No-one Came To My Party

Every now and then, much to my anger and
irritation I lose my mo-jo, 
and this week was a case in point.

There just seemed to be sadness everywhere I turned.

I felt life was unfair (really dangerous territory for the mind)

Atrocious events made me more aware
of the struggle and fears we are all living with.

I was looking at my Dad, once a tall,elegant and dignified man
now just a shell of his former self.

I had lost my "sparkle" and I didn't care.
I wasn't even trying to find it.

I was having me a big ol pity-party.
No-one else RSVP'd, but that didn't
stop me. I  didn't care I was the 
only guest dancing at this party
for as long as my heels would hold me.

Alcohol wasn't needed at this party-oh no!
I wanted to be fully alert and conscious about
my self-pity; I really wanted to enjoy and 
wallow in it, like a big, old
hippo wallowing in mud.

But then my lovely friend Sandee from
A Brit Greek, pinned this on one of my
Pinterest boards.

It was as if she had popped by my
pity party just to tell me this ;-)

But why did she have to remind me of this when
all I wanted to do was find me a quiet spot and
read my book ;-) I hadn't finished wallowing. 
Didn't she know that? How dare she?

But she did, and serendipity led me straight to
her pin by pure accident.

And then I thought about recent horrific events in
Boston and Waco and thought, how dare I wallow
in self-pity.

Then I remembered a "mantra" that my Mum
always used to say which is:

"Appreciation for today and eagerness for
what's coming tomorrow".

For some reason, it always gets 
me out of my slump.

How do you get yourself out of a slump
or find your mo-jo again?

Is "mo-jo" just over-rated?

Do you hold pity-parties every now and

Would love to hear your thoughts Lovelies and
special thoughts and prayers for all in the US 
this week



  1. Hi dear, I know of these types of days, and no matter how difficult things seem at the time and how despondent you may feel, you have to remember that it too shall pass. It takes these sad and sometimes miserable moments for us to appreciate the better ones, for us to go through whatever trauma and self-pity we need to got through in order to come out stronger and wiser in the end. I am sending you a big hug sweetie!

    1. TYSM for your lovely comments Sam. Feeling so much better. Sometimes I think these days are our internal guidance system asking us to slow down ;-)
      Hope you are well Sweets xx

  2. Dearest Vanessa ... seems we missed each other at this party :). I know too well what it is like to watch a strong father become a shell ~ for us it happened in September 2007, just as I was adjusting to life post accident - my father returned home to God. When we find our self at this party ... it's ok to linger a moment or two ... and then pick our self up and move forward stronger and more determined. Sending you positive energy and asking all Angels to hold you closer and guide you through this time. xo Blessings, C. (HHL)

    1. Ha! ha! How did we miss each other? Feeling so much better. Sometimes I think these days are our internal guidance system asking us to slow down ;-) In comparison you had such bigger reasons to hold a pity-party than me. You should be applauded for how far you have come.
      Hope you are well Sweets xx

  3. It must be so hard to watch your dad's decline. I like a good old wallow in the pity pool,loads of tears, snotty nose, the works then I eventually get to the been there done that stage and my mood usually lifts.

    1. You're right Tabs. Sometimes it just feels so great ;-)

  4. A beautiful post Vanessa...I too know how you are feeling about your lovely Dad died in 2011 he too physically was a shell of his former self, a tall, elegant beautiful man but he was still my Dad his soul hadn't changed it just broke my heart to see him so ill...he was with me and my husband in the last few months of his life and I'm so grateful he was thoughts are with you dear Vanessa.
    With my love

    1. TYSM Catherine. I was just having one of those days when I wrote my blog. I am feeling back to normal now and in feeling myself am seeing all the positive aspects of my Dad ;-)
      TY for your lovely comments xx

  5. Hey Van, Awww, you poor thing, I know it must be really hard for you but it's ok to admit it and also allow to wallow in it a wee bit! Hopefully you have lots of wonderful people in your life (I know how awesome the Mr. is) at supporting you or changing how you feel at that moment. It's not always that easy to snap out of it, but you can try and remember how many beautiful blessings you already have in life.

    Thank you for the mention, sadly I'm not telepathic, but I am always here for ya love!

    1. TYSM Sandee. I usually snap out quite quickly (once I get bored being at the party alone ;-)
      Hope you are "little man" are well xx

  6. Cyber hugs! Wishing you splendid days to come.

  7. Thanks for your visit sweetheart, its good to be back to your blog! Happy Friday!

  8. Thanks for sharing where you're at. I go through moments in time like this too. In fact I was having such a bad day last week that all I wanted to do was call in sick to work and just stay in bed and sob. I didn't and forced myself to press on telling myself that I'm an overcomer and that the day would be over before I knew it. I think for me, part of it is pregnancy hormones right now and part of it is just feeling alone, overwhelmed and not getting the help and support I need at this busy and stressful time combined with having my closest family and friends miles away during what is supposed to be a special time for us.

    Every 6 months or so something will trigger that pity-party feeling and I just want to be left alone to figure it all out and think. I don't have any special ways to deal with it other than force myself out of the house to spend time with friends who I know will make me laugh and I can return home feeling better than when I left.

    I hope you feel better soon!


    1. Sorry what you are going through Karla. I am sure part is pregnancy hormones and part as you safe being away from your nearest and dearest. I felt like that at poignant times when I lived overseas.
      Take care Sweets xx

  9. I just came ou t of my little dark bubble myself, I totally know what you feel. I am not fully over it yet, but I've dusted myself off and am able to focus outwardly again, just in time to pray for all the innocent victims in America this week. I hope you find the strength and positivity too.

    1. TYSM for your lovely comments and for popping over. Feeling so much better. Sometimes I think these days are our internal guidance system asking us to slow down ;-)
      Hope you don't stay a stranger and come back xx

  10. Everything will pass...
    just hold on and keep a little sanity, humor, and optimism.
    You'll be fine.

  11. I always try to remind myself that there are people suffering much worse than me. But I do feel that sometimes we need to go very low in order to focus on the good things in life. I am glad to hear you have found your mo-jo again. Sending you loyalty of hugs.

  12. This was such a beautiful post. I agree. We can't always be strong. And yes, it has been a very sad week. Hopefully this week will be better!

  13. Thanks for your visit dear, hope you feeling uplifted! wish you a great week ahead!

  14. It's so hard being in that place. Yes, I do indulge in a pity party now and then. Personally, I think it's essential to go through all the scary, sad, painful, things and list them and say THIS SUCKS!!! For me, validation is essential to my ability to respond better afterwards, to be able to see goodness in all the sadness. XO

  15. Hi Vanessa, I do hope your feeling better and felt so sad to hear you feeling this way. It's ok to get this way we all do, even if people don't admit it. It's actually normal. Having a sick parent is very difficult and you are not a cold person, you have such a big warm heart, so it's ok to feel down at times like this. I have been there myself. Just know that you have wonderful friends from what I can see that care about you very much and I'm sure they are all keeping you in their prayers as well as myself. I too sometimes think about all the suffering that goes on in the world and there is always someone hurting more than I and when I look at their strength (for instance...what happened in Boston) that always seems to give me strength. Praying for you and your dad.
    Dee xoxo

  16. Such a heartbreaking post, I feel pity parties are of no use as in the end, everybody has to fight and win their own battles, and th eonly thing that can help is hope.
    Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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  17. Get Up, Dress Up, Show every time for me Vanessa. So glad you are feeling better.

  18. Your photos and subjects are fantastic. I love the fashion, too!


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