Everything Will Be All White

As soon as the sun starts shining
my thoughts go to everything white.

I am sure I could live in only white all summer
and no other color.

In fact my wardrobe in Spain is 95% white and my wardrobe 
in the UK is 95% black

Needs no words

LOVE these by Vera Wang

I want to don my paint brush and
start white-washing everything in sight

My perfect kitchen; I would
never leave

My perfect home office. I would work so much harder
if this was my office ;-)

I even gravitate to white flowers more than
any other color when buying flowers for my home

white chocolate is also a welcome treat ;-)

Multi-chord cuffs  in white. These look stunning
on bronzed skin. Perfect beach glamor.

What I am most coveting this summer ;-)

Leigh earrings

Would love to hear what color you always gravitate
too when the sun comes out.

Maybe you don't have a favorite?
Maybe you have a multitude of colors?
Maybe you have a signature color?
Just take a glance at your summer wardrobe/closet;
you might surprise yourself


  1. Very cool inspiration :) I love these jewels :)

    Visit me http://fashionismyway.blogspot.it/

  2. White instantly makes me think of holidays in the sun - especially pretty with gold. What a gorgeous selection of images and the lace top in the second photo is beautiful!

    1. TYSM. Like you it always makes me think of the sun too.

  3. Me to Vanessa..I adore white...I've just purchased another white tunic to wear with my linen trousers ;-)
    Gorgeous images here...have a wonderful weekend in the sunshine!
    Catherine xx

  4. You too C' and thank you for popping by. Enjoy the sunshine xx

  5. White is so fresh. I love it all year round. But of course for summer, it's the best. I would love that kitchen too!

  6. Hi dearest Vanessa! I love how white looks but I have steered clear from it since too many make-up and coffee dropping incidents, lol. I wish I could wear more of it, but maybe I should try incorporating accessories in this shade. I am too guilty of wearing far too much black. Love the pumps and watch. I love seeing white in home decor, its fresh and so inviting. Thanks for your kind visit.

  7. AAHHHHH ... yes white is the perfect summer colour... loving the outfit in the first photo! ..and that office , I'm swooning!! I have been in at our home in the city .. nothing like warm weather to get the city folk out and on patio's ...and well since I was in the city, I had to do as the city dwellers do..lol... I could have used as pair of those sunglasses in your previous post, my friend. I say go for it!! ..and you have the perfect "reason" for a new pair ... yours are back in Spain..:) enjoy the sunshine mon ami..Hugs and blessings, C. (HHL)

  8. I am going to be adventurous and buy some white clothes this year, I usually avoided them since I am prone to spillage but whatever! I do love cream & white decor.

  9. White is so crisp, clean and refreshing! I love that Chanel handbag, office and bedroom. What I wouldn't give to have those :D. Beautiful post!

  10. Love whites for summer, I always love the white, clean cool interiors in Greek architecture against the blue shutters - makes me think of holidays all the time. As for fashion... I'd best stay away from whites, as I'm likely to get it dirty!
    Have a lovely weekend Van!

  11. I'm the same exact way. But sometimes all year long :)

  12. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your fashion opinions with me about the Met Gala. I did see their dresses! And I couldn't justify putting such horrific looks up on my blog, lol

  13. Hi Vanessa, White is so clean, I love it myself. Although I'm a pink girl. LOVE pink! White also looks really good with pink. LOL I adore the pics you've chosen for this post.
    Dee xoxo


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