Are you a Diva?

"Decadence for Divas" is the tag-line for our on-line boutique. And this tag-line has been met with mixed reactions. Some people just "get it" immediately, and love it. Others see it in a more negative light. To them a "diva" is somebody negative.

But, hang on a minute!

The true meaning of the word “Diva” means a highly successful female singer. However, nowadays it seems the original meaning of the word has changed, and it now seems to conjure up completely different connotations; that of demanding, spoilt, rich, precocious women (with usually very little related to any kind of talent).

When the famous mezzo-soprano Lorraine Hunt-Lieberson died she was spoken of as going “from triumph to triumph, yet never became a Diva, never lost her sense of purpose, or her sense of humor about herself”.

However, is there any shame in remembering the original meaning and connotations of the word diva; classy,style, glamorous, at the top of her game etc?

I thought that I would never want to be tagged as being a Diva or Prima Donna. That I definitely didn’t want to live 100% of my life center stage. However there are times when we need to be center-stage; times when we need to openly speak our mind and champion what we believe. Times when we need to step up to the bar.

Does this mean you are a Diva? If so, is there anything wrong with being a Diva?

For me it’s more important “how” we take center-stage that matters; how we blow our own trumpets and how we treat those around us.
More than being remembered as a Diva I would prefer to be remembered as perhaps a selfless child/daughter, a life-long learner, an honorable partner, a graceful friend and a business-woman of integrity.

What about you? Would you like to be remembered as Diva or in some other way?

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  1. “from triumph to triumph, yet never became a Diva, never lost her sense of purpose, or her sense of humor about herself” from this description, Diva Lorraine was a true Diva, a woman with a mission, a purpose, and the Love to meet both.

  2. Thank you so much Carla for your comments; much appreciated.


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