I Wish For You..................

Autumn is one of my favourite seasons-something that 
never seemed to exist when I lived in Spain.

It's a season that always makes me think of new
beginnings (perhaps that goes back to school days);
new books, new friends, new ideas, new objectives.......

So this Autumn/Fall I wish for you...............

*the joy of new beginnings, whether that be
a new course you are starting, a new career, a new book
or a new house (as for me ;-)

*the beauty of autumnal colours. Without getting all
woo-woo, just take a few minutes every day to just
appreciate your environment and the changing colours
that a new season brings

Kensington Gardens/Hyde Park

*your first homemade soup of the season

*books and throws

*the cake that emerges golden and domed and stays
that way

* the first dew on the grass

*cosying up with a good book or your best TV and 
no feelings of guilt

*the last ever season of Downton Abbey (I've heard
it's a weepy)

*the need for jackets but not coats

*the smell of Autumn in the air and Winter on it's way

*the joy of leaving your summer memories behind and 
the anticipation of new memories for the forthcoming season

*the excitement of new inspirations and insights

*pulling on your favourite cosy socks

What are you most looking forward to this new autumnal season?
What are you excited about right now?

Please share I LOVE reading your comments


  1. I'm smiling so big at all these lovely Autumnal photos. :-) We are heading into Spring here, and I'm loving it so much. Leaving all the cozy behind and embracing sundresses and sandals again. :-)

  2. We are having our first cool days here in Northern California. Now that I'm back at work I am ready for the coolness of fall. Lovely post! Hope you will join us for our Lifestyle Linkup-it just went live this morning. :)
    xx, Heather

  3. This post is written so lovely. Fall is to me magical. I hope it lives up to mine and your expectations this year.

  4. Such a lovely post Vanessa...Autumn is my favourite month...cashmere and candles, perfect ;) I love your photographs here, the soup looks delicious.
    Happy September xx

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