How To Buy Jewellery For Others This Christmas Season.

 As we come into gifting season, there may be women in your life that you would love to buy jewellery for; your partner, your sister, your mother, your BFF.......the list goes on. But sometimes it it tricky to buy for someone else. 


Here's some pointers that may help you establish what jewellery style your recipient may have.

First up is the floral and delicate style similar to Emily Blunt perhaps?

Floral Chrysanthemum ring here.     Sunflower pendant here.   Floral hair adornments here

Floral Collection here

Like Emily Blunt the jewellery style is one of florals; not necessarily delicate but must have petals or be nature-inspired.

They may wear delicate petal pieces, but they also may wear one floral statement piece. 

They are not necessarily hung up about the size but more about the floral details.

Next up is the 'hoop lover'.

Like JLo, if she is going to wear hoops, she wants everyone to see them. 

But they don't have to be the typical plain hoop. This recipient loves a re-work of a classic. Let's face it you can't have a bad day with a good hoop! (just saying ;-)

Rose thorn hoops here     Big hoops here.   Statement hoops here

Hoop Collection here

OK so the next recipient you may need to buy for is the 'colour lover' aka Anna Wintour.

colourful_statement_gold_jewellery_giftsLeaf earrings here  Turquoise statement cuff here    Stacking bangles here

Colour Collection here

Anna Wintour is proof you can wear colour and still look classic. 

She always wears vintage  Riviere necklaces in a multitude of colours irrespective of  her outfit, day or night; proof that you don't need to shy away from colour to be classic. You can still do coloured baubles without looking like a Christmas tree ;-)

Next up we have the wearer who loves to layer and much as possible. 
In fact they may be easier to buy for because you know they will just add it to everything else they are wearing at the time. You won't have to try and match the piece for them.

Matador charm necklace here      Stacking rings here.   Stacking bangles here

Finally we have the person who just wants big and bold aka Beyonce!
This wearer is the opposite of Rita Ora above; they prefer to just wear one stand out piece and let that piece do the talking.

Silver and wood bangle here.     Twisted bangle here.     Statement collar here

So there you have it. 
Some jewellery styles which I hope will make buying jewellery for other people (or even yourself) a little easier.

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