La Lewinsky

OK, so last week I posted my thoughts
about Monica Lewinsky on my Facebook 
page having read about an article
she has just written
for Vanity Fair .

My Facebook discussion got some really
passionate comments especially as I stated that I really felt
sorry for Ms Lewinsky and actually have very little
respect for Hilary Clinton.

Here's why:

* ML was the weakest and youngest link
in the debacle, so it was really easy to throw
her under the bus

*she however was NOT married. Should she have succumbed
to a married man? No. But surely the responsibility lies
with Bill Clinton and not the young impressionable intern

* she could have made millions riding on the back of
that story, but she didn't, and yet she is still vilified and
Bill Clinton is still revered and on the verge of
being made a saint (or so it seems)

*I am not condoning what ML did, but I have less respect
for Hilary Clinton. She blamed all the mistresses (and 
let's face it ML wasn't the only one) for
her own political reasons. Isn't that the same as 
selling your soul?

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My advice to Ms Lewinsky

I would love to hear your views however different
to mine they may be ;-)


  1. I just read that, boy has she suffered and yet him - not so much. She was so stigmatised, I too feel sorry for her.

    1. Pleased your on my side Tabs (wouldn't want you in the opposite corner ;-)

  2. I totally agree with you, yes she did wrong but she isn't the first to succumb to a married "my wife doesn't understand me" man! The men are the wankers here for using their power, manipulating a young single girl x

    1. Ha! Love that you say what I was thinking Sharon, but didn't dare write ;-)

  3. I concur with EVERYTHING that you said! The problem with blaming mistresses is that it absolves the husband (the one that took vows to be faithful) of all responsibility.

    1. Amen Mrs Glam! Which is why I have zero respect for Mrs C.

  4. I also felt very sorry for her. Yes, her actions were foolish, but not worth the vitriol that was spewed at her for so long. I can only imagine how difficult it would be to establish any sort of identity beyond that. :-( And Hilary makes me angry. I'm so weary of men getting away with doing whatever they like while the women are crucified. :-(

    1. So agree with you too Krista. It's one of the reasons I can't really stand HC.

  5. Great post! Men (especially those in power positions) seem to be able to escape these things with little to no repercussions. Unfortunately often it is women who villainize the "the other woman/mistress" ~ as ML was all across America. Women need to be more supportive of each other - and look at the whole picture. Loving that ring... happy Thursday darling, Celia M. (HHL)

  6. What a sad story. And I think I'm most angry at the women journalists who continue to berate this poor woman for the mistake she made as a young, impressionable woman. A girl, really. I can understand the men...but women should refrain from piling on.

  7. Hi Leslie. Yes you are so right about female journalists. In fact most of the vilification has been written by women; I can't remember seeing one written by a man.

  8. I think she received way more of the blame than she deserved.

  9. I completely agree with you. ML was not without blame, but Hillary should be ashamed of not only her philandering husband, but her own handling of this entire issue. I have zero respect for her.


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