Why "Pink-tober" Makes Me So Angry + Sad

October and pink needs no explanation really.

If you are a new follower, you may
wish to read here how I've been touched by
breast cancer, and why I controversially
believe we will NEVER make progress with
breast cancer research.

In the 20+ years since I lost my
Mum, there hasn't really been any progress
in research. I have my reasons for this
very clear having worked for
the Medical Research Council (London) for 
many years.

And then the penny dropped.
From that day forward I stopped contributing
to cancer research charities (which I was a huge
advocate of before).

Twenty plus years on and we are still fighting the

disease in the same way; your options are to cut,
burn or poison.

Most Oncologists will admit
they would NOT choose the chemo-
therapy route for a member of their
own family, no matter
how bad the cancer was!

Is that progress?

But the food industry is huge and our governments
get enormous revenue from the food and 
pharmaceutical industry (which work hand in hand)

We are all living with false hope, when the answer is much
easier-change what you put into your body.

Just pop over to You Tube and watch the fabulous
film The Beautiful Truth about 
The Gerson Therapy,
told from a young boys perspective
(the film your doctor doesn't want
you to know about).

Or read any of the fabulous books on
Gerson Therapy,
and convince me cancer is not related
to food (something Governments have 
known for decades but felt the average
person wasn't intelligent enough 
to process the facts).

This is a subject very close to my heart,
so sorry if I have come across "preachy".
I just get so angry by how we are all being

One thing I know for sure. If cancer research was a 
business, the shareholders would have shut it down
decades ago. How can billions have been contributed 
to a cause and yet we are still no further forward?
We are not eradicating the disease. It is more
virulent than ever and we are treating it in the same
way we did 30-40 years ago.
Is that progress?

Ironically I am posting this
post on the exact day my Mum
died at aged only 48.

Totally unintentional, but
I dedicate it to my
Mummy nonetheless:-)

I would so love to hear
your thoughts .



  1. Dearest Vanessa wonderfully written and stated. Your mother is looking on and smiling at how you are making a difference in the world ... proud of her daughter for the strong, and compassionate woman you have become. Hugs and blessings, C. (HHL)

  2. I'll be popping over to watch that video. I have a dear friend who runs a lung cancer foundation and they have been making incredible strides with bio markers etc, to find treatments for lung cancer. She mentioned something very similar to your comments about breast cancer research. It is big business! I've long been a proponent of healthy, organic eating. Our sky rocketing cancer rates are so obviously caused by environmental issues. The food we eat, the chemicals we are exposed to daily. Thanks for writing this. A great dedication on the sad anniversary of your mothers death. Jennifer xoxo

    1. Thank you so much Jennifer. It's incredible really how little progress we have made in this particular area. Thank you for popping over; so appreciated x

  3. I have often wondered, with the enormous amounts of money being raised for breast cancer, why more progress hasn't been made.
    My mother also had breast cancer but survived it, thankfully, and has remained cancer-free ever since. I am so sorry for your loss. I am sure this time of year is especially very difficult for you. Hugs to you, Adrienne

    1. Hi A. It's as much sad as it makes me angry. It's been more than 20 years since my Mum passed, and you learn to live with it ;-)

  4. Vanessa, everything is about $$$$. EVERYTHING!
    It's sickening in many more ways than one.
    I applaud you for posting this.
    And, to me, it's just ridiculous that the NFL is making all the football players wear some form on PINK on their uniforms during October games.
    We have all lost people dear to us from cancer, there must be a cure somewhere. I live in Houston, home of one of the largest medical centers in the world. MD Anderson Cancer Center +++++++ and still nothing. Sickening and sad.

