Sunnies Side Up

This week has been glorious in London, so my thoughts went to
where the hell I had put all my sunglasses.
Most are left at my home in Spain as I
had forgotten that the UK does have sun.

I am an Aviators girl usually (I just never got the big
bug-eye look going ;.)

But then came across these and just
wished I was brave enough to don a pair

All the above by Swedish designer  Anna Karin Karlsson

A-Morir, Prada and DSquared

I SO love the floral glasses by A-Morir
above. I just wish I was brave enough to
wear them :-(

What are your thoughts? Too Nicki Minaj?
Are you a traditionalist when it comes to 
your sunnies or do you go with the 
latest look?

Would love to hear from you.

p.s excuse my rather lame attempts at collages; still
haven't had the time to perfect them yet.


  1. You lucky dogs, still freezing up here but I'll be down at the end of May for my birthday, cannot wait.

    1. It's gorgeous down here Tabs as you've probably heard already ;-)
      Hope you are well xx

  2. My daughter wants the prada ones with flowers, they are so pretty, but so Dame Edna! x

  3. You are so right Sharron-they do remind me of Dame Edna. Your daughter is probably young and sassy enough to pull them off x

  4. Hi sweety, glad to hear the weather is warming up on your side of the world! These sunnies are quite cute, I think they are appreciate for certain occasions like music festivals and such. I would wear a more classic pair everyday and keep these for fun events and weekends.

    1. Hi Sam! Yes, you are right. I think for a fun music festival they would look really fun xx

  5. Love it Love it LOVE IT ! Bicycle and sunglasses ! So cute

  6. Haven't we been lucky!
    Great selection here...I have so many pairs of sunglasses right back to the 80s Ray-Bans!
    Let's hope the sun shines on us tomorrow ;-)

    1. Me too Catherine but I left most of them in Spain :-( 80's Ray-Bans!! That certainly brings back some teenage memories ;-)

  7. I adore the flowered ones. My confidence isn't strong enough to try them though. Plus my RX sunglasses cost an arm and a leg so I need to be very selective.

    1. You and me alike ;-) I wish I was brave enough to wear those flowered ones also. TYSM for popping by xx

  8. Brilliant, I love these pimped up glasses! Today isn't a great shades wearing day, but let's hope the weekend will be filled with sun!

    I love a good pair of aviators, can't o wrong with those!

    1. Looks like our weekend wishes were not heard Sandee ;-)
      Hope you are doing well Sweets xx

  9. Thanks for your visit.. Wishing you a great and productive week ahead hun!

  10. Sweetie, you always manage to crack me up :) I'm not sure how I feel about those sunnies: they look gorgeous in picture, I just can't imagine myself walking around with a leopard across my face :) I think I'll stick to my aviators and bug-like sunnies :)
    I know I owe you an email, and I'm onto it! Hope your dad is feeling better now that the sun has showed up!

    Sending you lots of love

    xx Ivana

    Macarons and Pearls

  11. Thank you for your kind compliments on the outfit post, we were thrilled to read it :)

  12. I'm so glad you got some sunshine! I love the Prada sunglasses!


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