Could You Live Without It?

It started as an experiment when I left Spain in the
summer to live back in the UK

It started as a dare from Hubs who said it could never happen

Yes, I am talking about living without a mobile phone.
It's now been 3 months, and I can't tell you how liberating
and wonderful it has been "sans" a mobile

It's been liberating not feeling obliged  to check
e.mails just because I have my phone with me.

It's been wonderful reading a book on the underground,
whilst waiting for someone, whilst waiting for an appointment
without feeling I "should" be replying to someone's message

It's been funny watching people's reactions when they ask for
my mobile and I reply I don't have one. Looking at their
expression you would think I had just told them I had drowned
a family of puppies!

I never realised quite how stressful it was having a mobile; the need to
answer e.mails, your mind constantly churning over responses
to questions, speaking on the phone (usually at the most
inopportune time)  instead  just enjoying the silence.

I still use my laptop, BUT
I've decided to limit time on social media
I only answer e.mails once a day (in the afternoon)
I schedule time for blogs and Pinterest

And do you know what? It's been wonderful.

I am feeling really "switched on to being switched off".

Would you dare go without  a mobile for 1 day
..........1 week......... 1 month?

Flowers outside my favorite London store

I promise it gets easier the longer the duration.

And all those emergencies we say we need our phone for
...............they very rarely happen ;-)

What do you think?
Would you dare?

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  1. This is incredible. I was just making fun of someone who actually goes to the mall and leaves her phone at home. But listening to you on this blog I'm starting to see the other side. We are truly slaves to our phones. Maybe I should try it...

  2. Good for you! Actually this is one challenge I could probably do - I don't use my cell phone that much and people are always on my case because I don't keep it on 24/7. oh well!

    Now, the laptop? That would be HARD!! We truly are slaves to technology, in one form or many.

    1. I agree the laptop would be harder (as I have an on-line biz ;-) But it's incredible what slaves we have become to technology.

  3. Wow! Good for you! I think we all need a break from modern technology every now and then. It's ridiculous to see people with phones EVERYWHERE..It really bothers me to see people dining together while BOTH of them are on their phones. This can't be good!

    1. TYSM Leslie. I so agree with you about people dining and both on the phone!

  4. Good for you Vanessa! The most I've ever gone without my phone is one week and that was when I was on holiday. However, only very close friends have my mobile number and even then I don't jump to answer when it rings. It's too easy to be a slave to it. Have a great week!x

  5. I am amazed, well done you! Don't think I could do it though xx

  6. You are hero...!! I am so impressed by this, I know of no one who would have lasted this long without a mobile phone. I don't carry mine around and only use it when I go out but I wonder if I can give it up completely. I admire you!

    1. TYSM Angel. Well you are halfway there Sweets as you only use it when you go out. That's fab xx

    2. Thanks for stopping by...I feel much freer and less bound by societal constraints without a phone...but internet I could never give up, lol

  7. YAY!!! I'm so thrilled for you and the fact that I am not the only one on this planet thinking the same way. Since not being in the corporate world, I see very little use for my mobile phone... friends often complain I never answer it ~ well that's because I have it off. :)

    Also I'm looking at structuring my blog, email, and social media time. It is so easy to become "plugged in" all the time. Great post, the perfect thing for me to read - that reinforces all I have been thinking. Thank you my friend! xo C. (HHL)

    1. So pleased that this resonated with you Celia. You'll suddenly find you have so many more hours in the day when you manage social media time ;-)

  8. That's incredbile, 3 months now huh?
    One of my friends didn't own a mobile phone up until 2/3 years ago (had to for business purposes) and I was impressed at how she managed all her appointments/communication etc. I certainly made sure I was never late when meeting her, ever!
    Not sure that I could do it though, so well done V!

