Add Some Petal Power To Your Look

Oct 3, 2019

Hair bands are having their day and gone are the days when it was only for 7 year olds!
Now head bands can cover a multitude of sins (especially if you are having a bad hair day). 
They are also said to make you look younger. Who couldn't do with more of that?

So below are some extra-special head-bands that would be great for the upcoming party season/holiday events, Winter weddings or if you just like that grown-up boho-chic look (as I do).

   Chrysanthemum-inspired gold hair band. Perfect for when you need a 
Winter pick-me-up. Get prepared for lots of oohs and aaaaahs.

Inspired by the Hydrangea flower in both gold and silver.
Don't even think about keeping it for best baby girl!!!

A stunning olive sprig to transport you back to those heady Summer days

Inspired by the Mimosa flower and the fern plant.
How can you ever have a bad hair day with these?

So there you have it. If you want to add some petal power to your
look, I have you covered.