Justify Your Investment Buys


OK. Are you sitting down?

 To really appreciate the long-term value of jewellery, or any investment buy I always look at the cost per wear; whether I am buying a cashmere jumper, jewellery....whatever, this is how I calculate the true cost of the investment based on wearing a piece per year.

As people move away from fast-fashion and more people think about what ends up in land-fills, more and more people are buying products that last.

So this is how I justify my investment buys. I've based my calculations on maybe wearing a piece every day, once a week or twice a week for a year-just to give you an idea of how you can do the calculation whenever you do this for yourself.

I hope it helps.


A modern and bold twisted torque bangle. This is a piece that will bring exciting originality to your outfit with its slick and elegant style.

a model wearing a silver and wood statement bangle

see here


Stunning hand-crafted daisy drop earrings. What's not to love?

model wearing silver and gold hand-crafted daisy dangle earrings
see here


Delicate Mimosa buds on this gorgeous wrap around bangle. The perfect wardrobe refresh this Spring.

model wearing a mimosa bud inspired gold wrap bangle


I'm forecasting joy whatever the weather with this gorgeous Chrysanthemum
statement ring (each petal crafted and cast by hand).

models hand showing a gold vermeil, hand-crafted, flower statement ring

So there you have it. A tip on how to calculate the cost per wear of any investment piece you buy.

The days of fast fashion are vanishing quickly (you can tell by how many companies did not run Black Friday sales last year, many of which sent out messages explaining why).

So I hope this little tip helps you buy better, which ends up cheaper in the long run.

Sending love as always.


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