Christmas wouldn't be Christmas Without...........

Those of you who know anything about me
know I am an absolute foodie; I love
cooking, entertaining, eating, reading food
books and magazines..........the list goes on.

So Christmas is THE time when I just get lost
in all the pleasures of food; cooking
tasting, testing, presenting.

I start planing my menu way back in
October, and it gets changed many,
many times.

Eggnog Muffins

But there are some favorites that
traditionally find their way onto the table; Christmas
just wouldn't be Christmas without them, such as.......

*Roast Goose (no-one in
my family are great fans of turkey)

* A stollen cake (which started from
many childhood Chritsmases in Switzerland)

* Snowball (a mixture of egg-nog and lemonade). I think
it's something my Mum invented when we were children.
I'm not sure if " snowballs" even exist. Maybe someone
can enlighten me :-)

French toast made from fresh brioché
for Christmas morning breakfast. Usually washed down
with Bucks Fizz.

Anything containing pecans usually finds it's
way onto the menu

And once all the cooking is done,
all the treats eaten, I will
ask Santa for this ................

So what foodie treats traditionally find their
way onto your menu (the more unusual the
better ;-)


  1. Butter Tarts and Nanaimo Bars from Canada, glogg from Scandinavia, rice pudding from Denmark, and this year I hope to add Pavlova or something Australian for my new home. :-)

    1. Wow! I've haven't heard of many of your favorites, but the rice pudding sounds divine (do you have a recipe?) x

  2. YUM! All your treats would be very comfortable on our table! along with a Bolo -Rei - a Portuguese Christmas cake - usually eaten on January 6th Epiphany. We are starting the baking at our home this week-end, and I'm super excited. wishing you a fabulous week-end..xo c. (HHL)

    1. Never heard of Bolo-Rei (perhaps you could post something on your blog about this cake ;-)

  3. Vanessa Those pecan tarts always and Kugel is Always requested!

    Art by Karena

  4. So very glad I had dinner before wandering over here V! What are you doing to me??? I can tell you're an amazing cook too, so Xmas dinner at yours will be a truly amazing experience!

    Happy Weekend love!

    1. You now have the perfect excuse to eat whatever you wish Sweetheart ;-) xx

  5. Snowballs do exist! I have drunk them since I was a child and continue to do so, in fact I bought a bottle of Advocaat this week! Don't forget to add a splash of lime juice honey xxx

    1. Funnily enough after writing my post I heard Snowballs mentioned a few times on the TV. Never had it with lime though; will certainly try it x

  6. Sounds like an utterly delicious menu, many of the dishes I hadn't tried or even heard of before. The Christmas culture here in SA is very different. Loved the last quote, too cute!

    1. I know Sam. I spent a few Christmases in SA. Will it be a "bri" on the beach for you? x

    2. Aw wow, you did? Did you live here or just visited, lol, yes most definitely our culture is a braai on the beach! P.S If I lived near a Bimba & Lola store, I'd be broke every week :)

  7. Hi Vanessa, what a yummy blog post! Made me hungry just reading this. I agree anything with pecans is awesome. In my home we have a tradition of making a gingerbread cooking house every year ....we don't eat it though. The one thing I must have for Christmas is a Greek pastry called "Baklava" made with filo dough, honey, nuts (not sure what else) but, this pastry is gooey and awesome. I order this from the bakery every year. It's a Christmas must have.
    Loved your last quote funny.
    Dee xoxo

    1. Hi Dee. I love baklava but never had it at Christmas time. It's gorgeous isn't it. We should ask Sandee from @ABritGreek if it's traditional in Greece at Christmas time x

  8. YUM! I can see why all of these delicious looking morsels are invited to your Christmas! I'm lucky enough to have a Swedish Christmas with my husbands family (so we enjoy the traditional 'julbord' with my favourite item being the salmon and different types of herring) and then an English Christmas in London afterwards (my favourite has to be the mince pies and brandy butter believe it or not!) - so spoilt - no wonder Father Christmas muddles up that last one every year for me!

  9. Love this post. All sounds delicious. Happy Holidays!

  10. Such a yummy and festive post! :) I love the first photo - what a great and beautiful idea! And now I know what I am going to make stollen for Christmas. :D


  11. Yum!! Those eggnog cupcakes look amazing!


  12. Love the message to Santa, Vanessa...made me smile...I love this time of year like you...and food is such a big part of it...I think I'll be sending him the same message ;-)
    Brilliant post!

  13. Thanks for stopping by Vanessa...Wishing you a Happy Friday!


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