Why Are Pearls Associated With Summer?

Jun 12, 2023

 I don't know about you but when anyone mentions pearls I always think of Audrey Hepburn, Coco Chanel and Summer!!!

Audrey Hepburn wearing pearl earrings

Coco Chanel wearing pearls

Coco Chanel and Serge Lifa, the principal dancer of Diaghilev's Ballet Russes during his final years 
in the late 1920's

The first two are self explanatory, but why Summer?

Here are my thoughts (and they are just my humble thoughts).

i) it's the gemstone of the month of June, and it is also the gemstone favoured by brides (which also seems to be in the Summer months).

Baroque Pearl Earrings Worn on Model

ii) Pearls are automatically associated with the ocean (as pearls are harvested from clams) thereby creating visions of beachside luxury.

Whether you are frolicking in St.Barts or in the Med, pearls always add some laidback luxe to a Summer wardrobe.

Pearl ring

Gold Pearl Rings here

iii) Pearls have a natural iridescence and lustrous glow that mimics the shimmering qualities of Summer sunlight. Their smooth, reflective surface adds a touch of elegance and radiance to any outfit (any season). 

They are also known for their timeless beauty; they can be paired with a t'shirt and jeans, party attire and of course wedding outfits.

pearl jewellery

iv) Pearls also have a rich history in many cultures. For example in ancient Rome, pearls were associated with the goddess Venus, who was linked to love and beauty (hence the connection weddings and bridal accessories).

Having said all of the above, pearls can really be worn and enjoyed whenever and however you feel fit. 

There are no hard and fast rules for how you should wear your pearls. Ultimately it is all about personal style and expression.

Kate Middleton wearing pearl accessories

Long pearl drop earrings

So there you have it. My humble thoughts on why pearls are the epitome of Summer.

Are you a pearl girl? Is it your go-to gemstone?

Do let me know if you are a "pearly-Queen" in the comments.

Hairbands Are Having Their Moment

May 9, 2023

 Well, if you watched last weekends Coronation, one thing you would have seen was this.

Princess of Wales and Princess Charlotte Wearing Silver Hairbands

I don't know about you but I absolutely loved this, especially the mini-me version on Princess Charlotte.

BUT can you wear headbands and hair accessories over 40, and for every day rather than just weddings and events?

I am going to say a resounding YES!!! Let me explain why.

I use headbands quite a lot just to keep my hair back, in-between cuts or even in-between washes if truth be told.

I think for every day a thin headband can really look lovely and pull your outfit together, if your other accessories are more minimal.

I have heard it said that more structured designs rather than floppy are better as you get older. I don't agree however. Scarves as headbands give a really lovely boho vibe.

My biz mentor/crush HollyTucker MBE (and the founder of Not On The High Street), wears the most amazing head accessories and they are nearly always fabric. 

I wish I knew how to tie a scarf like here. Her hair accessories and colours always make me feel so happy.

Holly Tucker MBE Business Mentor
Holly Tucker

As said, headbands can just be a great way to keep longer hair tidy and can subsequently become your signature look.

silver fern headband worn on a model
Silver Fern Headband Here

Gold floral headband worn with long hair
Chrysanthemum Gold Headband Here

One person who wears her head-bands like a Queen is the fashion stylist and influencer Tamera Beardsley She is proof that you can wear a hairband at any age and look incredible. There is nothing juvenile about the way she wears her hairbands. She owns it!!!

Gold textured hairband worn by woman

woman wearing black and pearl head b and with black statement ring
Ring here

So there you have it, my "humble" take on hairbands/headbands.

Tell me below, are you a headband fan?

Might you consider it now, if never before? 

As always I love to hear from you in the comments

Until next time


p.s If you want to see my full range of hairbands, just pop here.

Justify Your Investment Buys

Apr 12, 2023


OK. Are you sitting down?

 To really appreciate the long-term value of jewellery, or any investment buy I always look at the cost per wear; whether I am buying a cashmere jumper, jewellery....whatever, this is how I calculate the true cost of the investment based on wearing a piece per year.

As people move away from fast-fashion and more people think about what ends up in land-fills, more and more people are buying products that last.

So this is how I justify my investment buys. I've based my calculations on maybe wearing a piece every day, once a week or twice a week for a year-just to give you an idea of how you can do the calculation whenever you do this for yourself.

I hope it helps.


A modern and bold twisted torque bangle. This is a piece that will bring exciting originality to your outfit with its slick and elegant style.

a model wearing a silver and wood statement bangle

see here


Stunning hand-crafted daisy drop earrings. What's not to love?

model wearing silver and gold hand-crafted daisy dangle earrings
see here


Delicate Mimosa buds on this gorgeous wrap around bangle. The perfect wardrobe refresh this Spring.

model wearing a mimosa bud inspired gold wrap bangle


I'm forecasting joy whatever the weather with this gorgeous Chrysanthemum
statement ring (each petal crafted and cast by hand).

models hand showing a gold vermeil, hand-crafted, flower statement ring

So there you have it. A tip on how to calculate the cost per wear of any investment piece you buy.

The days of fast fashion are vanishing quickly (you can tell by how many companies did not run Black Friday sales last year, many of which sent out messages explaining why).

So I hope this little tip helps you buy better, which ends up cheaper in the long run.

Sending love as always.