Saddle Up Girlfriend

Sometimes it's easy to feel when you have to
start over and over again on the same goal,
that it's just not meant to be

But then I have to remind myself that
anyone who has done anything amazing or worthwhile,
has always had to get back up and start again
(sometimes many, many times)

I have to remind myself
those people made mistakes too, slipped up,
and got lazy and distracted 

You see, here's the thing. I have never believed in
the overnight success stories. Apart from
some rare exceptions, 
if you just dig a little deeper you will
find it was never over- night.

Sometimes successful people or
people you admire have been
plugging away for years in the background;
we just haven't seen them.

So gorgeous girl, if you find yourself
re-starting a project........ starting something
over for the umpteenth time

Congratulate yourself! Congratulate yourself
for having the courage it takes to move forward
after stumbling.........maybe even falling.

It really is an act of bravery to not throw in
the towel at the first or second or even twentieth
hurdle and  to recognise
what you did/didn't do..............

and to take the necessary action- however small and
after however many coffees ;-)

image from A Brit Greek via Pinterest

It will make a difference and you will
subsequently make a difference to someone
with the dreams and goals you have in mind.

Not only that, when you finally
reach the finishing line, success
will be all the more sweeter

Saddle up girlfriend. It's time to 
get back on that damn horse ;-)

As always would love to hear your thoughts
on my random ramblings ;-)

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  1. So glad I stopped by as your 'ramblings' are usually in tune with what I am thinking at the time! The last saying needs to go straight up on to my fridge!

  2. Timely reminder. Thank you. Sometimes it's a chore, but you're right and it builds integrity.

  3. As I'm reading this I'm thinking that so many people i've know over the last couple of years have had to re-start or retrain in new careers and I applaud them for it. It's not easy, especially when you're no longer in your twenties!
    I hope you're well darlinka!

    1. I am very well Sweetpea and thank you for the last image ;-)
      Like you I applaud anyone who re-starts x

  4. Wise words as always. How many successful business people have gone bankrupt and had to start over before making it big!

    1. Exactly Sharon. And it seems the more successful, the more failures they've had also. It's encouraging to know x

  5. Wonderfully written! the inspiration I needed to read today. My friend your words are always perfect timing. Wishing you a blessed week ahead ..Hugs, C. (HHL)

  6. Awesome advice! And incredibly true. You put it well!

  7. Hi Vanessa! I've never really been successful at anything, but I know I'm good at encouraging other people never to give up on a dream or an ambition. Have a lovely week ahead! x

    1. Heeey! don't say that SK :-( You are a very successful writer I think. And I am sure there are many, many more hidden talents.

  8. I love this Vanessa.. so true, and I agree that NOBODY has it easier that anyone else AND becoming or being a success (whatever you define that to be) it generally not an over-night experience. Failure usually proceeds success and those that aren't afraid to go after again are the ones that have the right idea!


  9. Thank you for this, dear Vanessa. :-) I just read in a book yesterday these very same sentiments, and it shocked me how quickly I've fallen into the trap of thinking that if something can't be done quickly, I'm not doing it right. The greatest books, music, paintings, art work, all of it took so much time. It is worth waiting, worth trying over and over and over again. :-) XO

    1. Hi Krista! Sometimes we ALL need a gently reminder. I am the same as you believe me ;-)

  10. I continue to read your blog and seriously feel you are talking to me personally! I am definitely on the horse again for the 6th I go again. And YAY! I'm excited for my gift. Feeling blessed. Stay blessed!

  11. Thanks for this uplifting post Vanessa, its just what I needed to hear to inspire this week, it does take immense courage to start up again once you've failed, and I think maybe thats a mark of success alone?

  12. Vanessa ... what a wonderful and inspiring post, for we've all felt this way at times in our lives about different things and these words will inspire many to not give up or to pick up the pieces and try again. Just because we tried before doesn't mean that this time won't be the charm ... and what a shame it would be to never have found out. Next, I was so busy last week and then away over the weekend and this is the first chance I've had to get back to all of the lovelies that left a comment on the Masked Ball post ... thanks so much, always a treat to see you at my place, Vanessa. We did have approximately 200-300 trick-or-treaters and it was a very fun evening ... such darling costumes coming to our door! Hope you have a wonderful new week filled with fabulous dreams! ~S

    SANDY M Illustration
    This Week on Ooh La Frou Frou: "Dream World"

    1. TYSM Sandy. Can't imagine how much fun it must have been with your little trick or treaters in your new neighborhood.

  13. What a great post, Vanessa. I feel as if I have started over with my travel writing, and I'm so glad that I've been patient, and got back on the horse.

    1. Yaaaay! When it starts coming together we tend to forget how many times we fell off the horse prior ;-)

  14. Vanessa...a FABULOUS post...success comes to those who never give up...keep creative and adapting your goals; we get there in the end it just sometimes takes a little longer than we had planned or hoped. I LOVE the quote..."All Great Changes Are Proceeded By Chaos" I can relate to that ;-)
    Have a great week.

  15. TYSM Catherine. You are so right in what you say. I think the thing to remember it never usually unfolds according to OUR timetable, but it does eventually unfold xx

  16. Great post for sure And all is so very true. And any age can have success if u look at Julia Child or Tim Gunn they both have had success after 45 years old. When you have it, you have it, and nothing can stop you!!

  17. Hi Vanessa, Great post! So so true nothing comes easy and it is easier to give up sometimes. We must have dreams and goals, they keep us going, without them we're just lost. I always love you inspiring.
    Dee xoxo

  18. Vanessa, I really enjoy your posts (I must stop by more often!!) There is so much truth in this post. I know I've said this before but I just know if we lived in the same city we'd have a great friendship-we share so many of the same thoughts.

    I'm living in that space right now. I worked on a project that I put on the back burner. Part of it is because life got busy, in part it's because I got lazy with it, in part I lost my motivation for it but I'm working on it again with itty bitty baby steps but any progress feels so much better than not accomplishing anything towards my goal. Anything worth having involves a sacrifice but it is worth the price. Each birthday that passes by I'm aware that I'm definitely not getting younger and I feel more of a desire to make my dreams come true than ever. I think part of the reason that held me back was that I was partially afraid of failure and partially afraid of success. It may sound odd but success has a way of throwing you into the lion'd den sometimes-I'm still learning how to push myself outside of my comfort zone. ;)


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