    1. Hi Marsha. My cousin's husband is actually an Oncologist at that centre in Texas you mention and he is the one who said he would never permit anyone in his family to have chemo!!
      Thank you for popping by lovely lady xx

  5. Hi Vannessa, Im so sorry about your loss (eventhough it wasn't now, a loss like that remains so profound in ones life). I fully agree that what we put into our bodies today is what causes all types of diseases, diseases that people didn't even have 100 years ago. Its all those hormones injected into livestock, preservatives and pesticides on fresh produce. But sometimes its impossible to avoid every single one of these things. The after effects of chemo are daunting, and its painful just having to watch someone go through that along with the cancer. We can only hope for a miracle

    1. TYSM Sam. You are so right about the hormones that are injected into the livestock that then enters the food chain; it's terrifying to think about it

  6. Vanessa, sorry for your loss although no words can make it better...I think your definitely on to something, something I have also believed in many years, after a career in PR you know the sums companies put in to polish their reputation. Anyhow, I also wonder if this would be a disease hitting men, where would we be with research today? I'm no more feminist than any other woman but it is proven again and again that men get the big money slice when it comes to diseases. (And if men would deliver babies naturally they would get the epidural from 7th month just incase, and not the Swedish response where women have to actually fight to get epidural).

    1. Wow Caroline! I didn't think of if from the male perspective at all but you are so right. Now when I think back to sitting in Board meetings listening to where the funding was going to go for research, there was not 1 female representing science or the pharma industry. You are SO right.

  7. Vanessa dear, Your beautiful images and heartfelt words are striking in this post. I am so sorry for the loss of your mother. Though it's been 20 years I know you still feel the loss deeply, as I do for my own dad who died from cancer 4 years ago. You pose some very important points. I went to click on the link and it was 'blocked' on you-tube. I did find another version and will definitely watch it. Great info and thank you for sharing this.
    Hugs to you today,
    xx, Heather

  8. Thank you so much Heather. I will go a re-check my link also ;-) x

  9. Hi Heather. Just checked the link and it seems to be working OK my end?

  10. Vanessa,
    I had no idea about your mom and even as time passes it doesn't mean your not just as passionate. I didn't realize all of these facts about businesses and October. This was very insightful.
    Thank you for writing this.


  11. Wishing you comfort as you remember your Mother. XO I feel and share your anger. It is so frustrating that those with the money and the power do not do everything they can to promote HEALING and THRIVING. We've lost too, too many to cancer and it breaks my heart. I have a dear friend fighting back through Gerson right now and I'm so proud of her. It is SO hard to stick with it, but she's doing it. Thank you for sharing your heart and sharing this good, good video. Maybe someone will find the hope of healing today because of you. XO

  12. Vannessa, this was such a beautiful post. I'm really sorry to hear about your mother and after reading this I can definitely understand your side. Everything is so commercial. It's sad. This makes me angry! Honestly, after hearing this I don't want to do another Breast Cancer Research post again. Not only with this, but with all tragedies. Billions were give to the victims of the Haiti earthquake and those people are still in TENTS!!! Digging trenches every time it rains. It's horrible. As a victim of Hurricane Katrina here in New Orleans, not all money was given to the people (but rather businesses) so I know of injustice. We had to rebuild the best way we could. So thank you for this. It opens my eyes once again. What a sad world we live in.

  13. Thank you for this timely post, Vannessa. I lost a great friend of mine to cancer last year, and I was determined to contribute to breast cancer research, in her memory. But you have given me the best reasons NOT to, and I appreciate you sharing your views and making me more informed. Please know that you are doing right by your mother's memory, by telling the TRUTH about cancer and the research "business".

  14. Vanessa, Thank you for this very important and I'm sure hard to write post. I do appreciate you speaking out about foods and environmental factors. I so believe this. It confounds why so much money is being raised and yet still no cures or causes. I'm going to watch the video. So sad about the loss of your mom. xo Kim

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  16. Aw Van Bless you, I have read the books and seen the film, there is so much on netflix regarding the food industry, It is a bit easier for us in the UK as grass fed meat is very easy to obtain, along with organic produce, I have a family history with 4 generations of females with Cancer, it is something very close to my heart. huge hugz Lyn


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