  9. I really love my phone, but I don't work. I do fun things with it like instagram. I read things quickly, but don't respond on the phone because I can't type. what I really need to do is limit my internet time on the desktop, and schedule things you like as well. In fact, I would say the phone has caused me to less communicative. I will read an e-mail, but don't respond as much now so I don't spent a good 20 minutes writing e-mails to my mom or a friend...guess that could be bad.

    Great post!

    1. TYSM Leigh. If you enjoy your phone then enjoy it ;-) My phone used to irritate me with it's constant beeping and ringing. It wasn't until I didn't have one that I realised how I was living in a constant state of "expectancy". But if you enjoy your phone, go for it!

  10. Good for you, Van! Very impressive.
    It does bug me that I am SO connected all the darned time. I could probably use a phone detox one of these days.
    Are you going to continue being phone-less indefinitely?

  11. This would be a tough one for me but I think I will try it for at least a day and see how I feel. I have left it at home once while I work and felt lost! So let's see what happens if I do it on purpose. Question is: When? :) Stay blessed.

  12. I think I would find it difficult. A couple of weeks ago I changed handbags at the last minute and as a result left my phone at home and it certainly felt very strange! Good idea to check emails once a day and schedule time for Pinterest etc. So pleased I stumbled across your lovely blog - I like your varied posts and I'm delighted to be your newest follower.

  13. Hi Vanessa, I applaud you!! I think it's wonderful! I have a very simple mobile phone, truly just for those occasions like you said that don't usually happen. Thank God for that. I love my computer, but don't find the need to stay connected to my phone all day. I don't think people look up anymore LOL the're always looking down in their hands at their phones. People don't even look at each other anymore. They are missing out on a again I applaud you.
    Dee xoxo

  14. Once more, Vanessa, you've given us something to turn over and over in our mind! Whenever I feel that panic at having realized as I am ten minutes on my way somewhere that I've left my cell at home and feel the NECESSITY to go get it RIGHT NOW, BEFORE MOVING ANOTHER INCH, I often think about all those years I survived without my phone and went everywhere without it. You're right, it is freeing. I've been thinking lately about how much of my time is taken up with social media in all of its forms. What a wise decision to limit it and put it into your schedule. I used to read in bed before falling asleep, now it's Pinterest. I check every e-mail message as it comes in on my phone, so constant interruptions from advertisers as well as important business e-mails. I feel compelled to constantly snap pics for Instagram ... it's almost like having paparazzi following me everywhere etc. when your dinner your eating has to be ready for a photoshoot! As much as I do love all of these various avenues of today's social media, it IS tiring and time-consuming and we have to ask ourselves what are we giving up by making it all such a part of our life. Hmmmmm ... now I'm wondering whether I could give up my phone ... geesh, so difficult, and I applaud your bravery lol! Love your posts, Vanessa. Have a wonderful weekend! I'll be pondering ... ~xoSandy

    SANDY M Illustration

  15. i recently traveled two weeks in Europe and had no phone access...just emails on my lap top...and yes it was quite liberating! Such beautiful images in this post!

  16. I have been considering going a few days occasionally without my mobile. You have convinced me that I really need to give it a try.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

    P.S. I'm having a Giveaway for a set of Nail Polishes, a Clutch, and Necklace/Earring Set.

  17. Hi Vanessa, thanks for taking the time to stop by today :( Hope you're doing well and it isn't too cold up there in the Northern Hemisphere!

  18. Yay!! I know I can because I've done it before. I got an iPhone in January and while I initially liked having everything at my fingertips, I'm now finding it more of a burden that I put on myself. Whenever I'm on vacation and I'm free from my laptop and cell phone I always feel so much more peaceful.

  19. Hi lovely ... stopped by to say thanks for stopping by! t must be exciting to be back home during the holidays ... I can just see you walking around those beautifully decorated streets! Glad you enjoyed the Kate Spade items featured on the post ... I think she creates the cutest things! Sending hugs ~S

    SANDY M Illustration

  20. Good for you Vanessa! I hardly use my phone as I mostly work from home.....
    I think the world should take a break from it.


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