Jewellery: The Power of the Necklace

The beauty of necklaces is that they don't need to be heirlooms to lift an outfit from the bottom step of mediocrity to the highest echelons of a Best Dresser. Just look at at Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O; they both understood the power of a plain dressed teamed with a fabulous necklace.

However, be warned. If you have a short neck, squat face or big boobs, then necklaces should be one of the lesser items in your repertoire. Unhappily short necks, especially those with a hint of a double chin look terrible in necklaces.

Here's my guide list:

* Look at your neckline of your top to decided whether you should wear a necklace. Slash neck styles are "barred" from necklaces, so go for earrings instead.

*Big boobs cannot do long and dangly as the necklace becomes distorted as it hits the chest.

* Short necks are best entwined by delicate pieces that won't take up too much space between the chin and the breast.

* Sloping shoulders are best suited to necklaces that are fine and filamented with small beads; angular, architectural necklaces need a good pair of coat-hanger shoulders to carry them off.

*A short neck can give the illusion of being longer either wearing a very long necklace or a wearing a lariat. The lariat (which has two dangling ends) gives the illusion of length. They have an overall slimming effect visually on your entire look.

Finally never allow a pendant to disappear into a cleavage ravine!

Next post will be all about what necklaces to wear if you have a long neck, and no boobs!

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