A Fashion No-No or Not?

I think that awful "meat dress" would have
killed more relationships than flip-flops-just saying ;-)

Jason Wu

Oscar de la Renta
I so want this dress.

So Lovelies, what is your view on "Sweat-pant Syndrome"?
Do you live in your sweatpants?
Do you make a conscious effort to never wear them?
Are sweatpants (worn continually) a sign of defeat?

Would love to hear your thoughts.


  1. Hello!!! Firstly thank you so much for your comments and recommendations on my blog! I looked at Marie Forleo - OMG what a relief to hear such sense! I think she is spot on (as does my husband who has taken to saying: JUST DO SOMETHING!! to me). I will try the other book too but think it's not in print here. Anyway - thank you!
    And as for sweatpants - my mantra: only wear sport clothes when doing sport. Easy.
    L x

  2. Hi Lou. So pleased you thought she was good. She is my go-to-girl when it comes to having a biz/life I want.If I come across the book I will let you know xx

  3. I do stay away from sweatpants. I cannot remember the last time I had a pair (I am sure I must have been in elementary school). I think they might be okay if you wear them a couple times a year while home alone.

  4. Lol, loved this cute quotes and post. I don't own sweatpants at all and don't think I ever will, for me its something sporty, which is not my style. Thanks so much for your great comment…have a wonderful weekend!

  5. I don't own any sweatpants, but I do borrow my hubby's in the dead of winter when I just can't get warm. They are the coziest most comfortable most unflattering things. :-)

  6. I'm intrigued by your 'gems' in Sevilla of course! What an inspiring place to call 'home'. As for sweats, nope, I don't do it. I do have a favorite pair of yoga pants that do make my backside look better so I've been guilty of wearing those around town a time or two. ;) Fun post!


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