No More Excuses Baby!

Summer is a great time for reflection.
As you lie on the beach or by the pool
we make all kinds of promises to ourself
of how things will be different once the 
holidays are over.

We get back to the routine and we forget that we can
decide what kind of life we want to have, we don't have
to just lead a "reactive life". 

We are the ONLY ones who can decide. 
We just can't wait around for things to happen.

We need to take "inspired action" to make things happen;
not just "busying" so that it looks like we are doing
something. You know what I mean Lovelies ;-)

(I am great at "busyness" that doesn't achieve
much ;-)

So no more excuses baby.................lets do this

I just couldn't resist this cutie. Check out her arm candy ;-)

wrap bracelets, blue jewelry, stretch bracelets

OK, talking of arm candy, this  wrap bracelet is new
in this week with colors depicting the stormy seas of the
Mediterranean. It really is gorgeous (I prefer it to Mia 1 
which was the summer version) as I think it will take you 
from summer to winter with no problems.

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Sending hugs



  1. I agree with your wisdom dear. Your latest creation is super doll, congrats!
    Coco et La vie en rose
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    I entered a style contest: please click HERE and give me a LIKE if you like :-)

  2. Thank you so much, luv. I really needed your words today. My soul sighed happy sighs as I read them. :-) xo

  3. Wise advice sweety, we can't wait for things to happen - I agree, we need to sit up, wake up and make them happen ourselves. This is something we all need to remember. Beautiful bracelet!

  4. SO true! We can design our lives the way we want them (within reason, of course).
    Beautiful does remind me of the Mediterranean.
    xo, A

  5. It's so beautiful!!! Ok, you've pumped me up Vannessa! No more excuses! HAHAHA

    1. Good Kim. That's what I think makes a good blog post for me xx

  6. Your words are so true!! We have the ability to create the life we want ... but must remember to not just create it ...But to LIVE it! great photos and that bracelet is so darling... happy week-end my friend C. (HHL)

  7. Great post, Vanessa and so true...I'm working on it ;-)
    Love the bracelet...beautiful colours.
    Happy Weekend.

    1. TY Catherine. Trust me I have to work on it also ;-)
      Have a lovely weekend xx

  8. I just love your philosophy, Vannessa! I've been trying to follow the same approach lately, taking action instead of only talking about dreams and plans. And it feels so great :)
    And I LOVE all these pictures, they are just so me...I mean, pink and macarons? That's all me :)

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend so far, my dear friend!

    xx Ivana

    Macarons and Pearls

  9. Your images are so lovely and your words resonant with me today. After 7 weeks off for summer I'm back to my regular work schedule as a School Psychologist this week. We make such wonderful goals while day dreaming and relaxing in the heat of summer. Now to turn those dreams into action. I'm onboard!
    I also want to thank you for your lovely, supportive words on Stylemindchic today. Your depth and kindness are very much appreciated. By the way, your jewelry is stunning.
    Wishing you a gorgeous weekend my lovely friend!
    xx, Heather @ Stylemindchic

    1. Thank you so much Heather. So pleased to have found your wonderful blog and to have found another psychologist in blogland ;-)

  10. The bracelet is gorgeous Vanessa! And yes, I completely agree with you about needing to take "inspired action" to make things happen and not just "busying" so that it looks like we are doing something which I am quite guilt of doing on occasion. Quality of life begins with how we use the time that we have.

    Wishing you a great summer in London! xoxo

    1. Thank you Reese for your lovely comments Sweets xx

  11. Gorgeous images especially the purples in the Ladurée photo. The bracelet is lovely - pretty colour combination. Your words are so true - great advice!

  12. Very inspiring... We need to fight for what we want!

  13. Woohoo! I love clicking on your kick-ass posts that make me want to get up and get stuff done! Luckily, I am in the middle of a huge life change so I am making stuff happen! Just need to keep it up :)

  14. Thanks so much for your kind visit, wish you well for the rest of the week! Please do let me know if you end up going to the coast store, would love to hear about it.

  15. Hi Vanessa,

    Sorry I'm late getting here! I've been traveling and sometimes I don't have internet access:) ANYWAY.. YES! I do know what you mean. It's easy to maintain where we're at and not move forward. I'm a list maker in hopes of accomplishing things on my days off. We also need to focus on doing things to better ourselves on an emotional level. That could be yoga, running, blogging, learning a new language, read a new book.. starting something new.

    Happy Monday!

  16. Vanessa, another absolutely delectable post! Candy for the eye... and the soul! I so appreciate the beauty you put out into 'this' world!

    Thank you so much for mentioning that my link didn't work... who knows if I would have ever noticed... many thanks!

  17. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your fashion opinions with me. I also feel like I've outgrown the teen styles.

  18. Wow, I loved this post!I was just discussing with my friend about how we make promises and goals, and never follow through because we get so busy and caught up with lives. I definitely needed to hear this to motivate me again. Going to share this with my friend as well :)

    I hope you stop by my blog as well :)


  19. Trying to stop being passive and never really getting anywhere is something I am working on changing. After some reflecting I think I have decided that I need to start making some changes and just figuring it out as I go.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights


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