A Month Of Madness

Aug 20, 2015

Well what can I say other than this month has
been pure madness for me on so many
levels; from the sublime to the ridiculous.

I can't tell you how many times I
wanted to OD on chocolate cake and crawl 
back under the duvet. Or how many times
I squealed like a happy little piglet!!!

Where the hell do I start?

OK, so first up is that my move to my dream
cottage is ever closer.

A cottage on the borders of the Cotswold and Wiltshire
 was literally on my vision board in my office, in my house
in Spain, and now it is imminent.

I'm a London girl (born and bred) and have lived all 
over the world, but always in a big or reasonably sized city.

So this is a whole new adventure for me.
But I am ready for it.......I think ;-)
As my Husband said "Van, this is going to take more than
a pair of glossy Hunter boots", and I think he might be right ;-)
He just knows me so well.

It's been a mad roller coaster getting here, but it looks we will finally be 
moving in at the end of the month.

I have bought the epitome of chocolate-box "Englishness"; 
detached, thatched cottage, beautiful gardens and rustic loveliness inside.

Again this is completely new for me as my house in
Spain and in the UK have always been very minimalist
and modern in style; black, white or neutral were the
central themes that ran through all my interiors. I just never did
color. My friends always joked if we went anywhere "colourful"
that I should "take it easy" as I would probably 
come down with a migraine ;-)

So rustic fireplaces, beams, slate floors,
stone walls will all be new for me.

 I am so excited and needless to say Pinterest 
has become my new "sleeping partner".
It's been keeping me up sometimes until
2-3am when my mind is whirring, my brain has turned to jelly
and all I am really capable of is clicking a button that says "pin".

Anyone who has moved knows how traumatic packing
can be. I am not good in a disorganised mess, whereas that's how
my Husband seems to work best. So it really has been survival of the 
fittest when it has come to packing.

Actually I usually just give up and go and find chocolate 
cake to console myself . Sometimes you just have 
to pick your battles.

On top of the excitement of moving into
my dream property my boutique was featured in this glossy
this month:

Another objective of mine this year was to up my PR 
in China. So this was such a huge thing for me.
If you can read Chinese, then here is the link

So these were two lovely things that happened this
week that helped me forget about:
* how much I am missing
my Dad; it's a daily struggle. Something I just never envisaged.
 *how money can turn people into monsters (talking
about my Sister here ;-) 
*how vision boards are not woo-woo at all; they really work.

*and how I just need to keep putting one foot in front of the
other as every small step (however small) has a compound 
effect. Sometimes we get dis-heartened because we can't see immediately
the fruits of our labor. But I've decided it's OK to be a wood-pecker;
to get up each day, go to my lofty tree (my goals and dreams) and just
start pecking, knowing that "one day" (I don't know when) that dream will come to fruition
i.e the tree will fall.
My beak may be really sore at the end of it, but
it's always SO worth it.

Happy Weekend Lovelies

(p.s  the cottage pictures are all courtesy of my BFF Pinterest ;-)