Red Hot Mamma

Are you a RED girl?

The thing is I am not.

The "reddest" I get is with
lipstick and nail polish

However, when the month of December
comes along, I start channeling
"Mrs Claus".

I suddenly want everything red,
even if it's to only wear for 1 month
of the year

This would be my perfect Christmas Day
What do you think?

red, black jewelry, stacking bangles
EMELIA stacking bangles

contemporary gemstone rings

NATALIA Spanish Contemporary Rings

So do you wear red?
Only at Christmas?
All year round?

What about red lipstick?
Too va-voom?

Would love to hear from you


  1. I don't have one single red outfit in my wardobe but lately I have been admiring red dresses. I may just begin with accessories though. I love the shoes you featured and the stacking bracelets too.

  2. Thank you miss B. I too started with accessories and then got braver ;-)

  3. Hi sweety, how have you been? Hope the weather is being good to you on that side of the world. Its so interesting that you ask this question. I was shopping this weekend for a dress to wear for a wedding and I put a red one on...and I just didn't like the colour on me. I think you have to have a certain type of confidence to pull off a bright hue like that. But red lipstick yes most definitely.

  4. GORGEOUS, Vanessa...the ballet pumps made my heart sing :)
    Have a lovely week xx

  5. I agree, I think I would like a chic little red coat with red shoes, just like the pic you found!

  6. Love this post! I've had a fear of red but am finding myself embracing it this season. Even bold red lips!
    xx, Heather

  7. Red is my favourite colour ever so I wear it all the time and love that you see more of it in December! I will take anything but red lips ~ I used to be able to pull them off but not any more. Love this post!


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