Vanessa...gorgeous images here...I LOVE the 2nd dress...stunning!
    Have a lovely day.
    Catherine xx

    1. TYSM Catherine. Living in the Med I've grown to love blue.
      Have a lovely weekend xx

  3. Gorgeous photos ... oh those Hermès sandals .... no words required..lol...wishing you warmth and sunshine my friend..Blessings, C. (HHL)

  4. I love the color blue! Alone, paired with white and paired with black. These are wonderful inspirations.

  5. Blue immediately makes me think of holidays in the sun. Gorgeous images especially the rich blue in the first three and the Eloisa necklace is stunning in the two shades of blue.

  6. That's how my love of blue started-living in the Med for the last 12 years x

  7. I do love blue... any shade too! That Eloisa chunky necklace is stunning! What beautiful images!
    I hope everything is well with you sweetpea! I have done rounds of laundry in anticipation that the little one will come soon, can't wait to get him into the 'fill me up' babygro!
    Have a lovely weekend!

    1. Heeey! How long left Sandee. You must be so excited.

  8. Oh Vanessa your selection is so inspiring since I too was never a big fan of blue but always have to report on it for work. It does make me think of Greece ALLOT but also anywhere I can find a beach. I am a huge turquoise fan but perhaps I'll give cobalt a chance one day soon. Is that belted dress on the runway Oscar de la Renta? So gorgeous. And those Hermes shoes? Just insanely chic in a subtle way only Hermes can do.


    1. TYSM so much Letitia for your lovely comments. Yes maybe it's time to try cobalt. Like you I was always a turquoise fan first and foremost in summer.

  9. The Luna earrings are amazing! Congrats on your creations darling!!!
    I love blue all year round, in summer even more!
    Coco et La vie en rose
    Coco et La vie en rose on Bloglovin
    Coco et La vie en rose on Facebook

  10. Amazing pics! Just fabulous:)

    Win a pair of sunglasses:

  11. Hi Van ... first, so sorry I haven't been around quite as much as normal ... I've been so incredibly busy with custom commissions it's been hard to do my normal thing ... May seems to be the busiest time I've ever had with lots of deadlines that just happened to be coming all at once for big projects ... whew! Okay, back to blue ... when I was a kid, pale blue was the color I always thought was the prettiest in the box. But I never really decorated with it until now and I don't wear a lot of it either ... but when I have worn it, it's wonderful. The royal blue version makes my blue eyes SO blue! I remember a blue velvet dress with rhinestone collar I had in highschool, one of my all-time faves! And I love pale turquoise blue and have several summer tops in that color. As for decor, this is the first time I've painted a room in a very pale blue-green and I'm just in love with it. It makes me happy every time I walk into my living room, it's just plain pretty. I did it because i wanted a beachy feel and was a little nervous about it, but boy am I glad I did it! Btw, I love the white dress with the deep blue design in the fifth photo, how dramatic and chic! Hope alls well there, love! Sending hugs! xo ~S

    SANDY M Illustration

    1. Like you I have only liked "baby/duck egg blue" for interiors or clothing. I have tried to become a little braver with the cobalt blue and have started with accessories first. I am very brave with colors when I am in Spain and then resort back to neutrals when in the UK; not sure why really. I'm sure it has something to do with the sun :-)
      Lovely to hear you are super busy Sandy ;it's a good thing in these times ;-) xx

  12. So many gorgeous things!! I think my favorite is Naomie's stunning dress. I love it so much. :-)

  13. So much eye candy in this post! If I had to choose a favourite colour, it would be blue. Now that I think about it I own A LOT of blue things! Loving the new line of blue goodies!

  14. I've never been much of a fan of blue color, but recently I'm trying to incorporate it at least into my wardrobe (I'm still not sure it would work in my home). I have this gorgeous rich blue blazer and clutch from H&M, and they've been on heavy rotation lately. A proof that no color is off limits if you're willing to give it a try!

    xx Ivana

    Macarons and Pearls

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